I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 92: We Can Take It Slow

Lin Miao was backing off to see whether their coats had dried, but before she could separate, Yu Jingxuan lightly hugged her again. He lowered his head, gently connecting lips with her. Suddenly, all that was left in the room were their heartbeats.

He quickly left, saying, “I’ll go with you.”

Lin Miao’s entire hand was limp, her heart beating rapidly. Blushing, she responded, “Mhm.”

It was still snowing outside, she could hear the wind howling outside.

The sky was pitch black.

Unlike the frigid snowstorm outside, the room was especially warm. Their coats had already dried, but Lin Miao still checked them twice.

They had just kissed. It wasn’t on their foreheads, it wasn’t on their cheeks, and it wasn’t between their eyebrows.

The knowledge of this made her ears even hotter.

Then, someone hugged her from behind.

Unlike on the cable car, they weren’t wearing thick coats. She could feel his heat.

The person behind her laughed lightly, then lovingly combed through her hair. “What should I do? I want to hug you all the time.”

Lin Miao’s stomach was filled with butterflies, feeling embarrassed yet excited. She answered quietly. She also wanted to be with him forever.

Then, Yu Jingxuan’s phone rang.

He had to answer the call.

“Mom” His phone screen displayed.

Yu Jingxuan: “…”

He picked it up, then heard the person on the other side saying, “Damn son, you’ve learned how to date.”

Hearing this voice of ridicule, he couldn’t resist answering, “… If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.”

“No, no, of course there is!” Yu Jingxuan’s mother said, “I’m here to remind you to take safety precautions.”

Yu Jingxuan’s mother saw the date between her son and Lin Miao online like everyone else. They all looked at the relationship with an urge of wanting to see them marry each other the next second. Though it was sad that she got her information from the same sources as the netizens, she was already used to her overly mature son being too independent.

They were only a month away from being adults. It was normal for adults to do adult things.

Yu Jingxuan hung up.

He felt that he and his mother lived in completely different worlds.

Meanwhile, Lin Miao couldn’t resist going back to the window to watch the snow. The snow at night was gorgeous.

The person watching the snow was too capable of plucking his heartstrings. He wasn’t a saint, it was impossible for him to have no desires.

However, she was too little. She’d be a senior in high school right now. She wouldn’t know these things, much less the implications of it.

He had already waited for so long, and he wouldn’t mind waiting longer. Every step in life is precious, so he wanted her to take them at her own pace. She should be able to explore everything with senses of security, confidence, and comfortability.

Yu Jingxuan walked towards her, stopping beside her. Lin Miao naturally leaned towards him, exclaiming, “Gege, the snow here is so pretty.”

Yu Jingxuan patted her head, “We’ll come here every year.”

The two quietly sat with each other in the warm room, hugging each other while watching it snow outside.

The yellow lamplight shone on them, making the surroundings feel soft.

They chatted quietly. Lin Miao talked about her tournaments next year and her independent studies. Yu Jingxuan shared his thesis that he was preparing for.

Even though their things were totally unrelated, the two both desperately wanted to insert themselves into the other’s lives.

Since their hearts were so close to each other, their voices were almost silent. It was as if their hearts were so close that they didn’t need sound to converse.

After a long time, Yu Jingxuan finally reminded Lin Miao to sleep. She had a strict schedule to follow.

Lin Miao reluctantly went on one of the beds to sleep. They had already washed up when they came back from outside.

Yu Jingxuan laid down on the other bed.

However, both couldn’t fall asleep after they lied down. They were both on their sides, looking at each other.

Lin Miao looked at him, also seeming restless. She climbed up, “Gege, I can’t sleep, let’s play a game of tic tac toe.”

She spoke as she rose to get pencils and paper. She brought some along in her backpack. She even brought some books, but then she realized that this was probably to relax after studying for days without end.

Yu Jingxuan also sat up on his bed, letting Lin Miao onto his bed when she came back. The two shared the same blanket and played a round of rock paper scissors to decide who goes first.

“Shi tou jian dao bu.”

(Note: Pinyin spelling for the phrase “rock paper scissors shoot” in Chinese)

It was just like when they were little. They used to play these games behind the doctor and the housekeeper’s back.

However, back then, he only had joy from sharing a blanket and sitting on the same bed. Now, he had to resist the urge of his teenage body.

However, after twenty minutes, Lin Miao, who was completely focused on the game, froze, “Gege, are you sure you want to make that move?”

Yu Jingxuan came back to his senses and realized that he let Lin Miao win with that move.

Before he could say anything, Lin Miao drew a circle beside his cross, “I won! I finally won again!”

She didn’t care if it was because he was distracted or sleepy, it was a win nonetheless!

Being hugged by Lin Miao, he lifted his arms as well, “Mhm, you won.”

Compared to snowball fights and making snowmen, mental tasks were way more demanding. Lin Miao looked at her trophy, thinking that she would keep it to treasure later. Then, she exclaimed how he won countless times against her in the past, and how she finally won a round against him. If this pattern was maintained, she might be able to break even against him.

As she spoke, she yawned. It was obvious that tic tac toe was much more tiring than playing in the snow.

When they were little, if they stayed up too late from playing games, Lin Miao would often sleep in Yu Jingxuan’s room as they were afraid that others might see them.

This time, Lin Miao also wanted to stay on his bed. She lied down, her back facing Yu Jingxuan. “Gege, I’m sleepy, goodnight.”

Due to her fatigue, her voice became a bit sticky. She let out another yawn, adjusted her body to a more comfortable position, and fell asleep curled up against Yu Jingxuan, just like when they were kids.

She didn’t like to use pillows, even when she was little. She would sleep beside him, burying her head under the quilt.

He was worried that she might find it uncomfortable to breathe, so he would always pull the quilt down to reveal her head.

Back then, she was still the only one in his world. From waking up every morning, to her calling him for meals, and before sleeping during the night. She would always be there.

Back then, she was his best friend, like the honorable and valuable friendships he read about.

When did this feeling change? He couldn’t remember.

Yu Jingxuan slipped down from his pillow to the same position as Lin Miao. He lied down, stroking her hair, and satisfyingly embraced her into his chest. He lowered his head, kissing her forehead, “Goodnight, Shuishui.”

He couldn’t think about how different his life would be if he hadn’t met her.

His heart stopped itching as he cooled down, leaving only the fluffiness behind, like the quietly descending snowflakes outside.

Early in the next morning, Lin Miao was awoken by her biological clock. She saw a message from her mother on the phone.

Mom: “Are you up yet? Can you come home for lunch today?”

Lin Miao responded: “I’m up, going to exercise soon. I think I can come back for lunch. Why is mom up so early?”

Lin Miao’s mother couldn’t explain why explicitly. However, she was still relieved. Lin Miao was waking up at her normal time, and was still planning to exercise.

“Couldn’t fall asleep. I’ll wait for you to come back for lunch.”

Once Lin Miao finished replying to her mother, she noticed that Yu Jingxuan had woken up as well.

“Good morning.” Lin Miao said.

Yu Jingxuan hugged her, kissing her forehead, “Good morning.”

Probably because the two have kissed on the lips, Lin Miao didn’t feel as embarrassed when he kissed her forehead.

She kissed his forehead back, “Good morning.”

The two quickly cleaned themselves and prepared to go out and exercise.

Lin Miao would feel irritated if she didn’t exercise in the morning. It was a habit she built over many years.

However, when the two walked to the exit, they realized that the path was covered with snow.

It was impossible for them to jog, but the air was too clean and fresh for them to turn around. Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan went out for a walk instead. They came here during the evening, and the surroundings under daylight was a whole different scene.

The snowmen they made yesterday was already covered with a fresh layer of white snow.

The two walked around for a bit before going back for breakfast.

After breakfast, the two finally checked their social media, and realized that their date at the ski resort had already circulated the web.

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