I Give Half of My Life to You

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Chapter 97: Your Face is So Hot

Under many different opinions, Lin Miao ended her athletic career. She felt lost.

Her original plan was to take the nationwide college entrance exams and enroll at a university, but while she was expressing her interest in universities, she had already received olive branches from many schools.

Lin Miao felt like a derailed train and quietly stood in place. She was undoubtedly not used to this.

But one thing for sure was that it was impossible for her to get into Yu Jingxuan’s university through test scores alone.

She struggled to decide for some time but finally still decided to take the exam.

Yu Jingxuan was busy preparing for his postgraduate graduation study, so the two continued to meet up in the library, except now they went to Yu Jingxuan’s university library.

Lin Miao’s habit of waking up early came in very handy.

She woke up early in the morning, packed herself some milk and an apple, and headed downstairs. Her knee was still healing, so she had to be careful.

Then, she saw Yu Jingxuan waiting for her.

Yu Jingxuan carried a laptop with him. The library wasn’t open when they arrived at the school, but because it was the time of the year when everyone was busy writing their academic papers, there was a long line of people waiting outside the library.

Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan also lined up at the end, holding each other’s hands.

Many people looked towards them, as they were both pretty well-known online.

However, no one bothered them.

Lin Miao drank her milk as she waited while Yu Jingxuan looked through her study plans behind her.

They needed a student card to enter the library, and people outside of the school needed a new pass every time.

Therefore, when it was their turn, Yu Jingxuan first led Lin Miao to get a new pass.

So everyone else saw the little couple register for another library pass while holding hands.

The two didn’t say much, but they seemed to be in a bubble of their own. No one else could go in.

It was too lovely. A university girl, who was also writing her paper, struggled to hold back her fluttering heart, whispering to a person beside her.

Lin Miao and Yu Jingxuan paid no attention to others. They headed to a study room upstairs after Lin Miao got her pass.

The two naturally sat beside each other.

There were two more chairs in front of them, but weirdly enough, no one sat in them.

So, they had the entire table for themselves.

Lin Miao took out her textbooks, reading from the beginning again.

Two months prior to the Olympics, her books had been confiscated. She’d needed to focus entirely on badminton.

So she forgot many key knowledge points. She wasn’t that type of person who could remember everything upon first glance anyway.

Yu Jingxuan was connecting to the university web, researching for his paper.

Looking at the words in the textbook, Lin Miao’s emotions were mixed. It took her a while to calm herself again.

After a bit, she felt a bit irritated and couldn’t focus, so she stood up, took a book, and headed out to the balcony.

There was a big balcony in the library. Many people chose to read there in the morning.

Lin Miao walked there and also began reading.

Even though everyone else was reading law or finance books, Lin Miao was reading things like “Yuyang tower, Fan Zhongyan, The best scenery of Baling County is all on Dongting lake…”

Must-have classical text preparation for the entrance exams.

Copying the others, she read out loud as she walked. It was quite a sight.

Her voice was clear and crisp, full of emotions.

She read as she listened to herself. She felt much better now.

After she finished reading《Yueyang Tower》,《Preface to Prince Teng’s Tower》,《Story of a Tipsy Old Man’s Pavilion》, and《Former Ode on the Red Cliffs》, she felt a lot more relaxed.

Not only can the knowledge of the ancients get you high test scores, it can also provide a solution to problems.

Lin Miao breathed out and turned around. Yu Jingxuan had moved from inside to a bench on the balcony, watching her as she read ancient literature aloud.

Lin Miao smiled at him and continued to read. The gloom inside her seemed to have finally faded. She seemed to have found a direction to work towards again.

Since she was no longer in her badminton school, she could eat whatever she wanted. Lin Miao didn’t even realize this until Yu Jingxuan called her mother.

Oh yeah, I can eat outside now.

Since she hadn’t been allowed to eat outside before, she didn’t know many restaurants, so she followed his preferences.

She expected that he would bring her to the school cafeteria, but he was driving her to a restaurant instead.

Yu Jingxuan got his driver’s license a while ago.

“Gege, what are we eating for lunch?” Lin Miao asked, a bit surprised.

“You’ll know when you get there.” Yu Jingxuan said smilingly, keeping it a secret.

So, Lin Miao decided to just keep reading on the back seat.

“We’re here.” Yu Jingxuan said a while later.

Raising her head, Lin Miao saw: “Xie’s Whole Roasted Lamb”

Whole roasted lamb!

Lin Miao immediately remembered Yu Jingxuan’s friends sharing a whole roasted lamb at the ski resort two years ago, and how she and Yu Jingxuan had chewed on their stale meat jerky.

She suddenly felt as if she could smell the aroma again. Lin Miao felt her mouth water.

Looking at Lin Miao, Yu Jingxuan knew that she still didn’t forget that lamb.

Lin Miao was surprised, “Gege, didn’t you say you didn’t like it?”

When they’d invited them to join them back then, Lin Miao couldn’t eat the lamb due to her team’s rules, but Yu Jingxuan didn’t eat either. He had said that he didn’t like it.

“I want to try it now.” Yu Jingxuan had only said that back then because it would only make Lin Miao even more tempted if he’d eaten the lamb as well.

When they entered, Lin Miao noticed that Yu Jingxuan had already made a reservation, and their lamb was already being roasted.

It would only take a short wait before their lamb was ready.

They were in a private room. Lin Miao was even a bit excited, but then she realized, “Gege, does this mean that we’re going to have to eat a fifteen-kilo lamb by ourselves?”

Yu Jingxuan: “…” He had forgotten to consider this. Most of the time, he preferred to be alone with Lin Miao.

Because times like this used to be rare. Before Lin Miao retired, they met only a few times a year, making him accustomed to spending their time together without anyone else.

Tan Jing was still in the sports school and participating in tournaments, so Lin Miao couldn’t invite her. Most of her other friends were also still in the team, so they couldn’t eat the lamb either.

Her parents had probably finished lunch at home, her brother was probably at school, and Little Ling was probably at work.

Yu Jingxuan was confident that they would be able to finish the lamb.

Then, they saw two waiters carry the lamb over.

Lin Miao: “…”

Yu Jingxuan: “…”

Their private room was filled with the scent of the meat.

Standing up, Lin Miao couldn’t be bothered to stress about not being able to finish the lamb.

The golden and crisp skin was very easy to peel off. Yu Jingxuan quickly took a piece off the stomach of the lamb, feeding it to Lin Miao beside him.

Lin Miao also peeled a piece off for Yu Jingxuan.

Just like that, the two began eating.

Once they finished the outermost skin layer, a waiter came and took the lamb out to cook it more, using seasoning to make it more flavourful.

Lin Miao already felt a bit full.

She leaned on the stool in the back, “It’s so good!”

Lin Miao recalled their stay at the ski resort, “But there will definitely be a better atmosphere at the ski resort. Let’s go back there after this New Year.”

Seeing that she wasn’t feeling very comfortable, Yu Jingxuan massaged her stomach and responded, “Mhm.”

Lin Miao’s rosy cheeks became even redder.

They were separated from each other most of the time, sometimes even months between meetups. Their most intimate moment was still their accidental kiss at the ski resort.

They could now finally stay with each other the entire day, but the most they would do was still just hand-holding.

“Are you feeling better? We can save the rest as takeout. We don’t have to finish it all at once.” Yu Jingxuan said.

Lin Miao nodded.

The two only ate a bit in round two before feeling too full to eat more.

Yu Jingxuan really asked them to pack the lamb as takeout.

When they came out, Lin Miao went to buy two cups of yoghurt, one for Yu Jingxuan, and one for herself.

Yu Jingxuan didn’t like drinking yoghurt. Back at the car, he placed the takeout boxes on the rear passenger seats, with Lin Miao sitting on the front passenger seat.

Lin Miao put the straw in, taking a sip. It was very refreshing, “It’s really good, blueberry and raspberry flavored. Gege, you should try one, it’s good for your stomach.”

Yu Jingxuan turned around and saw her lips red from the zesty lamb and with a bit of yoghurt on it.

Her eyes were curved due to her smile from her enjoyment of her yoghurt.

Yu Jingxuan’s eyes suddenly darkened. Sometimes, once thoughts appeared in his head, they were unable to be suppressed. He leaned towards her, kissing on her still moving lips, quickly taking the yoghurt on her lips with him.

He laughed lightly and said in a low voice, “It is really good.”

Lin Miao was dumbfounded, her ear roots completely red. She didn’t know what to do at all, her heart beating violently.

She could only dumbly lower her head and continue drinking…

Yu Jingxuan didn’t start the car, instead holding her flaming face with his ice-cold hands, smiling, “Was the lamb too spicy? Your face is so hot.”

Having her face being held like this and being met with Yu Jingxuan’s gentle gaze, Lin Miao’s head went blank again. She didn’t know what to do, and all she could feel was her heartbeat accelerating.

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