Justice Across The Dimensions

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Chapter 26: A Game of Prestige [21.2]

The moment the holographic images disappeared from view, everyone went silent trying to process what they had just experienced. The reporters were overwhelmed with a barrage of emotions. They were busy reflecting and reconstructing their opinions to coincide with Qi Wang’s.

So what if the security system of Patriot Kids was error prone? Were they meant to completely disregard its existing feats simply because of a few mistakes?

Reporters—of all ages—were gathered. Some of them were presently unwed, while others were old enough to have children of their own. Everyone mulled over their parental duties towards their future children. Could they possibly accompany and protect them from the malice of felons 24/7?

Compared to the measly issue of privacy concerns, it was unquestionable that the safety of the children came first. Henceforth, Qi Wang successfully acquired people’s hearts. The crucial benefits of Patriot Kids were fervently believed to outweigh its cons.

However, Patriot Kids benefits were shunned by a few folks. The young reporter, who first questioned, thought that on the surface, Qi Wang’s response to online concerns made perfect sense. Yet, in actuality, he detracted away from the main topic and unanswered the question.

What is Patriot Kids’ basis on judging whether or not someone is guilty of pedophillic crimes? Is there a risk of misjudgement? After all, a machine is just that: a machine. It has no way of understanding the complexity of the human race. Yes, childrens’ safety and innocence must be protected, but does that mean rendering a man’s honor and reputation obsolete?

In the event that the judgement of Patriot Kids is officially authorized, and someone was wrongfully accused, it would bring severe repercussions to the unjustified victim. The young reporter felt that Qi Wang should not excessively focus on Patriot Kids’ acumen to the point of neglecting other important aspects. He needs to be held accountable for the potential risk of misidentification.

“Mr. Qi, I don’t deny your statement regarding the benefits that Patriot Kids brings to the table. However, there is something else that still needs to be addressed. On what basis can you claim that Patriot Kids’ judgement is 100% accurate? What if there is a mistake?”

Sharply and clearly punctuated, his confrontational attitude grabbed the attention of the masses. His voice was clearly heard by all attendees.

Those who have been led astray were speechless.

That’s right. How could they neglect their initial aim? Patriot Kids’ ability to capture and arrest pedophillic criminals is indeed a marvellous innovation. It could also reduce the number of harmed children. With that said, there are other considerations to be done: what if there was a mistake?

Gossip is a fearful thing. If someone was labelled as a pedophile, albeit wrongfully, arguably, their whole life would be ruined. A child’s safety, while important, does not mean that an adult’s life is insignificant. All lives are equal. We cannot harm someone for the sake of protecting the other.

Everyone’s gazes landed starkly on Qi Wang, anticipatedly waiting for his valid reason regarding this issue. Qi Wang raised his head, radiating in arrogance, he assuredly declared, “Patriot Kids’ judgement will never be wrong.”

Hearing this, the masses erupted in chaos. Reporters thought of him as cocky, for who on earth could ever guarantee that one’s invention is always 100% effective? Isn’t he exaggerating too much?

Nonetheless, Qi Wang remained calm and composed. Not giving them a chance to question him, he looked down on them from where he stood.

“Patriot Kids is not just another random phone model. In fact, you can consider it to be a sophisticated artificial intelligence instead. A device that is equipped with a higher grade technology than those in Patriot One.”

“Zhang Liang.”

With just a vocal command, Zhang Liang immediately came to his side.

“I will now demonstrate how this device judges if one is a criminal.”

Qi Wang clapped his hands. A robot, sized as a toddler, adorned with multiple layers of clothes, came out from behind looking like an actual child. Qi Wang then stuck the button-sized Patriot Kids onto its clothes before letting it move towards Zhang Liang. Simultaneously, Qi Wang opened the system database, projecting the holographic records and statistical numbers for all to see.

“When it detects that the child and an adult are alone in close proximity to each other, Patriot Kids will simultaneously scan the nearby adult.”

Following the trajectory of Qi Wang’s intentions, the blue holograph flashed once, and a fictitious bedroom appeared out of nowhere. Zhang Liang obediently walked towards the child-like robot.

“Baby, the house feels warm, let me help you change into a new set of clothes.”

Zhang Liang maintained nonchalant. His breathing and heartbeat were at a normal resting rate, and was detected and displayed as such. Afterwhich, Zhang Liang undressed the child-like robot. In the process of helping it change, he unintentionally brushed against its body, yet there was no response from the system.

After waiting for the demonstration to be over, Qi Wang looked at Zhang Liang and gave him the next order.

“Zhang Liang, adjust your breathing and quicken your heart rate.”

As part of the Special Security Division, Zhang Liang, who had undergone professional training, was able to do what Qi Wang requested. He effectively adjusted his breathing and heart rate.

“Baby, the house feels warm, let me help you change into a new set of clothes.”

Though it was evident that Zhang Liang had said the same words, a change in tone, expression, and actions were discernible. It was still the same act of undressing the child-like robot, but somehow, it was filled with malicious intent, which differed from the previous scenario.

The statistics showed his breathing and heart rate spiking, which exceeded the normal range.

Zhang Liang, who was now in the midst of undressing the “child”, started to feel embarrassed, his heart palpitating. Thinking about his obligation towards Qi Wang, he could only continue to execute his duty.

Despite Zhang Liang basically doing the same things as before, everyone who had eyes could see that the former and the present Zhang Liang were completely different people.

The Patriot Kids’ previously deactivated security system was now activated. Seemingly aware of Zhang Liang’s ill-intentions, it immediately slapped his roaming hands. Apart from this, Patriot One did not advance since Qi Wang had adjusted the protective system processes beforehand to disable this function.

After this demonstration, Qi Wang allowed Zhang Liang to depart the stage along with the child-like robot. While he, himself, turned his attention towards the crowd.

“Though the same things happened in both scenes, it is obvious that the situation is different for pedophiles and normal people. No ordinary person would feel elated at the idea of helping a child change its clothes. Lecherous tone, quick breathing and heart rate are indications of such disgusting excitement. Patriot Kids’ built-in functions allow them to differentiate between the two types of tones.”

In conclusion, all those online criticisms of people with “normal levels of intimacy” would never cause Patriot Kids to activate, only those who crossed the line would. Qi Wang’s explanation was perfect and foolproof, but there were still people who stubbornly insisted on finding loopholes.

“If Patriot Kids were so powerful, then why is it inexpensive?”

Again, it was the relentless young reporter. When everyone else acquiesced to Qi Wang’s words, this person would always find a way to interrogate him. Assessing the reporter’s plain and ordinary appearance, Qi Wang suddenly smiled.

“The cost of producing this brand of phone is indeed very high, but the reason why we are selling it for such a cheap price is because the government has subsidized it.”

Government subsidy?!

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