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Chapter 21: First Arc [20]

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He was waiting for her to beg for mercy, to watch her lower her despicable head for these special enrollment students, but she actually did something so extreme – she wanted to take all the special enrollment students away!

【Hahahahaha, you didn't see that coming, did you? Idiots!】

【And you still want Song Juyao to beg for mercy. Are you surprised or shocked?】

【Hahaha, their expressions are priceless! Scared them all to death!】

【Song Juyao is really so domineering, I love it!!!】


Even Jin Yao was shocked, looking at Song Juyao's eyes that still showed no fear towards them, a flicker of admiration crossed his eyes.

Ming Shu opened her mouth wide in shock. What had she just heard? Damn it! She'd barely found a place to play, and had been manipulating and brainwashing these special admission students in the group, instilling in them a reliance on Song Juyao. The intention was to morally kidnap Song Juyao, turning these students against her and fueling their hatred after their emotional breakdown. Ming Shu had hoped that even if only one or two of them turned against Song Juyao, it would still cause some trouble for her and create challenges. But what was the result? Song Juyao? You?

I kneel down to you, Boss! I dare not provoke you!

She never expected that she would directly transfer all the specially recruited students from Jinke Duola Academy!This move was too ruthless!

Can Jinke Duola really expel all the specially recruited students at once? What about the college entrance examination in three months? Don't they care about the enrollment rate anymore? Arch-rival St. Mary's Academy is still watching closely. With these spoiled dandies, how high can this school's ranking really be?

Even if Jin Yu really wanted to get rid of these specially recruited students, it should have been done gradually. The senior students in their third year were definitely not in the scope of cleaning up. They needed to leave some buffer time, right?

As a result, Song Juyao actually...

Jin Yu's face contorted as he coldly said, "Do you think you can just take them away as you please?"

Song Juyao retorted, "Wasn't it you who let them leave?"

Jin Yu retorted, "When I want them to leave, they can leave. When I don't want them to leave, nobody can leave."

The specially recruited students glared at Jin Yu, seething with anger. After the fight and venting, Song Juyao reappeared. Their crumbling world paused, and a glimmer of hope pierced through their hearts that were shrouded in despair and darkness. Their rationality returned and they finally realized that Jin Yu had been playing them, intentionally pitting them against each other like monkeys in a circus.

And they had fallen right into his trap.

Li Zhao approached Song Juyao, her face pale, and said, "Senior, we have an agreement with the school..."

Jinke Duola Academy had provided these specially recruited students with a substantial amount of money, not out of charity, but to improve the enrollment rate. Therefore, to ensure that these students wouldn't transfer midway, perform poorly, or fail to gain admission to a reputable university, they had signed an agreement upon admission. It stipulated that if they changed schools  in the middle of the session, experienced a significant decline in grades, or performed poorly in the college entrance examination, they would face consequences. They would have to spit out everything they had gained during their three years in the school.

Hence, while the school had the authority to expel them, the students themselves were not allowed to withdraw voluntarily.

"I know." Song Juyao calmly retrieved her phone from her pocket, and the screen indicated that it was recording. She gazed at Jin Yu without any trace of emotion and stated, "The actions Jinke Duola has taken against the specially recruited students, if exposed to the public, will subject this school and your families to public scrutiny. While your agreement may hold legal weight, the treatment you have inflicted upon these students can be viewed as abuse, intentional harm, coerced injury, and psychological assault... What kind of judgment do you think a judge will render? Do you want to give it a try?"

With so many specially recruited students and only a few needing to testify, combined with Song Juyao's testimony and the recorded evidence, the scandal surrounding Jinke Duola Academy would become a national sensation, dominating headlines. However, the ones who would suffer the most would not be the specially recruited students who already have nothing to lose.

Jin Yu's face twisted with anger. He sneered, "Even if you manage to resolve everything in their favor, do you think you can simply take them all away? Those of you who choose to stay will have their scholarships doubled."

He knew their weakness all too well—their poverty. How could a group of underprivileged individuals resist the temptation of money? Even if he had manipulated them before, what did it matter? As long as more money was offered, wouldn't everything be swept under the rug? Weren't all their previous issues stemming from the fact that they would have no money once they left Jinke Duola?

【Even now, they are still using money to humiliate people!!! Jin Yu is so disgusting! I can't stand it!】

【I wish I could smash his face with a brick made of money! Argh!!!】

【But this temptation is really strong. If it were me... I might have stayed.】

【Please don't stay! Straighten your spine, kids!Stand tall! Your senior sister Juyao has already taken care of everything for you!】

The specially recruited students glanced at each other, and after exchanging glances, the awkward and tangled emotions began to spread again. Over the past few days, they had been played by Jin Yu, causing them to betray one another and forsake their integrity in pursuit of personal gain. Not long ago, they were even fighting each other. Now, transferring to First Middle School together wouldn't necessarily guarantee a pleasant experience either.

If Song Juyao knew the true nature of the people they had become, she probably wouldn't even spare them a glance, let alone help them.

It was truly… shameful. Even they were startled by their own actions. Were they fundamentally such ugly beings? Would they stoop so low in times of crisis?

In the midst of this suffocating silence, Song Juyao turned and made her way to the podium.

Everyone couldn't help but look up at her.

"Everyone, I am powerless to change the essence of this school. Each of us will face numerous choices throughout our lives. I am merely doing my best to provide you with an alternative path. As for how to proceed, I will not make the decision for you. I will not stay at Jinke Duola forever, and you cannot always expect help from others. Some opportunities come only once, so I urge you to carefully consider them before giving a response, and I will accept whatever choice you make."

Song Juyao's voice was gentle and eloquent, carrying a soothing quality akin to flowing water gently seeping into the depths of their hearts.

"I only hope that you remember: If the sky grows dark, then survive in the shadows; if speaking out puts you in danger, then remain silent; if you feel powerless to shine, then retreat to the corner. But do not defend darkness simply because you've grown accustomed to it; don't get carried away with your own compromise and resilience; do not ridicule those who are braver and more passionate than you. We can be as humble as dust, but not as twisted as maggots."

As her words resonated, her gaze swept over certain specially recruited students. Those individuals froze for a moment, then buried their heads deeply in shame. It became evident that she knew, she knew what kind of monsters they had become these days for their own sake. Yet, knowing this, she remained so gentle and did not abandon them because of it...

The girl stood bathed in sunlight, radiating a brilliance even surpassing that of the sun itself. Whether it was the sway of her dress or the flutter of her black hair in the wind, she resembled a resplendent scenery, delicate and fragile yet standing with majestic grace.

All eyes were fixed upon her, and for a fleeting moment, the entire world seemed to fall into silence. Even Jiang Baiqi's gloomy and lifeless eyes reflected the radiance emitted by this person.

【We can be as humble as dust, but not as twisted as maggots!】

【Oh my goodness, Song Juyao truly shines. She's amazing!】

【Ahhhhhhh, I love her so much ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!】

【Taking notes!!!】

【It is absolutely impossible for a person who can say such things to stoop to rape others on a whim. Such reasoning is an insult to Song Juyao!】

【I don't care, I'm voting for Song Juyao. She doesn't deserve to spend the rest of her life in prison!】

【But what right does she have to grant these people a second chance? The one who was hurt was Zhou Shuchen! She's too much of a saint, neglecting the principles of reward and punishment. Her kindness and tenderness towards others are akin to a knife for Zhou Shuchen.】

【Zhou Shuchen is truly pitiful.】

【But those people also have their own difficulties, don't they? I always remember the boy who said what is backbone, he could even walk on his knees for the sake of a good future for his parents. In a critical moment, when they had to make a choice, didn’t they just choose someone more important? Why can't they be given a chance? Perhaps this experience and lesson will shape them into better individuals in the future?】

Song Juyao walked down from the stage and followed Li Zhao's line of sight to see Zhou Shuchen. The young man had changed so much in such a short time, and his once upright demeanor had become gloomy.

Song Juyao walked up to him, "Student Zhou."

Zhou Shuchen lifted his head and looked at her expressionlessly.

"You're really amazing."

"Are you mocking me?"

Surprised, Song Juyao looked at him, "Why would you think that? I'm simply speaking from the heart. It's the first time I've witnessed so many people standing up to protect someone during a fight, even female classmates were willing to take punches for you."

Zhou Shuchen stood there, stunned. Following Song Juyao's gaze, his eyes landed on Li Zhao, not far away. Her cheek was bruised and swollen, and she averted her gaze in embarrassment, attempting to conceal it with her hair. Zhou Shuchen then glanced at the people surrounding him and realized he was positioned amidst the crowd, assuming the posture of a protected person.

Zhou Shuchen felt a jolt in his heart, and the sourness that erupted from the bottom of his heart welled up and extinguished the burning flames in his chest, but it also instantly brought tears to his eyes.

He had grown accustomed to standing before everyone as a protector—his parents, younger brother, classmates, and friends—so he couldn't see how protective others were of him. That's why in these past few days, he had seen the betrayers and suffered unprecedented blows, neglecting those who knew how to repay him and stood in front of him with all their might to protect him.

Wasn't it because they intervened and stopped those people that the fight had erupted in the first place? It was all for his sake.

"Thank you..." His voice was hoarse.

"What are you thanking us for? It's actually... a bit weirdly embarrassing."

"Yeah, it is."


【Oh my god, I suddenly feel moved!】

【His collapsing world has come to a halt. Let's not fixate on what's been lost, or else we might overlook the more precious things that still remain!】

【Go, Zhou Shuchen! Effort will be rewarded, and good people will receive goodness in return!】

【This is so touching 😭... I feel healed.】

Song Juyao looked at them and also revealed a gentle smile.

On the other side, the student council members stood as if in a separate realm, observing the individuals in the opposing world.

Fu Meiling crossed her arms and snorted unconvinced.  This woman's way of speaking was quite likable, but she was so ignorant and willing to degenerate. The staircase to the upper class was right there, yet she chose to concern herself and take care of these worthless people.

Jin Yu's gaze remained fixed on Song Juyao's face, a mix of emotions swirling in his chest. He couldn't quite discern if it was anger or something else, but it burned intensely, making him want to lose his temper. Yet, he struggled to find the right words to express himself.

Jin Yao turned his head to observe his twin brother, carefully studying his expression and eyes. The special connection between twins instantly made him understand something. He involuntarily rubbed the bite mark on his thumb, lowering his eyes in annoyance.

"Shuchen, what do you say? We're with you!"

"Yes, Senior Juyao has paved the way for us. The choices we make from here on are ours to make."  They couldn't let Song Juyao make decisions for them, because they couldn't burden her with their future. Taking ownership and voicing their own decision was what they should do now.

"We're in this together!"

Those who stood with Zhou Shuchen expressed their unwavering support. Previously, they were trapped and unable to leave even if they wanted to, but now, with Song Juyao's help, they had the opportunity to leave Jinke Duola without having to pay a single penny. They wanted to be admitted to the university of their choice together with Zhou Shuchen, and even struggle and strive to start a business together in the future.

Zhou Shuchen possessed a unique power that inspired others and fueled their determination for a brighter future. He was their spiritual leader.

As the voices of trust and support echoed, Zhou Shuchen felt the warmth of the sun envelop him, completely dispelling the darkness from his eyes.

"Everyone, I ......"

"Wait!!!" A piercing cry interrupted Zhou Shuchen's words. He turned his head and saw the cowardly headmaster, who had been evading the school and hiding these past few days, hastily approaching them with his obese legs in stride.

The headmaster's face was flushed, his lips pale. Upon learning that Song Juyao actually intended to take away all the specially recruited students, he was so frightened that he desperately crawled and rolled his way from home to the school.

"Students, let's have a discussion if you have something to say. Please don't act impulsively!" The principal anxiously and flusteredly said, "This matter of transferring schools can be discussed, it can be discussed..." He pleaded to Song Juyao, whispering, "Dr. Song, you were once a student of our Jinke Duola Academy. This is your alma mater. Can you please show some mercy?"

If this year's enrollment rate appeared bad, his position as headmaster would be in jeopardy, and the school would become a subject of ridicule. As a blue-blooded aristocratic academy, ranking at the bottom would be too  disgraceful! In short, he regretted it. If he had known that Song Juyao would go to such extremes, he would have mustered the courage to control Jin Yu and prevent things from escalating too far.

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