Kneel to Me

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Chapter 22: First Arc [21]

"Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come." Song Juyao sarcastically remarked.

"Dr. Song ......"

"It's not me who makes the choice. There are some things you shouldn't say to me."

The headmaster then turned and went to talk to the group of specially admitted students. The specially admitted students didn't want to deal with someone like him. He then went to pull Zhou Shuchen along, and eventually, Zhou Shuchen was half-dragged by the headmaster to the office. The others could only return to the dormitory and wait for news.

Song Juyao's role was already completed, and the rest was the specially admitted students' own business. She smiled and turned her head, but her gaze subconsciously fell upon the slightly disheveled young man. Coincidentally, their eyes met for a moment, and she quickly and somewhat unnaturally averted her gaze.

Ming Shu, who had been paying attention to Song Juyao: ...Ah ah ah ah ah, what's really going on between you two? I'm so curious!!!

【Ah ah ah ah ah, when will this be revealed!】

【Why is Song Juyao paying attention to Jiang Baiqi? He's clearly a loser!!】

【Alright, just when I thought I was done enjoying the intrigues, my curiosity has resurfaced and is once again scratching at my heart and lungs.】

【Ming Shu, go ahead and ask, go ahead and ask! I believe that it's definitely not something scandalous. Song Juyao is not a bad person!】


In the real world.

Song Juyao once again became a hot topic and sparked discussions. Her brief speech was widely circulating.

【She did an incredible job!】

【So touching!】

【We can be as humble as dust, but we must not be twisted like maggots! Are these really the words of a murderer? I wasn't interested in this show, but now I suddenly want to watch it.】

【Please, I plead with you to watch the show. You will also fall in love with her. Please vote for her, please!】

【This kind of judgment trial prohibits campaigning! Can Song's fans shut up? Whether or not to vote is a personal decision. Don't bring the entertainment industry's tactics into this!】

【The first episode hasn't even ended yet. We still don't know what kind of person she truly is. People can change.】

Song Juyao's popularity continued to soar, and the show's ratings kept increasing. The number of votes for her grievance redressal also gradually grew.

Huo Sen was watching the live broadcast from his study, his gaze fixed on Song Juyao's face on the screen when suddenly, he felt a sense of irritation.

It was her, something he never would have expected. It turned out to be her.

Back in junior high school, there was a specially admitted student at their school who didn't fit in with the wealthy kids' group. While their school was nowhere near as crazy as the Jinke Duola Academy, she still faced isolation. However, she seemed completely unfazed, showing no intention of blending in. She always had a book in hand, greedily absorbing its contents, even in the face of mockery and ridicule, she remained unaffected. Eventually, they grew bored and stopped teasing her.

One sunny afternoon, as sunlight streamed through the library's floor-to-ceiling windows, he saw that girl sleeping peacefully with her head on the desk. Suddenly, every strand of her hair and every breath she took became remarkably noticeable, and it grew so compelling that he couldn't help but repeatedly turn his head to steal glances...


"Ha... Hello."

"Song Juyao, your name is a bit unusual."

"Really? My name has a literary reference, taken from the Book of Songs, specifically 'Guan Ju.' ‘Guan, guan! A pair of turtle doves are cooing on an islet in the river. The elegant virtuous maiden - the noble person would love to marry her.’ (guān guān jū jiū, zài hé zhī zhōu, yǎotiǎo shūnǚ, jūnzǐ hǎo qiú.)"

"By the way, what's your name?"

"...Huo Sen. What is the Book of Songs?" [T/N: The Classic of Poetry, also Shijing or Shih-ching, translated variously as the Book of Songs, Book of Odes, or simply known as the Odes or Poetry, is the oldest existing collection of Chinese poetry, comprising 305 works dating from the 11th to 7th centuries BCE. (Source- Wikipedia)]

"It's something from my hometown. You don't need to care about it."


Huo Sen reached up and pressed his hand to his forehead. Damn it......


In the virtual world.

Because of the headmaster's intervention, the decision regarding whether the specially admitted students would leave or stay remained unresolved.

Song Juyao also felt that being too forceful would imply pressuring the specially admitted students. Such a decision should be left to them. In any case, Jinke Duola Academy temporarily calmed down.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Ming Shu came to Song Juyao's apartment and told her about the various recent situations and events at school.

"The headmaster didn't show up even once, and only came out at the end. How can someone like that be qualified to hold such a position..."

Song Juyao was shoveling shit from the litter box, and Song Wanwan was wrapped around her feet, trailing her around.

Ming Shu also followed her around, her eyes rolled, then she tried to gauge Song Juyao's mood. "Senior, are you really not angry? You have paved the way for everyone, yet if they still refuse to leave in the end..."

"What's there to be angry about? You haven't provided any help to others in their past, so you have no right to criticize their present, let alone decide their future." Song Juyao earnestly cleaned the litter box, speaking with a hint of helplessness. "Besides, I only did what I could. Why does it seem like you're portraying me as some kind of savior?"

Ming Shu was momentarily stunned.

"Because I witnessed it firsthand, so I can't simply turn a blind eye. It would trouble my conscience. Ultimately, it's more for my own sake. Don't think of me as too great. I'm just an ordinary person."

【No! You're not, you shine!】

【She's so open-minded, I really love her.】

【I feel so sorry for her. She has become so mature. It's all because of that group of people led by Liu Yan 😭.】

【Even while shoveling shit, Song Juyao looks adorable. I wish I could be that piece of shit.】

【?? To the friend above, you can, but there's no need for that, hahaha.】

Finally finished cleaning the litter box, Song Juyao tightly tied the bag into a knot and threw it into the trash bin before getting up to wash her hands.

In reality, Ming Shu had actually come because of Jiang Baiqi. She had seen it—Song Juyao was protecting Jiang Baiqi! Her curiosity had reached its peak, and she was eager to know the answer.

Ming Shu had actually planned to inquire carefully, but she now dared to ask the question because deep down, she truly believed that Song Juyao was a good person. Perhaps there was a more positive reason for secretly filming Jiang Baiqi... although secretly filming itself was not a positive act.

However, she never expected to suddenly witness Song Juyao taking out a telescope and blatantly looking towards the male dormitory building across from them.

Ming Shu: ????!!!

"Senior, what are you doing?" Ming Shu was shocked, and the question instinctively slipped out of her mouth.

【Damn, finally!! She didn't pretend not to see it like Li Zhao did!!!】

【Finally asked, finally asked, finally asked!!!】

【I really want to see how Song Juyao responds. Just seeing this kind of voyeuristic behavior, no matter how likable she is, I can't give her my vote for grievance redressal.】

【One more thing, as she is a murderer seeking a retrial, we, as judges, must demand the highest standards from her. She must be flawless!】

Meanwhile, in the male dormitory building, Jiang Baiqi was sitting at his desk. His slender fingers held a small screwdriver, tightening a tiny screw, completing a small mechanical mosquito.

He turned on the computer and manipulated the mechanical mosquito. Its wings fluttered, lifting off from the table and flying out of the balcony. Crossing the space between the male and female dormitory buildings, it headed towards Song Juyao's apartment.

【??? What is that thing? It looks like something flew over?】

【Holy shit! What a big  mosquito!】

【Seems like it's mechanical?】


【Seems like it came from Jiang Baiqi's side. Could it be a bug? Damn it, why isn't there an NPC perspective!】

【It's finally happening. It perfectly matches Jiang Baiqi's gloomy and twisted aura!】

From the audience's god's-eye perspective, they could see the scene that real-life NPCs couldn't see. Many people witnessed a palm-sized mosquito flying in the night, landing just outside the balcony railing, and hiding behind a pillar.

Meanwhile, due to Ming Shu's question, Song Juyao coincidentally lowered her telescope.

"I was observing someone," she confessed.

Ming Shu asked, "Who?" No, wait, you?? How can you openly admit to spying on someone like that?

Song Juyao responded, "Haven't you seen the photos in my room?"

Ming Shu's blood instantly ran cold. She looked at Song Juyao's gentle face, and due to psychological effects, it seemed to be covered in  a terrifying hue. She, she actually knew...

Ming Shu's heart pounded heavily, and a chill spread through her limbs. Her expression stiffened as if it were coated with a layer of cement, rendering her unable to utter a word.

Mom, I'm... I'm so scared!

Song Juyao tilted her head slightly. "So why did you enter my room?"

"I, I... I'm sorry, I was just too curious, couldn't resist... I... I actually have a condition where if I don't enter someone else's room and walk around, I'll fdie. Ah, no..." Ming Shu's words became incoherent.

Seeing her like this, Song Juyao felt a bit helpless: "Don't be so afraid, I won't do anything to you."

Ming Shu couldn't relax at all as various thriller movie scenes flashed through her mind. But after being scared for a while, she started to calm down a bit. Calm down, there's no need to be afraid. This was a virtual world, and she wouldn't actually be harmed! At most, she would just return to the real world! Since Song Juyao already knew, she had to ask for clarity, or else she would be at a loss!

Ming Shu said, "I'm sorry, I was just too curious about you. It's a bad habit, and I'll definitely change it! I didn't mean to see that photo..."

Song Juyao didn't seem to want to delve into this matter. She simply glanced at Ming Shu and said, "Hmm, it's good that you're willing to change."

"But," Ming Shu glanced around and asked in a low voice, "Why does the senior have the photos of Jiang? He seems so ordinary, with a weak presence. It's always so difficult to even find him..."

Inside the male dormitory, Jiang Baiqi slightly turned his head, revealing the earphones he was wearing. The mechanical mosquito rested on the balcony railing, its eyes occasionally flickering with a faint glow.

Song Juyao looked surprised, "Really?"

Ming Shu was even more surprised, "Isn't it?"

"I think you're talking nonsense," Song Juyao said seriously, "Student Jiang is clearly shining brightly. He's the most eye-catching person in the crowd. I'm always immediately drawn to him. How could he be the ordinary and non-existent person you're talking about?"

Ming Shu: ????

Audience: Huh????

Jiang Baiqi's large, grayish eyes appeared somewhat dazed.

"Hold on!" Ming Shu abruptly sat up, her expression a mix of shock, confusion, and bewilderment. She blurted out, "Are we discussing the same individual? I'm talking about Jiang Baiqi, the special admission student in Grade 11, Class 1!"

Song Juyao replied with a serious tone, "I was also referring to Jiang Baiqi, the same student."

"No, I don't think so. Jiang Baiqi clearly has a weak presence, gloomy aura, and intimidating eyes. He's a weirdo, not the one you're describing at all." Ming Shu spoke earnestly.

Shining brightly, captivating attention in a crowd—that description perfectly fits Song Juyao. How could it possibly be Jiang Baiqi?!

Song Juyao became a little angry. "How can you say that?"

Ming Shu: !!! That's exactly the kind of person he is! Unbelievable, could it be that Song Juyao is blind???

Ming Shu apologized, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. But senior, why do you collect photos of Jiang Baiqi and use a telescope to observe him?"

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