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Chapter 28: First Arc [27]

In the boys' apartment, Jiang Baiqi, who was cooking dinner, looked across at the scene in the girls' apartment. Then he lowered his head, gazing at his knife and meat.

What did Song Juyao say she wanted to eat?

"Bang!" The next second, he slammed the knife onto the cutting board and ripped off his apron before storming out of the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Jin Yu felt dizzy under Song Juyao's gaze, and entered a strange state of lightheadedness, almost losing himself in her eyes.

"Yu?" Jin Yao called out in confusion.

Only then did Jin Yu snap out of it, realizing that he was actually in his own dorm room.

Jin Yao looked at him with curiosity. "I heard you went to the girls' apartment to find Song Juyao?"


"Why were you looking for her?"

"Nothing, she wanted to upload videos on our website, so I had a chat with her," Jin Yu turned on the computer and solemnly replied. He had forgotten that he originally went to find Song Juyao to give her trouble. Thinking of Song Juyao's smile towards him, Jin Yu couldn't help but wonder if she was using some kind of seductive charm on him. Ha, women.

Jin Yao looked at Jin Yu who seemed to be in a good mood with the corners of his mouth hooked slightly. Jin Yao's eyes narrowed, and he felt a burst of irritation bubbling up inside him.

After making videos for a while, Song Juyao felt hungry. Glancing at the time, she realized it was already past eight o'clock, and her feeder hadn't delivered her meal yet.

Picking up her dragonfly, she headed to the balcony, but Jiang Baiqi wasn't in the living room.

"Ah Qi?" Song Juyao softly called out.

Jiang Baiqi, who was engrossed in a game in his bedroom, momentarily paused, but he turned over and pretended not to hear.

However, Song Juyao's voice transmitted directly to the earphones he had been wearing, making it impossible for him to ignore her.

"Where are you? Have you had dinner yet? I'm hungry. Where are you?" The shameless girl continued to chatter in her soft and warm voice without restraint.

"Why… Didn't Jin Yu take you out for dinner?" Jiang Baiqi grew increasingly annoyed by her incessant prattle and sat up, his low and hoarse voice betraying signs of irritation. He felt that something was off with him recently, and realized that he seemed to be being domesticated.

Despite constantly warning himself that Song Juyao couldn't possibly have genuine feelings for him, Jiang Baiqi found himself caught off guard when she suddenly had nothing and he, under the shock of pity, let his guard down. Before he knew it, she had seized the opportunity and entangled herself with him, and unwittingly, they ended up in the current situation.

However, witnessing her sitting with Jin Yu dealt a blow to his mind. Both of them radiated a certain brilliance, appearing perfectly suited for each other. They were the ones who belonged in the same world.

Perhaps Song Juyao possessed such talent from the start. She was the type of person who could see everyone in this world, no matter how insignificant or bleak they may be. It wasn't that there was anything special about him.

Song Juyao was somewhat surprised but then burst into laughter. "Are you jealous?"

"You're annoying."

"I was just discussing business with Jin Yu. I need to make money, after all."

Jiang Baiqi felt an instinctive urge to say something but quickly restrained himself, choosing to remain silent.

"Ah-Qi, I'm so hungry..." Song Juyao started complaining again.

Jiang Baiqi couldn't take it anymore. He turned around and went to the kitchen, cooking while feeling angry. What the hell! Why did he have to do all this?

Leaning against the balcony, Song Juyao enjoyed the sight of Jiang Baiqi's virtuous appearance of diligently cooking for her, a sweet smile dancing at the corners of her eyes and lips.

【Ah ah ah, so sweet!!】

【I'm blown away by this CP!!!】

【I feel that being watched by Song Juyao, Jiang Bai Qi's presence is not so low anymore.】

【Song Juyao watches Jiang Baiqi through binoculars, and Jiang Baiqi watches her through surveillance cameras... Is mutual peeping acceptable??】

【Peeping is wrong, but they both mutually peep and are aware of each other. They don't mind and even seem to enjoy being watched by each other. It's too adorable!】

【??? As expected, Song's fans are a group of people with distorted moral values. Peeping is peeping, capturing someone's image without consent is invasive. Does labeling it as "liking" make it acceptable?】

【Song Juyao's peeping is something that can't be whitewashed in my eyes. No matter what, it can't be justified.】

The comments in the barrage section were consistently polarized, with some people feeling disgusted while others found it appealing. Song Juyao had anticipated this. There was no such thing as a universally adored figure in this world. No matter how flawlessly she performed, there would always be someone finding fault. From a perspective of human nature, individuals who are truly perfect are not well-received.

Most people preferred down-to-earth individuals with imperfections because perfection creates a sense of distance, making it difficult to establish closeness or a sense of acceptance. However, she couldn't afford to appear mediocre either. Perhaps mediocrity would attract a larger audience, but for her, who was currently in this judgmental world, the love of casual fans held no value. They wouldn't vote for her, go crazy for her, or fight for her.

What she needed was firm, intense, and passionate love. Love that viewed her as a belief, willing to bleed for her.

She knew that this kind of love was brewing, even if it didn't seem prominent yet, even if it wasn't enough to cause a tsunami. It was quietly forming beneath the surface, and someday it would break through barriers and overturn the world for her.

And she still needed to wait patiently, to simmer slowly like boiling a frog in warm water. She couldn't display too much aggressiveness all at once, as it would raise alarms and defenses before they fell under her spell.


After personally negotiating with Jin Yu, the boss, Song Juyao registered an account and soon received a signing invitation sent from the backend.

Jin Yu specifically informed the relevant departments to feature Song Juyao's videos on the homepage. Under Jin Yu's watchful eye, the production team had no chance to play any tricks.

The first stomping video of this virtual world was expertly edited by Song Juyao, delivering thrills and exhilaration. It was a visual and auditory feast, captivating the audience. As expected, it immediately sparked heated discussions upon its premiere. The number of views, likes, coins, and collections all surpassed a million. Combined with the website's potential newcomer reward, Song Juyao earned over 100,000 in a single day.

Of course, this income couldn't compare to her appearance fees from previous shows, but for viewers in the real world, earning such a substantial sum in one day was simply incredible. Those who immersed themselves in Song Juyao's perspective were overjoyed.

Jin Yu agreed to pay her in cash, and as a result, her pockets quickly filled up with money, leaving the production team feeling dispirited for a while.

Song Juyao didn't always create videos. She started with just two videos, which quickly propelled her to become the platform's treasure, triggering numerous other content creators to follow in her footsteps. Then, she ventured into live streaming games. With her pleasant voice, exceptional skills, and the presence of a silent yet even more formidable gaming partner, she swiftly became one of the popular streamers in the gaming community, earning more through rewards than her videos.

After a few days of gaming and making money, Song Juyao once again changed her approach to earning. She participated in the World Online Go Championship and emerged victorious, defeating opponents along the way and claiming the championship. Simultaneously, she joined the World Physics Debate Forum to engage in discussions and debates with others. Her concise and clear style, which cut straight to the point, while ending the debates on a gentle and warm note that left people smiling, garnered her a significant following. Several of her statements even made their way into A-level academic journals.

With Jiang Baiqi safeguarding her online presence, making it impervious to hackers, Song Juyao thrived in the online world, effortlessly adapting to its environment like a fish in water.

From the humble work of creating videos and live streaming to excelling in high-end academic research published in prestigious journals...

The audience was left dumbfounded.


【A genius performing for us all. Money is just a string of numbers. She has 180 ways to become a rich woman.】

【Watching this livestream from Song Juyao's perspective is beyond satisfying.】

【Damn... making money is so easy!】

【Song Juyao presents 108 ways to make money.】

【Song Juyao is incredibly strong. What she's doing now may not be as high-end and glamorous as her past, but despite the stark contrast, she approaches it with great seriousness. She isn't arrogant due to her success, nor does she give up in the face of setbacks. Her inner strength is remarkable.】

【Seeing her like this, tears suddenly streamed down my face. I've given up on myself and holed up in my apartment for the past six months, gaining 50 pounds in weight. But when I carefully consider it, I realize that what I've been through pales in comparison to what Song Juyao has experienced. It motivates me to lift my spirits and start anew!】

"Why is it so difficult to make Song Juyao a pauper?"Tang Shan felt a throbbing headache in the program group.

Introducing a temporary real-life NPC had already caused Song Juyao to question the very fabric of reality of the world, and they had already been scolded mercilessly for it. Now, they had been unable to completely block her path, or rather, they couldn't block it at all!

Looking at the audience's response, Song Juyao's popularity was still steadily growing. Wasn't this a case of losing more than gaining?

"She's doing things that don't require government approval, and our npc's hacking skills are no match for Jiang Baiqi. We can't stop her..." the staff member said.

The Huo family.

Yuan Manzhi's expression grew increasingly horrifying.

It hadn't been long since she had laughed heartily while witnessing Song Juyao's fall from the clouds into nothingness. However, now she saw that Song Juyao hadn't become as miserable as she had expected. Instead, it seemed like she had garnered more love through this misfortune, as if it were a blessing in disguise, and her smile became even sweeter and happier.

The more Song Juyao appeared like this, the more distorted Yuan Manzhi's hatred became. Thinking of her deceased son, her face contorted into a monstrous appearance.

"Su Qing, when will the real-life NPC we hired take action?" Yuan Manzhi's voice was so cold that it sent shivers down Su Qing's spine.

On the other end of the phone, Su Qing replied, "Mainly because Song Juyao has been at school, and the security there is very tight. It's not easy to make a move..."

"Then make her leave the school!"

"Well... I'll discuss it with Director Tan and see what can be done."

Yuan Manzhi hung up the phone and coldly stared at Song Juyao on the screen. She had had enough. She couldn't bear to see that woman's smile for another second. She wanted to see her weep, to witness her suffering and torment!

She didn't care about the life or death of the program crew!


The relationship between Song Juyao and Jin Yu started to ease, and the student council could sense it vaguely. Though they were unsure of the reason, Jin Yu's attitude toward specially admitted students had become somewhat gentler.

Fu Meiling said, "Liu Qianqian said his nose was punched crooked and demanded the expulsion of the specially admitted student."

Liu Qianqian was a blue-blooded aristocrat, and in the past, Jin Yu would have immediately expelled the student involved in such a situation. But now, upon hearing these words, he asked, "Why was he punched?"

Fu Meiling hesitated before replying, "...Liu Qianqian forced him to bark like a dog."

Suddenly, Song Juyao's face flashed in Jin Yu's mind. If she were to hear about this incident, her eyebrows would undoubtedly furrow in discomfort. He said, "Tell Liu Qianqian that if he does such tasteless things again, he can get lost." The crooked nose was a minor injury; had it been him, he would have blown off his head.

Fu Meiling was taken aback for a moment but remained silent before turning to leave.

Jin Yao was watching a video created by Song Juyao. He gave it a thumbs-up, rewarded it, and then got momentarily distracted by what he had heard. The teeth marks on his thumb were still clearly visible. They were bitten so deeply that unless he underwent cosmetic treatment, the imprint would likely remain for a lifetime.

The change was quickly felt among the student body.

The Disciplinary Inspection Department no longer turned a blind eye to instances of specially admitted students being bullied. When the various departments of the student council conducted recruitments, Zhou Shuchen encouraged the specially admitted students to submit applications. Surprisingly, unlike before when their efforts seemed to vanish into thin air, some were actually selected.

"Oh my god..." The specially admitted students who were chosen were stunned.

In the gradually cooling group of specially admitted students who had faced failed transfers, enthusiasm began to rise.

"Is it true?! Can it be real?! I got selected? Is it because of the Disciplinary Inspection Department?"

"Aaahhh, the Publicity Department accepted me!!"


"Oh god, why?"

"It must be because of our senior sister! She's been getting closer to Jin Yu lately. Has she negotiated with him?"

"There's no other possibility. Jin Yu is so arrogant and looks down on us. If it weren't for our senior mediating between us, how could this happen?"

"I'm in tears. After experiencing such a painful blow herself, she still cares about us?"

"😭😭😭 But what can we do for her?"

"She's already helping us as much as she can. She doesn't owe us anything. On the contrary, we owe her a great deal. Those ungrateful white-eyed wolves should watch their words from now on, or I'll punch them every time I see them!"

"How can such a genuinely kind person exist in this world? I must strive to become someone like her in the future."

The reforms at Jinke Duola Academy continued in a discreet and unobtrusive manner, amidst the excessive pride of the arrogant aristocrats.

"So, they respond to kindness rather than force!" Ming Shu exclaimed while chatting with Tang Kai. Then she paused and said, "Wait a minute, this... could it be an example of 'loving one's house, and thus loving its crow'? Is Jin Yu falling for Song Juyao?"

Tang Kai, having adopted a very Buddhist outlook, treated this situation as a role-playing game. He was earnestly reading a medical book and remained unsurprised. Every day, he visited the twins' villa to change Jin Yu's bandages and conduct medical check-ups. During these visits, every time he could overhear Jin Yu gritting his teeth and muttering Song Juyao's name. It was only natural for a young man to develop a crush, after all.

It was not surprising for anyone in this school to develop feelings for Song Juyao.

Ming Shu comprehended the situation and immediately felt disheartened. She lowered her head and said dejectedly, "It appears that the script of a romantic drama isn't something anyone can simply take at will!"

She had meticulously planned everything, but ended up being beaten half to death by Jin Yao, while Song Juyao fractured Jin Yu's bones, leaving him confined to a wheelchair. And now, he had developed an infatuation with her. However, upon reflection, she couldn't help but admire Song Juyao. She had made up her mind to vote for Song Juyao in seeking redressal for her grievances once she got out of this place.

At that moment, a new message appeared on her phone, and Ming Shu looked down at it, stunned.


At noon, a limousine came to a stop, and a middle-aged woman clad in a purple suit and black high heels stepped out of the car. With her chin held high, she exuded an air of extreme arrogance.

Accompanied by her bodyguards, she swayed her waist and made her way into the school, heading towards the headmaster's office.

The headmaster had just hung up a phone call, his face turned pale, and perspiration dripped down his forehead. Suddenly, the door swung open, and he looked up at the woman.

"Why are you still sitting there? Get up, you useless creature. This position is not for you to occupy anymore."

Trembling, the headmaster slowly rose from his seat, his face quivering.

News of the change in headmaster at the Academy swiftly spread throughout the school.

"Great! That headmaster never had the qualifications to hold such a position in the first place!"

"That's right. Whenever there was a problem, he would always hide and shift everything onto the student council, leaving the students to resolve matters themselves."

"I wonder what kind of person the new headmaster will be. I hope they will be more responsible."

For the special admission students, the change in headmaster held great significance. The headmaster's presence determined their fate at the school, as scholarships were decided and granted by the headmaster. The previous headmaster had been overshadowed by fear, with his authority hollowed out by the student council. However, if the new headmaster adopted a firmer stance, the special admission students might have some right to speak.

While observing Li Zhao and the others excitedly discussing the new headmaster and fantasizing about him being responsible enough to protect the rights of the special admission students, Ming Shu couldn't shake off a sense of foreboding.

The production team had already dispatched temporary real-life NPCs, which meant that Song Juyao would now face the worst kind of  full-on siege. Was it possible that the arrival of this new headmaster would bring something positive?

As she contemplated this, Ming Shu received a message in the group chat from a special admission student who had fallen ill and was on leave in the dormitory. The student mentioned that the new headmaster had come to the girls' dormitory to find Song Juyao.

Song Juyao was in the middle of shoveling the poop for Song Wanwan when she heard the doorbell and went to answer it, only to find a stranger—an unfamiliar middle-aged woman.

"Hello, you must be Song Juyao," the woman said as she looked at her. "I am the new headmaster of this school, my surname is Xia."

"Hello," Song Juyao looked at her with confusion.

Ms. Xia wore a smile as she entered the room, deliberately bumping her shoulder against Song Juyao. She glanced around the room and remarked, "The accommodation environment at our Jinke Duola Academy is quite exceptional, isn't it? It is second to none in the country."

Jiang Baiqi, who was attending class in the room, tilted his head slightly, revealing the flickering wireless earphones in his ears.

"Yes, it is Jinke Duola after all."

"Indeed, it's probably because it's so excellent that you've become so comfortable here and refuse to leave," she said, with a mocking smile and a contemptuous and aggressive demeanor.

"Although our school is not short of funds for your water and electricity bills, and the student dormitories always have vacancies, it is not a hotel after all. I know the former headmaster invited you to stay here, but now I am the headmaster, and I have my own standards. May I ask you to leave?"

【??? Who is this obnoxious woman popping out of nowhere?】

【She's pointing fingers and bossing around right from the start? Jin Yu didn't say anything!】

【Those who curse at her must be sick. Song Juyao should have left long ago. She's not even a student and has been taking advantage of the dormitory for so long.】

【A free luxury apartment is really cool to live in, even food and drink are served by someone!】

【Lemon face of the above is really ugly.】

【Wasn't Song Juyao invited to stay here? This new headmaster is a real-life NPC, right? She looks really unpleasant.】

【Isn't it the students who pay for the water and electricity fees? The special admission students are so poor, how can she have the audacity to use their money?】

【Fool, the special admission students are exempt from tuition and miscellaneous fees. Song Juyao didn't spend anyone's money!】

The students who had been eavesdropping outside widened their eyes and quickly pulled out their mobile phones.

Special Admission Students Group:

[The new headmaster is driving away our senior! @Everyone]

[Senior sister is leaving. @Everyone]

The phones buzzed, capturing the attention of the special admission students. Their expressions changed, and they abruptly stood up from their chairs. The chairs screeched against the floor, startling the regular students who had been dozing off, causing the entire class to turn and look over.

In the past, special admission students had always tried to avoid attracting attention. They diligently focused on their studies, fearing their grades would suffer, and they dared not even fall ill to avoid missing classes. But at this moment, under the astonished gazes of their peers, they all rushed out of the classroom.

Song Juyao didn't have many belongings, so it only took a few minutes to pack them up. With her small suitcase in tow and her cat cradled in her arms, she had already made her way to the campus shuttle at the gate, with the new headmaster impatiently awaiting her departure.

In the real world, Yuan Manzhi finally smiled as she witnessed this scene. The program team also breathed a sigh of relief, knowing they had finally given Song Juyao a taste of humiliation.

Just as Song Juyao reached the school entrance, she suddenly heard shouts from behind.


Song Juyao turned around and saw a group of special admission students running towards her.

Li Zhao ran especially fast, tears streaming down her face as she gasped for breath.

Song Juyao looked at them in astonishment and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe Li Zhao's tears. "What's wrong?"

"Senior sister, please don't go," Li Zhao cried uncontrollably. It was as if she was bidding farewell to her best friend who was about to leave them forever.

"Senior, stay here with us!"

"Just live here with us, okay?"

"We haven't had a chance to do anything for you yet. Please don't leave! Stay, senior sister..."

The special admission students surrounded Song Juyao, even snatching her luggage and hiding behind it. They pleaded with her, their eyes filled with heartfelt tears. They knew that the challenges Song Juyao faced now were even greater than their own. Her departure was not a return to glory. Just the thought of Song Juyao dragging her luggage alone, with nowhere to go, shattered their hearts.

She had done so much for them, yet they felt powerless to do anything for her. All they could do now was try to persuade her to stay.

Ms. Xia, who saw that she was about to accomplish her task, suddenly noticed this group of special admission students running over to persuade Song Juyao, and her expression darkened.

"It's class time now! What are you doing? Skipping class as a group?" she scolded coldly. "It appears the former headmaster truly failed miserably. According to the contract, you were supposed to transfer schools, but then you changed your mind and trampled upon the dignity of Blue Blood Aristocrat Academy. I thought you were deceived and was prepared to pretend nothing happened. But now it seems I've been too lenient!"

The students realized that it was this sudden interloper who had driven Song Juyao away, and they all glared at her with anger.

"What are you looking at? Go back to class! Otherwise, as a punishment, all your remaining scholarships for the academic year will be revoked!" The real NPC felt humiliated by their furious stares and responded in a furious tone.

"Do you think you can cancel the scholarships just by saying so? Cancel them if you have the guts!" The special admission students displayed an uncharacteristic tough attitude, and they all spoke out forcefully.

"The scholarships are clearly stated in black and white. If you dare to cancel them, we'll make a scene at the board of directors!"

"You provided no help when we were in trouble, but now you're here trying to dictate and point fingers. Who do you think you are? Did the Student Council approve of this?!"

"Did President Jin Yu say something? Is it your place to speak here?"

The students were furious. The former headmaster hadn't said anything, and the Student Council hadn't allowed Song Juyao to leave. So why did this person think she had the right to drive her away? The students angrily approached her while speaking, as if they were going to pounce to beat her up if the tension escalated any further.

Ms. Xia went mad with anger. Realizing that she was now within the live broadcast, unaware of how many people were watching the livestream, even though she was hiding behind an NPC disguise, she felt deeply humiliated.

"Fine! You're all defying the heavens! You are all expelled!"

"Who granted you the authority to expel students?" Jin Yu's cold and angry voice suddenly cut through the tension.

Jin Yu, Jin Yao, and other members of the Student Council hurried over, their expressions clearly displeased.

Upon seeing these imposing students emanating a golden aura, Ms. Xia's expression stiffened. "I am the headmaster, and the board of directors gave this authority to me."

"Is that so? Then, let me tell you, you don't have that authority," Jin Yu said icily, his voice trembling with anger. He glanced at the security guards standing bewildered at the school gate. "Throw her out!"

The security guards, who had worked at the school for years, knew all too well that in this institution, Jin Yu and Jin Yao were the true emperors, and the Student Council was the true governing body. The whims of any headmaster held no sway over these blue-blooded aristocrats and wealthy offspring. What could the headmaster do if the students refused to comply? Besides, the Jin family already occupied the highest rungs of the social ladder. So, listening to their words couldn't be wrong!

Without hesitation, they stepped forward and grabbed this new headmaster. Regardless of her struggles, they threw her out of the school gate.

【Damn, that felt great!!!】

【F*ck, that's how it's supposed to be! Who is this woman that suddenly popped up here, trying to give orders?!】

【If only we could throw out the other temporary real NPCs like this too!】

【I'm in tears. Song Juyao is truly incredible. You can see this from the fact that even her former enemies are standing up for her!】

【Those who claimed Song Juyao was clinging and refusing to leave, are you feeling embarrassed now? They wish she could stay here forever!】

【The special admission students are standing tall and proud because of Song Juyao. It's fantastic! This is how it should be. We must be courageous in protecting those we care about!】

【Dignity must be earned by oneself, not bestowed by others. The special admission students have truly grown.】

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