Kneel to Me

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Chapter 29: First Arc [28]

Ms. Xia, who was thrown out of the school gate, was seethed with rage, and the program team was dumbfounded. Suddenly, they felt an invisible hand slap them hard across the face.

Did this make Song Juyao look bad? Was it Ms. Xia who suffered the ignominy? Nay, it was they who stood as the embodiment of embarrassment!

The barrage of criticisms from the audience bombarded the program team unrelentingly:

"What's wrong with the production team? Did they change directors? It's terrible!"

"I used to be a fan of the program team, but now I just want to unfollow. Who are these temporary real-life NPCs they've sent?"

"I'm constantly being disappointed. It's so frustrating. I'm unfollowing."

"I'm sorry, but I've fallen a little in love with Song Juyao. I'm switching sides from being a fan of the production team."

Numerous fervent fans of the reality show "Justice Judgement Trial," who had always habitually viewed Song Juyao with hostility from the production team's vantage point, began to stir with restlessness, vocalizing their growing impatience.

From their point of view, they anticipated to see Song Juyao being manipulated at the hands of the production team and instead witnessed the spectacle of the team's subjugation by her, rendered seemingly powerless to fight back. Previously, when a major move was unleashed, Song Juyao was left with nothing, as if all her options were sealed off. They were exhilarated, assuming that the production team would finally strike back.

But what happened? Is this it? Just this? They were utterly disappointed.

Meanwhile, their perception of Song Juyao subtly changed. Not all fans of the production team were impelled by justice; many were driven by an insatiable desire for dominance. The notion of the production team reigning supreme over criminals ignited the ambitions of these power-hungry individuals.

And now, this once indomitable production team appeared helpless against the might of Song Juyao in their eyes...

Naturally, after two decades as a flagship show, the production team had amassed a legion of loyal fans. Most of them maintained a stoic silence for the time being, displaying unwavering patience. They clung to the belief that the program group was akin to the Tathagata Buddha, convinced that just like no matter how fierce Sun Wukong was, he couldn't escape from Wuzhi Mountain, similarly the production team would also eventually suppress her.

Yuan Manzhi was furious, her face burning as if stung by a resounding slap from Song Juyao. This murderer, who was clearly unforgivable, was now worshiped in the virtual world, as if she were some sort of savior!

"Aunt, don't worry. Although the process didn't go as we planned, we still achieved our goal," Su Qing said.

Yes, but why does it still feel so frustrating?

In the virtual world.

Song Juyao looked at the students standing proudly in front of her, her heart brimming with gratitude and emotion. "Thank you all," she said, her gaze then resting upon Jin Yu. "Thank you."

The turbulent emotions raging within Jin Yu's chest began to subside. Even he hadn't expected to be filled with such unprecedented rage when he heard that the new headmaster had driven Song Juyao out of the girls' dormitory. It was as if his bottom line had been ruthlessly trampled upon.

Now, as he looked back, he suddenly understood what kind of emotion he had experienced. He felt somewhat uneasy as he looked at Song Juyao and said with a strained face, "Alright, there's nothing more to do. Do whatever you need to do. As long as I'm here, no one else will have the right to control Jinke Duola."

Fu Meiling found the keys to Song Juyao's apartment, which had been confiscated by Mrs. Xia, in her bag and handed them to Song Juyao.

However, Song Juyao didn't take them. She smiled and said to them, "Actually, even without this woman, I had already planned to leave."


"Don't go, Senior!"

Although their actual interaction with Song Juyao had been brief, they felt an instant connection, as if they had already become close friends with her. If Zhou Shuchen was their spiritual leader, Song Juyao had become their inspiration. They had gained so much from her and learned so much. When they heard that she was leaving, they felt a deep sense of reluctance, as if they were about to burst into tears.

"Song Juyao, where else can you go now?" Jin Yao said. Somehow, she seemed to have offended a powerful figure, and it seemed like they were targeting her. Staying at Jinke Duola was a good choice. The board of directors consisted of members from the blue-blooded aristocrats, and they weren't afraid of that person. In fact, given the opportunity, they would fiercely attack to pull that person down from the position, replacing them with someone of their own.

Staying in this school was the safest option. With their protection, she wouldn't have to worry about the outside world's storms.

"Why do you say such things? In this vast world, there shall be a place meant for me," Song Juyao replied with a cheerful smile. "Don't think of the situation so seriously. I believe this is a path I must walk in my life. My dear schoolmates, don't lose faith in our country and our future because of me. Don't feel discouraged. Trust me, no experience is in vain. Don't dwell on the present. Keep moving forward, and the day will surely dawn."

"I will also continue to stride forward until I step into the dawn."

Bathed in sunlight, the hem of the girl's skirt swayed gently, her dark hair flowing gently, and her smile remained serene. Her eyes shone with clarity, untarnished by the impact from above or the murky depths behind the scenes. Even though she no longer had those shining halos around her, she still exuded an iridescent brilliance.

That was the radiance emanating from the depths of her soul, something that couldn't be influenced or shaken by what others imposed upon her.

The radiant sun reflected in Jiang Baiqi's lackluster eyes and his heart was beating so intensely that he could hardly breathe.

【We keep moving forward, the day will surely dawn, wow...】

【'I will also continue to press forward until I step into the dawn.' Why does it feel both touching and heartbreaking at the same time?】

【I feel empowered again through Song Juyao. She has inspired us.】

【Tears well up in my eyes.】

【I can't hold back my support anymore!!!】

【The livestream has reached its final moment. Besides the fact that Song Juyao's way of liking someone is unique, it hasn't harmed anyone, she has even changed many people. Even Jin Yu and Jin Yao have been changed. Would she really have killed a teenager in reality when she became angry at not being able to seduce -or rather, rape him? Hearing this reason now, doesn't it seem absurd?】

【There are many absurd things in reality. Song Juyao may indeed have remarkable qualities, but does that mean she won't make mistakes in reality?】

【Could it be that Song Juyao actually has a mental illness? Was she just having a seizure that day?】

【?? Are Song's fans now trying to use mental illness as an excuse for Song Juyao?】

【Who cares about illness! I firmly believe that Song Juyao is innocent and she has been framed. She never killed that victim! I'm willing to give up everything to make the Royal Investigation Team take action! Reopen the case of Song Juyao!】


The barrage once again descended into a frenzy of high-speed quarrels and disputes, the reactions of the viewers' comments flowing like an electrocardiogram of a patient, fluctuating incessantly.

The number of pleas for justice kept increasing, slowly but steadily rising without pause.

Yuan Manzhi's heart skipped a beat as she witnessed the barrage rallying for the intervention of the Royal Investigation Team. She unexpectedly felt a sense of fear. The King seldom concerned himself with state affairs, as the country was primarily managed by the president and governmental institutions, with a nearly complete legal system in place. However, the King's orders surpassed the law. If this incident were to attract the King's attention and the Investigation Team was mobilized, the Huo family…

Her eyes quickly darted to the number of pleas for justice.

3.78 million votes... Fortunately, there was still a long way to go before reaching 50 million votes, and even farther from a hundred million votes.

The King's Investigation Team? Ha! It's wishful thinking!

In the virtual world.

At this moment, no one could utter a word.  Once again, they found themselves overwhelmed by the radiance emanating from her. Even the members of the Student Union fell into silence, their hearts deeply touched by something unexplainable.

Song Juyao held the cat, carried her luggage, and left.

As she walked away, everyone felt as if the sunshine had dimmed, and a palpable sense of loneliness permeated the air. The specially admitted students hung their heads down and dejectedly turned back, their spirits dampened. Seeing their despondency, Zhou Shuchen took a few steps forward onto the flag-raising platform.

"Everyone, pull yourselves together. Someone like Senior Juyao will never be let down. She will surely receive the justice she deserves. We are still just students, unable to provide any assistance to her. What we can do right now is to remember her words, strive to study hard, and become better individuals in the future! Become someone like her!"

—May you all remember her words: if the sky darkens, survive in the shadows; if speaking out is dangerous, remain silent; if you feel too powerless to shine, then retreat to the corner. But do not become accustomed to the darkness and justify it; never take pride in your own mediocrity; never ridicule those who are braver and more passionate than you. We can be as humble as dust, but not as twisted as maggots.

—Believe me, no experience is in vain. Don't dwell on the present. Keep moving forward, and the day will surely dawn.

—I will also continue to stride forward until I step into the dawn.

Their eyes shimmered with a radiant brilliance, their fists clenched tight with unwavering determination. Yes, we have to strive, we have to be brave. They were fortunate enough to have such a person in their lives, and only by working hard towards success could they live up to her.

Ming Shu didn't join the specially admitted students, instead stood beside Tang Kai. She squinted her eyes slightly, it seemed as though those specially admitted students also radiated a certain glow, leaving an inexplicable sense of awe. She had a hunch that they would become extraordinary individuals in the future.

Ming Shu couldn't help but feel out of place, overwhelmed by self-doubt.

She sighed, "Senior, what do we do now?"

Song Juyao had left, and they no longer had a reason to keep up with her.

Tang Kai felt that despite this journey being completely different from his expectations, it was not without its rewards.

"I've decided to leave," Tang Kai said. His departure naturally meant leaving this virtual world. They were real-life NPCs with their own livestreaming rooms, not temporary NPCs. They had the right to decide whether to continue or quit.

"Then I'll leave too," Ming Shu said.

They became the first pair of celebrity judges in the history of this reality show to voluntarily choose to exit before the livestream ended.


Waking up from the bio-capsule, Ming Shu removed her helmet with the assistance of the staff. The sensory tentacles on her body retracted one by one, and as she looked at the real world, she experienced a momentary trance.

In the adjacent bio-capsule, Tang Kai was also helped to his feet.

They had become quite familiar with each other in the virtual world, but meeting in reality felt somewhat awkward, like meeting online friends in person. Ming Shu felt a bit embarrassed and struggled to find the right words. Tang Kai, having been immersed in the entertainment industry for many years, flashed her a warm smile, quickly dissipating the distance between them.

Ming Shu's manager complained unhappily, "We finally fought for this opportunity, and it's not even over yet. Why did you come out? Song Juyao had left then you should have found a way to catch up with her..."

Ming Shu became furious upon hearing this, "If it's so easy, why don't you do it yourself? It's easy for you to talk while standing here! Also, let me ask you, what's the deal with the profile card? What kind of garbage idol drama script did you arrange for me?"

If it weren't for Song Juyao, she would have already experienced what it feels like to be maimed!

The management team had already begun investigating what had happened at that time. Upon learning about the settings of Jin Yao and Yu Pei, they even confronted the production team. The production team's response was very perfunctory, claiming that they were also unaware and that the virtual world was not their creation. They shifted the blame onto the modeling team, conveniently washing their hands of the matter.

Upon hearing this, Ming Shu's resentment towards the production team stemming because of Song Juyao grew even stronger.

Since they had already withdrawn and it was impossible to return, the manager didn't mention it anymore and immediately shared the good news with Ming Shu, beaming with joy. "Let's not dwell on the past. Look, your fan base has grown by ten million!"

Ming Shu hurriedly took the phone and checked in disbelief, "How is this possible?" Seriously, did she perform that well? To actually gain ten million followers!

"Your performance wasn't bad. Your tenacity on the tennis court, that refusal to accept defeat, attracted a wave of fans. But most importantly, this season's reality show has become immensely popular with the public. The viewership data released by the production team yesterday has already surpassed that of the first season, and you have also benefited along with it!"

It was almost like lying down and winning.

"How much does the Senior gain?" Curious, Ming Shu turned her head and asked.

Tang Kai made a calculation and replied, "Nearly twenty million." He was quite satisfied with this number, even a bit surprised. It just goes to show how much attention Song Juyao was receiving. Although he didn't have many opportunities to showcase himself, being associated with the various shows that Song Juyao participated in naturally drew more attention to him.

Although Ming Shu had more interactions with Song Juyao, she wasn't particularly clever.

Both celebrity judges were quite satisfied with their gains and got up to leave.

However, as they passed by the adjacent room, they involuntarily slowed their pace.

This room was very unusual. Police guards stood at the entrance, and a somber silence pervaded within, in stark contrast to the bustling activity around their own bio-pods.

They knew that inside there was a bio-pod, and Song Juyao's physical body lay there peacefully.

Song Juyao... In the virtual world, they had witnessed firsthand the kind of person she was. They felt more deeply than the viewers in the live broadcast room. Even if someone were to pin their heads down, they couldn't say that there was no suspicion about Song Juyao's charges…

I hope you do keep going and then walk into the dawn.

They tacitly agreed, and silently prayed for her in their hearts.


Leaving the Jinke Duola Academy was equivalent to stepping out of an ivory tower. Danger would draw near to her.

Song Juyao was well aware of this. However, it was precisely because of this that she had to leave. It was almost time, after all. That person should appear soon.

Leaning back against the chair, Song Juyao's eyes curved with anticipation.

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