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Chapter 6: First Arc [5]

Initially, it was expected that Song Juyao, who grew up in a humble family, would appear dark, skinny, or at least with a sallow complexion and dry hair. In short, she should have the look of a country bumpkin from the bottom of the society. However, she surprised everyone with her sweet, lovely, and elegant appearance.

In this reality show, the criminals usually aren't the main characters, especially with high-profile good looking celebrities involved, who would spend a lot of time on the criminals? The audience didn't really care about the behavior of the defendants, all they cared about was the performance of the celebrity players.

So usually after the audience briefly observes the criminal's appearance and situation, they typically switch to other players' live broadcast rooms. Yet, despite this trend, Song Juyao's appearance hasn't affected her audience count and a large part of them have stayed in the live broadcast room.

Fortunately, the change in appearance won't affect her pre-designed life trajectory nor her ending. After all, today, Song Juyao did transfer to the Jinke Duola Private Academy. Her kind of family simply can not afford to go to this kind of aristocratic school, possibly her mother became a mistress, allowing her to enroll as a special admission student.


As the car slowly drove towards the school, Song Juyao lowered her eyes and petted the little kitten in her hands with a soft, pure smile.

The little kitten nestled in her coat and purred contentedly as Song Juyao stroked it and fell asleep defenselessly.

She knew that thousands of viewers were watching her through the cameras, even though she couldn't see them.

She could imagine how they must be feeling right now, and the thought of it made her feel incredibly happy inside.

‘Why didn't she appear before them in an ugly and miserable state? Why didn't she appear in the image they expected? It was shocking beyond belief.’

It's fantastic, let them continue to be shocked, everything will not go as they wish.

Because, it's my world.


Meanwhile, the auditorium at Jinke Duola Academy was already filled with students and parents who had come specifically for the event, creating an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Two celebrity players were also inside the auditorium, they were still unsure why they had been gathered there

"I wonder where Song Juyao is," Ming Shu turned her head to look around, directly bypassing a girl who seemed cheerful and sunny. In her mind, Song Juyao should be gloomy, lonely, and cowering with her head down in this auditorium.

Tang Kai, the school doctor, was in no rush as he knew Song Juyao probably had to visit the school clinic every day.

But he actually felt a little bored in his heart because it was too simple. Song Juyao lost her father at the age of 10, and such a girl would naturally have some Oedipal tendencies, making her more prone to being attracted to older people. After experiencing so much hardship and with such a useless mother, Tang Kai believed that given a little tenderness, Song Juyao would quickly fall for him.

The two of them didn't find Song Juyao, but instead spotted the two big bosses of the advanced hell the production crew designed for Song Juyao - Jin Yao and Jin Yu.

The two were identical twins who looked exactly the same but had entirely different temperaments. Despite the difference, both were equally arrogant. Due to Song Juyao's mother becoming their father's mistress, they casually made a remark that resulted in Song Juyao being isolated and subjected to violence from the entire student body.

Seated in the front row, their aura was no less impressive than that of the adults who looked imposing in their suits sitting next to them.

Ming Shu's eyes sparkled with interest. Testing Song Juyao alone was too simple and uninteresting. For someone like Song Juyao, who was drowning in her troubles, all Ming Shu had to do was reach out her hand, and the other person would eagerly grab onto it. Thus, her team helped her design a script where the male leads were precisely these two.


The car stopped at the entrance of Jinke Duola Academy, and the headmaster and several teachers were gathered there chatting. When they spotted Song Jiyao, they welcomed her warmly.

"Welcome back, Dr. Song!" The headmaster smiled and extended his hand.

"The headmaster should still call me classmate Song. I'm more accustomed to it," Song Juyao replied with a sweet smile. She still looked like a young girl but shook his hand with grace and ease.

"Oh, the last time I called you classmate Song was 7 years ago when you were only 11 years old. It feels like yesterday! I am delighted that you can return to your alma mater to give a speech this time," the headmaster said.

"I am also happy to be back, and it is an honor for me to give a speech on the day of the school's 200th anniversary," Song Yi Yao replied.

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, they walked together through the gates of Jinke Duola Academy.


Suddenly, an excited scream erupted in the auditorium, as if fans had just caught a glimpse of a celebrity. Jin Yao and Jin Yu, who were seated in the front row, turned their heads to look over.

Ming Shu and Tang Kai also turned around curiously.

A girl as beautiful as an elf gracefully walked into the auditorium from the entrance, and upon hearing the enthusiastic screams, she showed a sweet, cute, and somewhat shy smile. The cat in her arms woke up and peeked out curiously, confused by the commotion.

As Song Juyao walked up to the podium, the screams gradually subsided. She placed the cat on the table, and the well-behaved kitten didn't wander around but sat obediently in her clothes, looking like a lucky cat (maneki-neko).

"Thank you very much for the warm welcome. It's an honor to come back to my alma mater, the Jinke Duola Academy, and to be invited by the headmaster to give a speech on the 200th anniversary celebration..."

Ming Shu couldn't help but think to herself, "This woman is too stunning, and her voice is so pleasant to listen to! She's like a living painting, and the cat and her complement each other perfectly. When she speaks, the whole auditorium becomes gentle."

Ming Shu felt envious and jealous because she and Song Juyao were about the same age.

"Ah! Song Juyao is even prettier in person than on TV!"

"Her voice is so nice. I feel like crying as soon as she starts speaking..."

"If my mother knew that Song Juyao is giving a speech today, she would regret it so much that she would buy a plane ticket to come here right away."

"My grandparents adore her so much, and it's so annoying. They always tell me to learn from her. But how can I learn from her when they didn't give me the genes for high intelligence!"


Behind her, some girls were whispering to each other, and Ming Shu overheard them.

Ming Shu suddenly turned around and pointed to the podium, "Is she Song Juyao?!"

Her voice was too loud because of the excitement.

Song Juyao paused her speech but wasn't angry. "I am Song Juyao."

Ming Shu's expression froze, and her head was in chaos. She even ignored the various unpleasant glances from people around her.

What the hell? Is she really Song Juyao? It must be fake. It should be the same name, right? Isn't Song Juyao a poor, abused, dirty and ugly little clown? This popular and elf-like girl, who is being listened to by Jin Yao and Jin Yu, can't be their mission target, Song Juyao, right?!!

Even Tang Kai, who had been through many ups and downs, was shocked and confused at this moment.

Not to mention Ming Shu and Tang Kai, even the barrage in the live broadcast room was already full of question marks.

Before the program started, they already had a general idea of what the script was like, but what was presented in front of them now was completely different from the script that the program team had shown them!

In the broadcast hall of "Judgement Day Trial" in Star Dream’s Dream Factory, the program team's staff were also in a hectic mess.

"Where's the panel of experts?!" Chief Director Tan Wei shouted.


Several middle-aged men and women wearing suits of different sizes walked in.

Tan Wei said with an ugly expression, "Did you watch the live broadcast? Why has it turned out like this now? Song Juyao doesn't look anything like the predetermined image you set for her!"

"This....perhaps there's some trait in Song Juyao's personality that we don't know about. She's not just a string of programmed behaviors that will follow our expectations perfectly. It's normal for there to be variables in her growth process….. From what we've seen so far, she's actually been able to break free from the life we've set for her, and her personality should be very resilient and intelligent..."

Tan Wei interrupted the expert with an ugly expression. "Did I ask you to praise her? Song Juyao is a murderer who has defied the court's verdict without the slightest reflection on her mistakes. Our show is meant to make her suffer the pain of the victims' families, and torture her soul! Tell me the solution!"

The experts looked at each other. "Now we need to first figure out what kind of personality she really has, and then find the flaws in her character to design traps, but this is not something that can be done overnight. We need to watch the live broadcast for a few more days first..."

Tan Wei's face looked even worse, but he had no other options. When the virtual world was running, they couldn't interfere with the thoughts and actions of NPCs. Although they could instruct real human NPCs to do certain things, but now the situation was completely beyond the control of the production team, it was not good to make a rash move.

If only they had recorded her life during the 18 years she spent in the virtual world, they could have traced her past and understood why she had become the way she was.

Unfortunately, they had underestimated this defendant, assuming that she could be manipulated just like those who had been judged before.

With great pleasure, Song Juyao's eyes swept over Tang Kai and Ming Shu. Her expression was delightful.

A storm erupted in the live broadcast room. The fans who had been focused on Tang Kai and Ming Shu shifted their attention to Song Juyao. Even people who were not watching the show heard the news and rushed over.

They did not want to see a murderer living a good life in the virtual world! This situation had never happened on this reality show from the first season to now. What's going on?!

Very well.

She dropped a bomb first and turned everyone's attention to her, just like intentionally creating a microphone buzz before a speech to divert the attention of sleepy and distracted students.

Song Juyao had intentionally diverted everyone's attention to her by dropping a bomb first, similar to creating a microphone buzz before a speech to get the attention of sleepy and distracted students.

She spoke in a gentle and pleasant voice that was soothing, like a refreshing spring breeze that made people feel peaceful and calm.

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