Kneel to Me

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Chapter 36: Original World [1]



【This world isn't real!!】

【I'm getting goosebumps!!】

【It's so thrilling that I spilled my drink all over my bed!!】

【I'm going crazy, I'm going crazy, I'm going crazy!!】


The screen was filled with screams that seemed to transform into sound, stimulating people's eardrums with an itching and painful sensation.

This cliffhanger ending was so exquisitely crafted that everyone's emotions were pushed to the highest peak, eagerly anticipating the next episode and longing to share their feelings with others.

The blacked-out live stream was bombarded with frantic comments from the audience. The barrage was so fast that it was impossible to read what was being said. Social media platforms exploded with activity, and even though employees had been called back from vacation to work overtime, the servers couldn't handle the intense emotional fluctuations of the audience and crashed.

People everywhere were discussing, grasping anyone nearby to share their thoughts.

"I've been a long-time viewer of 'Justice Trial,' and this is the first time I've seen such a defendant!"

"My scalp is tingling just thinking about it now!!"

"If this guy is really a criminal, wouldn't he commit more serious crimes? This is ridiculous!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, listen to this! She's so freaking amazing!! I mean, if this kind of person was really a criminal, he wouldn't commit such a low-level crime, right? Isn't that ridiculous?"

"Look, look! Can you see how my hair is standing on end?! What? You didn't watch the live stream? Well, you'll have to wait for the recorded version to come out."

"Song Juyao is truly terrifying..."

At the end of the first episode, the number of grievance resolving votes skyrocketed to ten million. If it were possible to keep voting after the episode, the count might have continued to increase.

Inside the Judgment Show's broadcast hall, however, it was a different story. Every person wore a different expression, but the members of the directing team were basically wearing the look of losers.

It was a crushing defeat. Song Juyao had actually seen through the truth of the world in the final moments and uttered that one sentence that caused a critical blow to them!

—This world isn't real.

The virtual world was so perfect, created by His Majesty the King, and those who had their memories suppressed and were put into it would never notice anything abnormal. So, what did it mean when Song Juyao said those words? It meant that everything was a result of the show's decision-making mistakes! They had done unnecessary things, which led to loopholes being exposed and seized by Song Juyao!

Without needing to look at them, the directing team knew that the loyal fans of "Justice Trial" must be cursing them viciously. They didn't even dare to go online anymore.

"Director, the temporary NPC actors are safely ejected from the virtual world!" A staff member ran over to report.

This good news brought a slight relief to the tense atmosphere. At least the people were safe.

"Bang!" A sound of something being smashed with anger was heard.

Then, a man covered in sweat and looking pale as paper rushed in. It was the "Director of the Education Bureau" whose true identity had been exposed by Song Juyao in the virtual world. He had gone mad, and his intense fear and anger drove him to find a vent for his emotions.

"This is what you guys did! I'll sue you! I'll sue all of you to death!!"

"Mr. Wang, please calm do—"

"Calm down? You fu*king let me calm down?! I'll go down with all of you!!"

The man charged at Tan Wei, wildly attacking. Others rushed to stop him, but the frenzied man's emotions were too intense, his strength had increased significantly. The scene descended into chaos, with several expensive instruments being smashed.

At this moment, an imposing middle-aged woman entered the broadcast hall, dressed in noble attire. Her countenance looked mean and unyielding, accompanied by several bodyguards with a sharp demeanor. The bodyguards quickly pulled the man away. When the man saw his wife, his legs went weak, and his menacing expression instantly turned into one of utter despair.

"Slap!" He was fiercely slapped, leaving several bloody scratches on his cheek.

The woman looked at the directing team and said, "I'll settle this score with you later!"

She left with her humiliating husband. His expression was filled with fear, as if he already knew what terrible fate awaited him. He finally lost control and wet himself, dripping urine all the way.

The family members of the other temporary NPC actors quickly arrived to take them away, and without exception, they were all filled with anger and resentment towards the program crew.

"Damn it..." Tan Wei wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. As a director of his caliber, today was a day when he lost all face.

"Director, what should we do now? Will our show be affected...?"

"What are you afraid of? Nobody died, so the show will be fine. Pack up everything!" Tan Wei's anger subsided into a cold calm. After all, this show was under aristocratic control. Did these temporary NPC actors really think they could cause trouble? They should consider their own positions and swallow their grievances, knowing that they were in no position to retaliate. They were destined to swallow this dumb loss.


In the room guarded by the police, a lonely biocapsule sat quietly at the center of the space.

Inside the biocapsule, the woman slowly opened her eyes. Due to her lack of facial flesh, her eyes looked unusually large, and her lips were chapped due to insufficient moisture.

"Awake?" A female police officer walked up to the biocapsule, and seeing her awaken, she bent down to help her remove the equipment from her body.

Song Juyao looked into the eyes of the female police officer. She remembered that this officer had always been cold and distant towards her. However, at this moment, there was a hint of complexity in her gaze, and she handled her with great care when helping her up.

Song Juyao lowered her eyes, looking at her hands, now so thin that only a layer of skin remained. A cold smile flickered in her eyes. Her efforts had paid off.

Despite lying in the biocapsule for half a month, her body had not experienced any discomfort thanks to the massage function and nutrient supply.

Except for feeling a bit thirsty.

"Let's go," the female police officer said.

The second episode would start in half a month. During this time, Song Juyao would go back to prison.

This feeling of thirst and weakness in her legs made Song Juyao once again feel alive.

In the corridor, many Dream Factory staff had gathered, observing Song Juyao with different expressions. The contrast was stark; in the virtual world, Dr. Song Juyao was beautiful and formidable, admired and worshiped by all. But in the real world, she was a prisoner, skinny and pale, her hair casually tied up behind her head, looking like two completely different people.

However, when she raised her eyes, they saw her dark, clear gaze, and it seemed as though the two personas had merged.

It was so pitiful. If her case had been truly unjust, she should have been shining like the Dr. Song Juyao in the virtual world.

Amidst the varied gazes, Song Juyao left the Dream Factory building. Outside, the sunlight was intense, and the summer heat wave swept over her unprotected skin instantly, causing an itching sensation.

Song Juyao squinted her eyes, looking at the blue sky in a trance.

This sky looked like the sky, but it wasn't her world.

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