My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 25: Chapter 23.2

He had probably never raised a cat.

Of course, why would a tiger want to raise a cat? It didn’t make sense.

Only humans liked to keep cats.

The little cat sighed, much like a human. She lifted her paws and pushed the plate in Lang Chen’s direction. Just when she wanted to say something, she saw Lang Chen raise his eyes questioningly.

“Need me to feed you?”

Lang Chen picked up the kitten’s spoon and brought the food to the cat’s mouth, waiting seriously for Qi Xiaohan to open her mouth.

Little Maomao: ……

Seeing that the little white cat was looking at him with a speechless expression and not eating the cat food he had delivered to her mouth, Lang Chen reached out to stroke her cheek and ordered, “Eat well, don’t be picky.”

Alright, I’m not gonna say anything. This tiger had already completely seen through all of her intentions.

She had never imagined that this brother would have been this kind of tiger.

Qi Xiaohan didn’t refuse Lang Chen’s feeding. Her spoon was tiny, anyways, even though it was mostly used for decoration. After all, before she could transform into a human, most of the time, she had had no chance to use the spoon before the food would be delivered to her mouth. She wasn’t sure whether there would be a similar treatment later.

She should cherish it.

Watching the little cat finish the meal he had given her with small bites, Lang Chen was a bit satisfied.

This little cat still did what she was told, and truly wasn’t picky about her food if she was told not to.

Only, the little cat had eaten very little…… Lang Chen took a glance at the amount of food the kitten ate and again, didn’t feel very satisfied.

Lang Chen picked up the paper towel at the side to wipe the little cat’s mouth and paws and later to clean up the utensils. He then looked at the little white cat and said, “Let’s go back to the dormitory.”

When Qi Xiaohan and Lang Chen returned to the dormitory, they happened to meet Lu Sha.

Lu Sha was a little surprised seeing Lang Chen sending the little cat back, and couldn’t help but look at them a couple more times.

Lang Chen nodded at her and was about to leave when Lu Sha called out to him, “President, my province sent me some specialties. Since you happen to be here, take some back.”

Lang Chen originally wanted to refuse, but suddenly thought of the pitiful Duo-en in the dormitory. He stopped in his tracks and was actually waiting.

Lu Sha was a bit surprised when she saw that the president had really accepted and hurriedly said, “Then, wait for a moment.”

After saying this, she reached out to pick up the kitten and went upstairs.

Qi Xiaohan and sister Lu Sha went back to the dormitory together. At that moment, Lu Sha’s dormitory was a mess. Her dormitory was a two-person one, and another reserved snow leopard sister was collapsed on the floor as she recited a law book.

The situation scared the little cat.

Seeing this, Lu Sha smoothed the little cat’s fur and calmly said: “It’s nothing, your sister will retake an examination soon and she’s going insane over it.”

“By the way, why did you come back with Lang Chen?”

Lang Chen was a tiger who paid a significant amount of attention to his space. During break times, he wouldn’t stay with the student union or his seniors if it wasn’t necessary. Instead, he would go back to the training room by himself or to the dormitory to rest.

Qi Xiaohan talked about this day’s events and raised her paw in passing to show her senior sister that she was injured.

Lu Sha looked at the little cat’s bundled up hind legs. She had noticed before that the little cat’s hind legs were wrapped, but didn’t expect its cause. Lu Sha immediately looked at the little cat tenderly: “This is the first time that has happened. Xiaohan, you’ll have to record this fire spirit accident today for future incidents like this.”


Lu Sha explained: “There’s going to be a brochure for such accidents which will be distributed to the students at that time. It’ll explain what the training process is and which accidents will happen. Xiaohan, you’re going to be a terrific person for the extraordinary talented future students.“

Little Maomao: “Meow ……”

There was nothing wrong with how it sounded, but why did it feel so humiliating?

The little white cat kept twisting her ears.

Lu Sha found two small boxes from her cabinet. One was given to the little white cat, and the other was intended to be brought downstairs.

Qi Xiaohan was still roasting senior brother Lang Chen for giving her an extra-large portion of rice and thinking that she was being a picky cat.

When Lu Sha heard this, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud as her eyebrows arched: “What the hell, Lang Chen told you not to be a picky eater?”

The little white cat tilted her head: “Yeah, that’s what he said.”

Lu Sha: “He’s a picky eater himself, you know. We didn’t notice it at the start but after getting along for a long time, we found out that he doesn’t eat green onions, cilantro, grapefruit, and firmly refuses to eat the west blueberry, fried food, and spicy food. Every time the president is dragged to a dinner, he has to sit for a long time dignifiedly. Even when we don’t know, he doesn’t state what he dislikes.”

Now it was Lang Chen’s turn to educate new students not to be picky eaters.

Was it possible that this tiger had been keeping this in mind for a long time?

Yes, he was that much of a perfectionist.

Lang Chen was waiting for Lu Sha to come downstairs. He saw Lu Sha handing him the specialties, looking at him with a smile and a meaningful look.

Tsk tsk tsk.

Lang Chen: ?

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