My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 50: Chapter 30.3

Lang Chen was a little helpless about this habit he had recently developed.

Every day, he couldn’t help but go to see what the little cat was doing, which had become one of his few sources of entertainment.

Looking at the little white cat that had a vivid and interesting life, he would be in a strange mood and feel much better.

Lang Chen looked at the photo of the little cat. The snow-white cat was looking at the camera with bright eyes, looking very happy. Seeing her surroundings in the picture, she must’ve gone to an underwater house at the amusement park.

Lang Chen’s eyes lingered on the little cat for a moment, then looked at the man behind who was holding the little white cat.

He hadn't seen him before.

It looked like this man was familiar with Xiaohan.

Lang Chen’s lips pursed into a line. Didn’t she say she was going out with her roommates?

Oh, the roommates were in the back.

Lang Chen’s face became even more sullen, his mood getting worse all of a sudden.

Xiaohan hadn’t eaten with him but had ended up being hugged by this person.

Lang Chen stared at his phone, his jaw taut, and his breath cold. The tiger's expression was very unhappy.

Lang Chen thought of the past. He had obviously been eating with Qi Xiaohan for some time, but that little cat had suddenly told him that she wanted to eat with her classmates.

Xiaohan might not have liked eating with him very much.

Coming to this conclusion made Lang Chen’s mood even worse. Lang Chen threw the phone aside, turned on the spiritual power pressurization control, strengthened it twice, and continued his training.

After a while, the phone suddenly rang. Lang Chen stopped instantly and picked up the phone.

Sure enough, it was a message from Qi Xiaohan.

Lang Chen unlocked the lock screen, and the depression in his heart dispersed a little.

-Xiaohan is a white cat: “Senior brother, look, doesn’t it look like you?”

She messaged, sending a picture.

Lang Chen took a look. There was a big snow-white tiger in it. He would say that the snow-white tiger was somewhat near his genealogy, but if the fact that it was a tiger was ignored, he wouldn’t have any idea what it was.

Even so, Lang Chen couldn't help but curl his lips, his mood uncontrollably becoming much better.

-Lang Chen: “Very nice.”

Lang Chen complimented the little cat with a smile on his lips.

-Lang Chen: “Where is this?”

Qi Xiaohan was about to put her phone away after sending the photo, but she didn’t expect that Lang Chen would reply so quickly at this time, as if he was waiting for her message, and immediately replied in seconds.

The little cat was a bit surprised, but she sat at the side and continued to send messages to him.

-Xiaohan is a white cat: “The mirage at the LuShan amusement park.”

(T/N: 鹿 lu [deer] 山 shan [mountain/hill] are the characters for the said playground. I think it’s better to call that playground as it is rather than translating it to something as ‘deer mountain/deer hill’ right?)

She replied, sending the location.

-Lang Chen: “Got it.”

-Lang Chen: “You just went to dinner with friends? Did you have a good time?”

The little white cat’s ears twitched as she replied excitedly, “Especially good. We went to eat seafood. There were huge crabs, and the meat was super delicious.”

Lang Chen imagined the happy tone of the little cat. He imagined the little cat with her paws up, gesturing while explaining things, her eyes bright. Lang Chen couldn’t help but smile.

-Lang Chen: “Is that so? Then next time, we’ll go together.”

-Xiaohan is a white cat: “Yes, yes.”

The little cat sent a cheerful nodding emoji packet, and Lang Chen couldn’t help but be a little cheerful himself when he saw the little white cat agreeing happily.

Inside the empty training room, the handsome man leaned against the trainer, his eyebrows gentle, as he took his cell phone and sent a message.

-Lang Chen: “I have never been to this mirage either—”

Before he could send it, there was another message from the little cat, this time with a voice message: “Senior brother, my friends are calling for me.” He could faintly hear a man’s voice calling Qi Xiaohan.

Then, the little cat was out of sight.

Lang Chen: ……

Lang Chen slowly deleted his sentence and expressionlessly picked up the jacket placed at the side.


What else was there to talk about, just go down and catch the cat.

On Qi Xiaohan’s side, the small tabby cat and the little snow leopard had already set up a villa, and the golden cat was running around adding more illusions to them. Zhou Mingyu called the little cat from the side and asked her to come over quickly.

Qi Xiaohan answered, putting her phone away and running over.

“Quick, add a piece of lawn!”

The little bobcat told Qi Xiaohan.

Qi Xiaohan meowed, then stood next to the small villa, raised her paw, and scratched, then a lawn appeared.

Only, the lawn was being displayed according to the cat’s imagination, seven patchworks, some strange.

“Hahahahahahahaha Xiaohan, what kind of lawn were you thinking of? This is a wild grass bush, right!”

The little white cat rotated her ears in embarrassment and continued to add to the lawn.

The little unicorn and the others didn’t have the patience to play anymore, so they rode the bumper car.

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