My Time as a Cat in College

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Chapter 51: Chapter 30.4

Zheng Ze had created an entire kingdom of ice and snow. It had been done well according to his thoughts, and surprisingly, it looked quite perfect in both detail and style.

Zhou Mingyu stood at the entrance of the kingdom of ice and snow and looked at the scene with admiration.

“This is too cool! What are you thinking about all day long, Zheng Ze, to be able to do such a good job?”

The little cat also looked in that direction, saw the other person’s kingdom of ice and snow, then looked at her own plain grass bush, meowed, and stomped her paws.

The big tiger Qi Xiaohan’s side had made gradually begun to dissipate, and when the little cat saw it, she hurriedly moved the big tiger that had just been in that illusion to the lawn.

The golden cat laughed: “Xiaohan, what did you make here? You?”

The little bobcat: “No, Xiaohan isn’t that big.”

The little snow leopard: “Maybe Xiaohan's form in her heart is this big, hahaha, a big cat.”

Little Maomao's ears perked up, thinking to herself that they didn’t know that it was a tiger.

Zhou Mingyu walked next to the little cat, reached out, and poked the big white tiger. He then laughed away.

“Hahahahahahahahaha this can’t really be you, right?”

The little cat lifted her claws and slapped him away. She glared at him before her paw was grabbed by Zhou Mingyu and had her head rubbed.

Little Maomao pounced on him with a meow. Zhou Mingyu smiled and was about to dodge her when suddenly, the little cat lifted her head up and looked in a certain direction.

Zhou Mingyu followed and looked over, seeing a stern man standing there not far away, looking at them.

The man looked indifferent, looking out of place as he stood there coldly.

It was as if he wasn't supposed to appear in an amusement park with many people.

The little white cat's paws paused for a moment, then her eyes widened in surprise and she ran towards him cheerfully.

When Lang Chen saw the little cat running towards him, his face cleared slightly as he reached out to catch her.

“What brought you here, senior brother?” The little cat tilted her head and asked.

Lang Chen reached out and stroked the little cat’s fur, stopping at the back of the little cat’s neck, his long fingers stroking her gently.

Qi Xiaohan felt the slightly cool temperature of Lang Chen’s fingers on her nape. She meowed and withdrew her head, and was restrained by Lang Chen afterward.

Lang Chen’s tone was unperturbed: “I had something to do and was passing by, so I came by to see you.”

The little white cat: “What a coincidence.”

Lang Chen’s lips rose: “Yes.”

The little cat moved around for a bit, wanting to jump down from Lang Chen’s arms, yet she didn’t expect that when she moved her body, Lang Chen held her so she couldn’t.

The little cat turned her head and looked at Lang Chen in confusion. “Meow?”

The little mountain cat also saw that Lang Chen was there, set down the things in their hands, and ran over towards him.

“Good day, brother Lang Chen!”

Lang Chen nodded his head and asked in a warm voice.

“How much longer do you need to finish? Do you still have things to do?”

The big cats looked up at Lang Chen, and seeing the man’s uniform in front of them, they couldn’t help but restrain themselves a bit and told him, “It’s nothing, we were going to go to the movies after the amusement park.”

“Going to see movies so late?” Lang Chen was puzzled.

The little bobcat: “Yeah…… we wanted to watch the new 《xxx》 that came out recently.”

Facing Lang Chen’s gaze, the big cats gradually spoke in a lower voice.

Lang Chen: “It’s getting late now, you have military training tomorrow. It’s much too late to play, and it wouldn't be safe anymore, so if you’ve had enough, go back early.”

The three big cats nodded their heads in shame and said that they would definitely go back early.

The school didn’t allow them to stay out at night either.

Lang Chen: “I want to take Xiaohan back first. You guys can get breakfast at the dormitory if you play some more, can you go back by yourselves?”

The big cats stood up straight: “Yes!”

Lang Chen lowered his head and rubbed the little cat’s head, “Xiaohan, come with me.”

The little white cat meowed and looked at her roommates.

The three big cats: “See you later.”

Qi Xiaohan: “Then I’ll go first, we’ll watch the movie when we're back at the dormitory.”

It wasn’t too crowded watching with four cats in the dormitory anyway.

As for the one that she wanted to watch tonight, it wasn't too late to wait until the military training was over.

On the way back, Qi Xiaohan looked up at Lang Chen.

Lang Chen’s jaw was tense and his expression was dark and gloomy as if he was angry.

The little white cat lifted her paw and touched Lang Chen’s chin. “Meow.”

Lang Chen lowered his head, reached out to hold the little cat’s paw, and approached her slightly.

This distance was so close that Qi Xiaohan could feel Lang Chen’s breathing, and those light-colored eyes reflected her shadow, making her feel a bit oppressed.

“Senior brother, what’s wrong?” The little white cat asked in confusion.

Lang Chen’s face was expressionless. Suddenly, he reached out and tugged the little white cat’s cheek.

The little cat was pulled and let out a cry, but it didn’t hurt. Lang Chen's force was very light, but she felt like her senior brother wasn't in a good mood tonight.

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