Pampering You Even More

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Chapter 12: Chapter 12

Tong Jia was still very depressed. However, now that she had missed it, she didn’t want to stay in a bad mood because of it.

Tong Jia went to Song Chi's house with Xu Chenyi. She stood in front of the entrance, mouth slightly open. She was completely stunned. Sycamores were planted on both sides of the passage. Not far ahead, a green lawn could be seen. At the end of the green expanse stood a villa. A small lake could be vaguely seen. Tong Jia looked away. She had previously heard from Shen Shujuan that the Song family was rich, but had only heard about it. Now she was standing in front of the villa, with a fountain beside her. Her eyes slipped across the housekeeper and the several servants waiting at the door. Tong Jia had nothing more to say.

Song Chi had changed his school uniform. He wore a tailored black suit as he walked up to Tong Jia with a smile on his face, and led both Tong Jia and Xu Chenyi into the villa. The room design was simple and delicate. The white transparent window screens shone slightly, complemented by the French windows. The whole room looked bright and clean.

She lifted her head and saw balloons of various colors. There were also ribbons tied to the stairs, which finally grounded the room. Song Chi led them to the sofa. Orange juice and coke were on the tea table, all filled in transparent glasses. Attractive-looking fruit cakes and flavored cookies were also present.

Somewhat embarrassed, Song Chi scratched his head. His face reddened. "Teacher, why don't you eat some biscuits first, I’ll go rush the kitchen.”

One couldn’t blame the chefs because Song Chi had customized his own menu, wanting the chefs to cook lots of delicious food. He had decided to have a buffet-style birthday party. However, there were too many miscellaneous dishes, mainly because the students had different tastes. Some liked Japanese food, and others liked Sichuan and Hunan food, as well as steak.

Song Chi ran to the kitchen, leaving Tong Jia and Xu Chenyi behind, who looked at each other. Xu Chenyi had been to the Song residence several times. His relationship with Song Chi was good and he had grown up playing with him, so he was welcome at all times. He would frequently leave his home to play games in Song Chi's room. Tong Jia let Xu Chenyi go first because she wanted to look around the Songs’ house. Anyways, it was still early.

Tong Jia actually felt quite uncomfortable roaming around without permission. After all, this was a student’s home. She also hadn’t seen Song Chi's family yet. She had to ask the housekeeper: "Sir, can I walk around? Just right in front of the lake.”

The housekeeper had been in the Song residence for decades, and this had been the first time that a teacher had come to the house. His respect for teachers went bone-deep. He quickly smiled and said, "Sure, there’s a garden in the back. You can go and have a look. When the event officially starts, I’ll go get you.”

Tong Jia was slightly embarrassed. After thanking the housekeeper, she walked towards the lake at the side. The Song residence was too big, so she held some doubts. The Song residence was estimated to be bigger than her previous primary school. This was also the first time that Tong Jia had encountered a wealthy household. It really was too much. There was a white swing beside the lake and a table with juice and cookies on it. Perhaps Song Chi had prepared it; that child was so sweet.

When she saw there was no one around, she sat on the swing and swung it a few times. She had to say that it was really comfortable. There was a lake not far ahead, and her feet were on the soft green lawn. Sitting on the swing, the breeze could be felt. Tong Jia was not a person who hated the wealthy; now she also couldn't wait to let out a squeal.

—It's so good to have money!!

After playing on the swing for a while, Tong Jia remembered from the housekeeper that there was a garden at the back. There was no woman who didn’t like flowers. Tong Jia also liked flowers. She got up and started to walk towards the back of the villa. Even before she got to the greenhouse, Tong Jia was already shocked. The greenhouse was made of fine glass. Before entering, the flowers could be seen inside, through the glass. It was hemispherical, just like a single dewdrop on the grass. It was beautiful.

As soon as she entered the greenhouse, her entire heart was in her throat. Besides the flowers, there were bamboo and rattan chairs in the greenhouse. The deeper Tong Jia went, the stronger the fragrance of flowers became. She nearly tripped over the wooden rattan table, turning her head to see a pot of simple and elegant lilies in this colorful greenhouse.

Song Yancheng came back with two paper bags, one containing a crystal lamp, and the other filled with books for Song Chi. He thought back and forth but didn't feel that Song Chi was short of anything. When he passed by the bookstore, he couldn't help but walk in and pick some foreign classics he liked, and wrapped them up. It was his gift.

He had just put the paper bag back in his study and come out again when he saw several students that had arrived sitting on the sofa chatting. When they saw Song Yancheng, the students felt a bit awkward.

At this time, the housekeeper came and whispered in Song Yancheng's ear, "The teacher of the second young master is here. She should be at the greenhouse now.”

The housekeeper thought that since the teacher had come, the guardian must accompany them personally, otherwise what about the impression? It would be disrespectful to the teacher.

Song Yancheng had also heard his younger brother say that he had wanted to invite the teacher to come over. Now, he wasn’t surprised to hear the housekeeper say this. He nodded his head, glanced at the students in the living room, and whispered, "I'm going to find his teacher.”

Song Chi also came, just in time to hear this sentence. He hurriedly glanced at Song Yancheng. "Brother, I’ll go and find her myself, okay?"

He was already very happy that his eldest brother was able to come, but was afraid of upsetting him. For Song Chi, this had probably been the happiest birthday so far. His friends, classmates, teacher with a good relationship, and eldest brother were all present...

Song Yancheng glanced at Song Chi, and said with a soft face, "Go to your classmates and accompany them. I’ll also talk to your teacher. It just so happens that I don’t know how your grades are."

This sentence made Song Chi even more nervous. In fact, he knew all the knowledge in the textbook, which was too simple for him. But because of its simplicity, he didn’t listen very well in class. This was the first time he had cared about his achievements. What should he do if Song Yancheng came to know about his performance in school? Song Chi got so anxious that his nose began to sweat.

When Song Yancheng had left, Sun Yuchen came up and asked in a low voice, "What's the matter?”

Song Chi: "I’m finished! My brother said he’s going to ask Teacher Tong about my grades…”

When she heard that Song Chi was nervous because of this problem, Sun Yuchen laughed. Although she wasn’t as carefree as before, she seemed to be in a good mood. After the family accident, the child had begun to mature. Sun Yuchen patted Song Chi on the shoulder and said, "Rest assured, Teacher Tong will definitely say something nice about you.”

Song Chi relaxed a little when he heard this and turned his head to continue to greet his classmates as if nothing had happened.

Tomorrow would be Saturday. This group of children chattered and chattered, not to mention how busy they were. Even the housekeeper showed a kind smile since the house had finally been busy again.

Song Yancheng was going along the lake to the greenhouse. He was a little unaccustomed to being a guardian, so his heart was still a little nervous. However, he really wanted to know how Song Chi usually performed in school. Although he had no previous memory, he always felt that the teacher should be very serious. But then again, Song Chi had taken the initiative to invite the teacher to come over. Did this mean that the teacher was very friendly?

Full of thoughts, Song Yancheng arrived at the door of the greenhouse. He lifted his leg and walked in. This greenhouse was very big. A woman could vaguely be seen standing in its depths.

Tong Jia raised her hand and looked at the time. She looked at the flowers in the greenhouse again. Her favorite flower was the lily.

Tong Jia had used to like roses the best, but now she found the elegant lilies to be the most comfortable to look at.

She didn't know if the lily had any fragrance. With this thought, Tong Jia bent down slightly and brushed her hair behind her ears. She gently approached the lily, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

Before Tong Jia could smell anything, she heard footsteps. She was startled, quickly opened her eyes and looked over.

Song Yancheng had put one hand in his trouser pocket, and his tall and lean body was even more dazzling against the backdrop of the colorful clusters of flowers. When he was more than one meter away from Tong Jia, he stopped and wanted to open his mouth to call the teacher, only to see that the person had already looked up, their eyes colliding.

When Song Yancheng's eyes caught her face, he recognized at a glance that the person in front of him was the girl who had made him lose his cool that day.

Her gaze made him nervous, and Song Yancheng subconsciously stood up straight. He remembered the strange feeling he had felt, which grew stronger and stronger upon seeing her again.

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