Pampering You Even More

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Chapter 19: Chapter 19

Before, Tong Jia had assumed that Song Yancheng didn’t have much experience with romance. But when she went downstairs to see Song Yancheng carrying a fruit basket, she had to rethink it.

The fruit basket was large, with ribbons wrapped around it, and the shape was so exaggerated that people couldn't help but turn their heads and pretend they hadn’t seen it.

"I didn’t know what fruit you like, so I got a bit of everything," Song Yancheng said very sincerely.

Tong Jia stared at Song Yancheng; she could not comprehend what she was feeling right now.

Obviously, he was the typical overbearing president, but again, he was acting like a straight person experiencing his first love. For a while, Tong Jia really could not grasp such a plot.

The two people stared at each other before Tong Jia admitted defeat. "I can’t eat that much. You take it home.”

Song Yancheng shook his head. His reasoning was very good, and he spoke eloquently. "No one in my family likes to eat fruit, and it’ll already be wasted when I take it back. Tong Jia, it’s wrong to waste fruit.”

Tong Jia's heart almost collapsed. She had never seen anyone pursuing a lady like this. Song Yancheng had brought many apples, oranges, and so on. She could believe that he had bought a huge fruit basket to visit patients. She couldn't eat it alone! No matter how much her inner devil growled, she could only sigh with an indifferent look and say, "…Okay, thank you.”

Song Yancheng was obviously satisfied with her answer. The corners of his lips rose slightly. He was very happy.

Tong Jia wasn’t a person with much experience herself. When she had been abroad, she had almost been in relationships with the boys she’d had feelings for, but they had turned out to be nothing in the end. She had been pursued by many people. She read many novels, but her real love experience was almost zero. The relationship with Qin Yue had also been very simple, that was, they had gone to school together every day, and that love didn’t belong to the category of adults.

She could not tell if this side of Song Yancheng was true or not. She could not judge Song Yancheng's attitude from her abundant abstract knowledge.

Because of this, she couldn't give any specific response. If this was a scene in a novel, he was only interested in her and after a while, his enthusiasm would disappear! For a person with rich abstract knowledge in love, in the face of an overwhelming pursuit, she could only be stupid.

"It’s heavy. I will help you carry it up." Song Yancheng's eyes finally moved to the fruit basket kindly, and realized how huge the fruit basket he had bought was. Tong Jia's small body couldn’t lift it at all.

To be honest, Song Yancheng did not really think so, and just kindly suggested it.

However, Tong Jia's expression changed a little. It was a subtle and conventional trick. She now understood why he had gone out to buy such a big fruit basket: the fruit basket was too big for her to lift, so he could know her room number and then he could invite himself again.

Tong Jia repudiated her previous judgment on Song Yancheng that he was new to romance.

"No need." Tong Jia decisively refused.

Song Yancheng glanced at Tong Jia suspiciously. She looked so thin. Was it really okay? However, he felt that Feng Hao's advice was beneficial, because she hadn’t refused these fruits, which meant that she really liked eating fruits, and it seemed that he could send them frequently in the future.

"Let's have dinner tonight?" Song Yancheng asked again.

He had already booked a restaurant that he had specially searched for on the internet. He had noticed a specific thing while they had been having lunch today. The hot pot she’d had today had been very spicy, as well as fragrant. It seemed like Tong Jia was addicted to spicy food, so he’d booked a Sichuan restaurant with the best reviews in A City, hoping that she could have a good time and have dinner with him again next time ^_^.

A strategy, it was a well-planned strategy.

Tong Jia already perceived what Song Yancheng was planning. Giving such a big food basket at 3 o'clock, and smoothly asking for a dinner date. According to common sense, according to the plot development rule of novels, she should be the one who should invite him for dinner in exchange for such a big fruit basket.

Before, she had read on a website that if a man or a woman was pursuing someone, they should borrow novels from each other. In this way, they could discuss the novel's contents, which was a really great idea. Song Yancheng just happened to have different plans. Inviting to eat together, inviting to come and go. People took food as their priority. In today's society, people talked about things at the dinner table, because chatting while eating was the best and most relaxing.

Seeing that Tong Jia didn't say anything, Song Yancheng didn't think much and asked, "I know a Sichuan restaurant with good reviews. Let's try it tonight."

Tong Jia's heart moved. She was not astonished, but there was a "sure enough" kind of feeling. When he had proposed to eat Sichuan food, he must’ve noticed that she liked spicy food at noon. Would someone new to romance be free to pay attention to such things?

Of course, even if Song Yancheng was being fully strategic, Tong Jia didn’t dislike him. She just didn't know how to respond. Thinking of herself from a bystander viewpoint, Song Yancheng was a high and reputable person; he also needed a high and reputable person to match him, not to mention financial ability. And at the same time, being more careful was still a necessity. If the people as such didn’t disagree with Song Yancheng, however, the common people would get in contact, and try to associate with him further.

Tong Jia thought she had reached marriageable age. Of course, she didn't intend to get married so early. As the year arrived, if she met a good and caring person, then it wasn’t bad to get into contact with each other, right? Tong Jia looked at the sincere expression on Song Yancheng's face again and immediately figured it out.

She didn't hate him. He was quite handsome. In that case, she’d have a look.

Although she wasn’t sure if Song Yancheng was really sincere, she could guarantee that she would always be careful.

Well, that was a happy decision.

"Okay." Tong Jia nodded and replied.

When she had been abroad, there had been male classmates who’d asked her to go out to dinner and see a movie. As long as she was free, as long as they got along, she would go. Giving others a chance was giving herself a chance. It was just whether they wanted to be together or not, which required a period of understanding before making a decision.

There wasn’t much love at first sight in this world. Love that would come along was most peoples’ portrayal of love.

Song Yancheng was really surprised. He actually wasn’t good with words. At least he was putting up a front for Tong Jia, but he was still nervous. He didn’t know what to do if she had refused, but now that she had given him the nod, his mood was so flared up that the whole sky was clearing.

“Really?" Song Yancheng was afraid that he had heard it wrong, but was also excited, and asked.

Tong Jia glanced at him and held back her smile. She bowed her head and said, "It's still early for dinner. Why don't you go back first and let's meet at the restaurant?”

Song Yancheng just wanted to say that he would be waiting downstairs, but he didn't think it was appropriate to say it, so he nodded his head and noticed that something seemed wrong. He frowned and said, "I'll pick you up. What time would you like to eat?"

Tong Jia: "Later, it's only four o'clock.”

Actually, Song Yancheng wanted to say that it was still early and that they could go see a movie, but when the words came to his mouth, they just didn't come out. He thought, after a weekend, she had been taking classes for several days, and she must be very tired and want to have a good rest.

Well, let's not talk about it.

Song Yancheng thought about it and said, "I'll pick you up later." He paused, his eyes resting on the fruit basket, and hesitated for a moment, saying, "I'd better help you lift this fruit basket. It's a bit heavy.”

At the moment, Tong Jia wanted to spit. It was only four o'clock. Early or late, it was only about two hours away from the next meal. It had been more than two hours since Song Yancheng had gone back to the Song residence, and it had been almost an hour all the way. He must’ve wanted to carry the fruit basket, so he wanted to go into her house and stay there for two hours. Well, it must be so.

Although she wanted to try to get in touch with Song Yancheng, she didn't want an adult male who she wasn’t quite familiar with to know her specific address, which was neither rational nor safe.

Thinking of this, Tong Jia made great efforts to lift the fruit basket and said simply, "No, I can do it!”

Then she went into the community with the fruit basket with great difficulty.

Song Yancheng looked at her like she was a hamster carrying peanuts. At that moment, he couldn't resist laughing.

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