Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 21: Black-Hearted Lotus’ Red Packet Group [11.1]

CHAPTER: End Of Mo Yao

Mo Yao was taken away by the police, and the credit goes to Wen Qing. She exposed the last call recording of Mo Yao, the recording of the scene with the police, as well as the evidence of her instigation of assault.

According to the law, acts based on threats are invalid. However, if she intentionally instigated it, she must be charged with intentional instigation! Due to valid evidence, Mo Yao was sentenced to a year of probation. Although the punishment wasn’t heavy, she has to pay the price for her conduct.

After Mo Yao came out of the police station, she couldn't handle being in school even for a few days. Before, when she was ugly, others talked privately and often ignored her. But now, all the students were unscrupulously pointing at her, saying that she framed Teacher Qiao and that she has no self-respect. How could Mo Yao stand this? Thus, she angrily dropped out of school.

As she dropped out of school, many students high-fived in celebration, even the teachers were happy too.

Where could Mo Yao go after dropping out of school? Her house was sold by her gambler father, and she didn't know where he went with the money. Fortunately, she earned some money by advertising on Weibo before, and she always carried the card with her, so she didn't have to live on the street.

But that money was only enough for her to rent an apartment and for a few months of living expenses. It was easy to switch from thriftiness to luxury, but difficult to do vice versa. She was used to the rich life and didn't want to return to the past when she was satisfied with earning just 300 yuan, but her reputation on the Internet was already tarnished so no one was looking for her to advertise. The contract with the agency had also been canceled. She didn't want to go to school either, she couldn't learn anyway, she'd just be wasting money.

When Mo Yao was at her wit's end, she met the right man in her life. The man was called Xu Sheng. Handsome, rich, gentle, and considerate; he cared for her in every possible way, spending money generously, and buying all the things she liked without hesitation!

Mo Yao had never met someone so good to her, who would hold her in his arms, and spoil her like a princess. Mo Yao could not resist this gentleness and soon fell in love.

Mo Yao Yao couldn't help but feel lucky that she still had beautiful skin, otherwise, she may have been driven to the streets!

Xu Sheng was busy with work but he accompanied her whenever he was free. He bought her a villa, which was as beautiful as Ji Wenqing's house. He'd buy her beautiful clothes, jewelry, bags, etc., and even gave her a lot of pocket money every month. This kind of life made Mo Yao very satisfied as she thought it was compensation given by God after her hardships.

As for the red packet group, because she received a black packet from Grim Reaper from time to time, she gave up hope on the magical power inside. She uninstalled WeChat and even threw away her mobile phone. Although she was unlucky from time to time, her life went smoothly.

After living together with Xu Sheng for three months, Mo Yao found herself pregnant. She couldn't help rejoicing. As she was preparing to tell Xu Sheng the good news, she received an unexpected visitor at the villa!

"I'll kill you, you vixen! Bitch! You seduced my husband! You shameless whore! ptooie! I'll kill you!"

The person was Xu Sheng's real wife. She cursed and gave Mo Yao a good beating. Mo Yao was a bit stunned. Although Xu Sheng was eight years older than her, she never thought that he could be married. Now she was receiving a beating from his wife!

Mo Yao felt hatred and disheartened. Hatred because Xu Sheng lied to her, and disheartened because she was reluctant to give up Xu Sheng's kindness towards her, which was Xu Sheng's money to be exact. It let her enjoy such a glorious and rich life, how could she be willing to give it up!

Naturally, Mo Yao was no match for Xu Sheng's wife, and she couldn't get away with it. Suddenly, Mo Yao felt a sharp pain in her stomach as she felt liquid flow from below. "Ah, my child!"

When Xu Sheng's wife saw that this bitch was carrying a child, she got angrier. She threw a bottle of sulfuric acid at Mo Yao...

When Xu Sheng heard the news, he arrived as fast as he could. He saw a bloody ground, and Mo Yao, who looked unrecognizable, lying on the ground.

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