Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 14: Black-Hearted Lotus’ Red Packet Group [7.2]

CHAPTER: Mo Yao, Guilty Or Forced

The blondie picked up the banknotes scattered on the ground and put them into his pocket while pushing Mo Yao into the alley. In the alley, Xu Qiang and Huang Mao restrained Wen Qing's arms from both sides, making her immobile.

Mo Yao couldn't wait and asked Xu Qiang, "I’ve already called her over. I can leave now, right?"

When Wen Qing heard Mo Yao’s words, she acted as if she discovered something unexpected and her beautiful eyes filled up with disbelief, "You deliberately lied to me?"

Mo Yao turned away, afraid to look at her, but her reaction had already said everything.

The blondie smiled triumphantly. "Exactly! Originally this trap we set up was for her, but she said she'd trick you to replace her so the boss agreed! Tsk, it was worth it. You look even better than her!"

Wen Qing asked Mo Yao angrily, "Did you do it on purpose?"

"You knew that this was a fire pit and yet you tricked me into it? Why? Why do this to me? I’ve never offended you. I’ve always helped you. When you said you needed money, I came over immediately..."

Although she hadn’t said anything bad, her words instantly angered Mo Yao. "Put away your hypocrisy! I don't need your help!" She sneered. "If it wasn't to keep up your noble and kind act, would you still help me? The worser I am, the happier you get, right?"

Wen Qing's expression stiffened as if she had heard something very unbelievable. "Just because of these ridiculous thoughts, you pushed me into this fire pit? You tricked me into falling into the hands of this group of scumbags?"

The redhead became unhappy hearing that. "Who are you calling a scumbag?"

Wen Qing ignored him, and looked Mo Yao in the eye. Mo Yao, who was being stared at directly by Wen Qing, felt guilty. She turned away and didn’t dare to meet her gaze. Wen Qing's gaze suddenly turned indifferent. "So, you knew what was going on. You knew who they were, and you also knew what would happen if you deceived me into coming here—being raped by them, no, gang-raped, but you still called me over and tricked me just because you envied me, right?"

Mo Yao faintly felt that something was off, and she was inexplicably flustered. Wen Qing had said everything she thought of, but she didn't dare to admit it. Before she could answer, Xu Qiang stood in front of the two of them, and said to Mo Yao impatiently, "Okay, your mission is complete! Get out!"

Mo Yao glanced at Wen Qing. Seeing her surrounded by three of them, she couldn’t help but feel a burst of pleasure in her heart.

As Mo Yao was about to leave, she saw Wen Qing pushing Xu Qiang away. The corner of her lips rose up into a sneer as she looked at Mo Yao. "What a good way to kill someone with a borrowed knife*, but did you think I am as stupid as you?"

[TL NOTE: 借刀杀人 jièdāo-shārén: murder with a borrowed knife―make use of someone to get rid of an adversary; kill someone by another's hands; harm someone through the hands of another]

What did that mean? The few people present were taken aback, but before they could react, Wen Qing clapped her hands, and Ye Tian quickly ran over from the end of the alley. He had been guarding outside the alley, listening to them clearly from start to finish, fully aware of the situation. While loathing Xu Qiang's group, he was especially disgusted by Mo Yao. This woman was vicious. She didn't want to drown alone, so she dragged others into the water. How could she be so vicious?!

He couldn't imagine what the consequences would be if Ji Wenqing came here alone! How dare these people! Ye Tian hated them so much that his hand movements were extremely aggravated. Xu Qiang and his posse were beaten until they wept in each other's arms.

"Don't hit me! I was wrong/ I don't dare anymore!"

"It's none of my business! That woman suggested it first, and the boss nodded in agreement. It has nothing to do with me!"

"Yes, it was this woman's idea. It had nothing to do with us!"

The redhead and the other two instantly turned their back to Mo Yao, betraying Mo Yao completely. It was undeniably Mo Yao's idea, but Wen Qing knew that they were the culprits as well. It was they who were first attracted to Mo Yao's beauty. They gave rise to the idea in Mo Yao's head as she borrowed their knife to kill Ji Wenqing, finally causing the original Ji Wenqing's death. They all were inescapably responsible. Therefore, Wen Qing won't let any of them go!

Mo Yao was stunned silly by the sudden turn of events that her brain was no longer able to keep up. In the blink of an eye, these people...were all subdued?

Ignoring their wailing and blood-curdling screams, Wen Qing approached Mo Yao with her lips curled up as she whispered in her ear, "Harming others will eventually cause harm to yourself. How would you like to die?"

Mo Yao looked at her beautiful angelic face. What she just said had given her chills. Mo Yao was suddenly enveloped in panic. What would she do if Ji Wenqing wanted to retaliate against her? Ji Wenqing's family was rich and powerful. It would be easy for her to deal with Mo Yao, a weak woman without any background. She was no match for Ji Wenqing!

What would she do now? She didn't want to become Wen Qing's Target. Mo Yao was afraid, but she was unwilling. Even though she asked Ji Wenqing to come over, she was also forced into doing it. Besides, Ji Wenqing hadn’t suffered any harm so why was she so angry?

As soon as Wen Qing saw her expression, she knew what she was thinking. Mo Yao was indeed very ridiculous. She was not harmed because she escaped the crime. She survived now, but the original Ji Wenqing was killed by her the same way!

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