Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 73: Bringing Taobao to the Ancient Times [3]

November 16th, Longevity Festival*. This is the 35th birthday of Emperor Yuan Chang. Because of the heavy snowfall last month, Emperor Yuan Chang wanted to cancel his birthday banquet. But the ministry of rites had been preparing for it since six months ago, and the birthday gifts from all over the place had also been transported to the capital. Therefore, this birthday banquet could not be stopped just by saying so.

*T/N: Longevity Festival (万寿节 wàn shòu jié) literally means 'to live as long as a thousand years festival.' It is the birthday banquet for the emperors of ancient China.

Wen Qing packed up early in the morning and went to join Zhou Wan. From time to time, the Emperor uncle liked to pick her up to stay in the palace. This time she had been staying for half a month, so the Empress sent a word to let her simply stay until after the Longevity Festival.

Empress Wang was also very fond of Wen Qing, it was said because Wen Qing was somewhat similar to her daughter, who died at the age of half-year-old. Most probably, it was because she transferred her affection, so she treated Wen Qing as her own daughter, her affection being no less than Emperor Yuan Chang's.

It could be said that Wen Qing's life was very good. She was spoiled by the two big shots on the top of the country, and her parents, uncles, aunts, and several elders loved her. If there was no accident, she would have a lifetime of glory. What a pity.

The birthday banquet started at noon. The men's and women's seats were separated, but there was no partition between them. Therefore, with a glance, Wen Qing could see King Huainan's eldest son, Zhao Yan. As a person who could be the male lead, his appearance was unquestionable. But at the moment, that good-looking face was tightly tensed with an indifferent look that said strangers should not approach.

*T/N: I change the term Prince Huainan to King Huainan as he is of the same generation as the current Emperor, and the term 'prince' is more suitable for the next younger generation (for example, the male lead, Zhao Yan).

Seemingly sensing someone sizing him up, he looked up. His sharp eyes shot out like a sword, but how would Wen Qing let him find out? As early as he noticed, she had retracted her gaze and talked with her mother.

Zhao Yan scanned around but did not find anyone spying on him, and his gaze finally fell on Princess Cui of Huainan. A dark glint flashed in his eyes, and the hand inside the big sleeves couldn't help but clenched into a fist. Detestable! This woman had killed his birth mother, and now she wanted to kill him! His father did not care about it, he had never had this son in his heart, but that bastard son born from that woman was his treasure!

This time, the Cui Clan even took advantage when he went to his uncle's house to send people to assassinate him! If it weren't for being saved, he would really have gone to see his mother!

Thinking of this, he recalled those beautiful eyes again. He could not see that woman's face clearly in the darkness; only those pair of eyes that shined as stars remained in his heart. He thought he must find the girl who had saved him.

Wen Qing snorted. She did not need to think to know what Zhao Yan was thinking. But he probably wouldn't have that chance.

Those nasty things happening in King Huainan's residence were basically common in every big family and nothing rare. However, the affairs of King Huainan's family were still a bit special, and these had to be explained from the time of the previous Emperor.

Like Emperor Yuan Chang, the previous Emperor did not have many sons. There was only Emperor Yuan Chang, who had been soaked in the jar of medicine. Therefore, there were some voices who privately advised the previous Emperor to adopt a healthy son as a crown prince. After all, an Emperor who could die at any time was not good for the stability of the country.

At that time, the previous Emperor did not agree. He had his own son, so he certainly would not pass on the throne to others ah! However, he did make a second plan. While establishing Emperor Yuan Chang as the crown prince, he also focused on training several sons from the imperial clan, among which was the current King Huainan.

King Huainan was Emperor Yuan Chang's cousin and was considered a direct descendant of the Zhao Clan. It was originally the late Emperor's last resort. But he did not want his movement to let someone give birth to ambitions they shouldn't have.

At that time, the Empress, Emperor Yuan Chang's birth mother, did not want anyone to grab her son's throne, so she gave a marriage partner to King Huainan. The other party was a noble lady from the Qing household. She had a first-rate temperament and influential family background. However, because they did not have any meritorious achievements, she could barely be a princess.

When King Huainan married her, it was tantamount to not having strong support from the wife's family, so he was totally unwilling. But he had not achieved his big ambition and thus did not dare to do anything that would make people in the top position notice anything. So he had to marry this useless wife.

But he only married her and didn't care about her afterward. With the silent treatment from him, the beautiful first wife passed away. Fortunately, she at least left a child behind. This child was the male lead, Zhao Yan.

But at this time, the late Emperor passed away. The Empress was deeply in love with him, so she couldn't bear the blow and follow suit. Thus, the medicine pot Emperor Yuan Chang succeeded the throne.

Emperor Yuan Chang was not as shrewd as the late Emperor and had a weak body, so he was a peaceful person in court, and was very tolerant of the people under him. King Huainan naturally had no scruples. Less than a year after his first wife's death, he quickly married a wife from a distinguished family and pulled the other clan to his camp.

*T/N: You might know that in ancient China, a man could marry many wives, but the first wife doesn't represent that she was the first wife taken, but the position as the official or head wife.

Yes, King Huainan had not given up his ambitions. He did not raise an army to rebel, because the price was too high, and the reputation afterward was also not good. Instead, he secretly gave Emperor Yuan Chang a sterilization medicine. With Emperor Yuan Chang having a medicine-jar-like body, it was estimated that he wouldn't live long. When he died, he would have no descendant to succeed him. King Huainan, who had the closest blood relation to him, must be the only candidate to succeed the throne.

King Huainan played a good game, and he almost succeeded only to be destroyed by his son!

King Huainan was busy with his own business, so he naturally didn't care much about what was happening in the family. The new princess* had a good reputation outside for being a virtuous woman who could keep the family matters in good order and did not need him to worry. Towards such a good wife, moreover, her family supported him wholeheartedly, so King Huainan naturally respected her very much and turned a blind eye to what she did.

*T/N: The new princess is the one in the position of the first wife. Because she is the wife of a king, therefore she is called a princess.

He didn't like that son, anyway. The new princess gave him three sons and a daughter, all of them were clever and filial, unlike the eldest son, who always looked at him as an enemy.

As for Zhao Yan, he wholeheartedly believed that King Huainan, together with his stepmother, forced his mother to death for power. Otherwise, how could he let her in before the mourning period* passed? That woman had three sons. She naturally would not let him live and occupy the eldest son position. So she repeatedly tried to kill him, but that good father of his simply did not care, even acquiesced her to do so.

*T/N: The mourning period is usually held for three years.

So Zhao Yan blackened. He secretly developed his own power, added obstacles to King Huainan, and exterminated the whole clan. He then gathered King Huainan's previous force and finally became the invisible local tyrant, and lived a harmonious and happy life with the female lead.

The female lead should be ignorant of his actions. Because Zhao Yan did not want "his blood-stained self to pollute this warm sunshine." But it wasn't important whether the female lead knew or not. The client's wish was to let the male lead die, and Wen Qing did not care about other things.

To let the male lead die was not difficult. With Wen Qing's current cultivation level, she only needed a twist of her finger to let him die. But Wen Qing did not want to dirty her hand, so just let him have a dog-eat-dog struggle with King Huainan!

She gave King Huainan a big gift!

Wen Qing sneered, then turned to look at another person, a young man sitting in the nearest position next to the imperial table, the only son of the Emperor, Zhao Jie.

Emperor Yuan Chang was drugged by King Huainan after he succeeded to the throne. Before that, he had a daughter with the Empress, who died just when she was six months old. In addition, there was once an accident where the Emperor visited a palace maid, who then gave birth to a son. That was Zhao Jie.

But Zhao Jie's birth mother was only a palace maid in charge of sweeping. She was timid as a mouse, and was paranoid of being killed. After finding out that she was pregnant, she was afraid of being harmed, so she carefully stayed in her palace and did not dare to go anywhere. Ten months later, when she gave birth to her son, she was even more trembling. She gave birth to the Emperor's eldest son, the only prince in the harem. Even the Empress hadn't given birth to a son! Wouldn't people in the inner palace eat her if they knew about this? As a result, she was even more frightened and carefully raised her son alone, not daring to let anyone know.

The Emperor coming to visit her was an accident. Afterwards, he sealed the beauty and put her on the back of his mind. She did not look outstanding, and Emperor Yuan Chang had forgotten her. People in the harem naturally would not be interested in her. Therefore, Zhao Jie was not discovered until the beauty's death when he was six years old.

The whole harem was shocked! The whole dynasty was shocked! Everyone was shocked!

The people originally thought that Emperor Yuan Chang did not have any heir after he succeeded the throne for so long, and there was no hope anymore. Unexpectedly, there was a son hidden in the palace!

Originally, as the Emperor's only son, Zhao Jie should enjoy all the favors and be carefully cultivated as the heir. However, after being raised by his mother for six years, he also contracted the same problem as that woman: paranoid of being killed! More serious than his mother!

He always thought that everyone harbored evil intentions towards him. The Empress got close to him to kill him, the Grand Tutor taught him well to raise him as a waste, the minister trying to please him to murder him... So his whole body was very tense. Emperor Yuan Chang had tried countless times to break his illusion, but it never worked. He was so mad that he didn't care about him anymore!

Then, Zhao Jie felt that his Emperor father was also unkind to him because he was afraid that he would take his seat!

Such a suspicious and sick Emperor naturally wanted to have all the power in his hands after his reign. Therefore, the Duke of Zhen, who was in charge of a large army, became his first target.

Therefore, the second wish of the client was to protect the Duke manor and prevent Zhao Jie from sitting on the throne!

As she was busy thinking, the banquet had reached its climax, offering birthday gifts.

With how fond the Emperor was towards Wen Qing, even if she gave a piece of leaf, he would happily praise her for her filial piety! But Wen Qing would not be so perfunctory. She gave a leaf with spiritual energy. En, it could nourish the body.

Emperor Yuan Chang touched it and noticed the difference in this leaf. There was an extremely comfortable aura that made him feel sleepy. He knew that this niece was not an ordinary person, so he happily said, "An Guo's gift is the most pleasing to my heart. We will bestow upon you a big reward! An Guo, what do you want? Just open your mouth!"

A bunch of ministers complained. What the hell? Don't think they didn't see it. It was just a normal leaf! Don't you just want to find an excuse to give something to County Princess An Guo, oh no, I mean the princess? It looks like it's true!

"Then, An Guo needs a promise from Uncle."

"What promise?" Emperor Yuan Chang was interested. Of course, he must satisfy her!

"An Guo hopes that uncle will agree to be happy every day, go to bed early and get up early, eat regularly, and pay attention to your body." Wen Qing said in a serious manner.

"Haha!" Emperor Yuan Chang laughed loudly. At the same time, he was very moved in his heart. Only Qingqing would care about his body so sincerely. "I promise!"

The ministers congratulated him collectively. But they unanimously agreed in their hearts that, in terms of flattery, Princess An Guo was still one step ahead ah!

After the laughter, the offerings continued, but they were all rare treasures, nothing special, until...

"Prefectural Magistrate of Jiang Zhou, Shen Tong'an, pays respect to Your Majesty. Hail to the ruler of thousands of years of golden age! This official has been entrusted by a strange woman in Jiang Ning County to present to Your Majesty a food that can yield up to a thousand jin* per mu**, potatoes!"

*T/N: One jin (斤) is equal to 500 grams or half a kilogram.

**T/N: One mu (亩) is equal to 666.5 square meters.

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