Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 45: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [1.1]

"...intercepted my opportunities and hindered my path. I want her dead? I want her dead!”

The woman in white had an aggrieved countenance and insane look. In order to calm her down, Wen Qing knocked her out, and then she went into the vanity space. This time, it was the world she had never been; Cultivation World. The risk was undetermined and needed detailed plotting.


【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: Alas! It had been so long since Lady Grim Reaper had appeared. This taoist really misses her!

【Old Master Ge Huan】: Haa, don't you miss her chicken wing, spare ribs, and saucing beef?

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: Don't you?

【Taoist Master Huayin】: I also miss her spicy duck neck, braised beef, and honey chicken wings...

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】: You people shouldn't talk about food late at night!

【Master Xiao Yao】: Hasn't Grim Reaper disappeared for too long? Did she go to seclusion?...

【Taoist Master Huayin】: Don't be ridiculous! Little Sister is The Grim Reaper, how could she fall so easily?

【Grim Reaper】: Hello everyone, long time no see!

【Taoist Master Xuan Qing】: Holy sh*t! Reincarnation?

【Taoist Master Huayin】: Little Sister you are finally back! I missed you so much!

【Grim Reaper】: Missed only me or the chicken wings too?

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: Missed missed, missed everything! Little lady, quickly, satisfy this taoist’s delicious carvings.

【Taoist Master Xuan Qing】: Braised pork, lion head, sweet and sour pork ribs, and dongpo meat!

【Daoist Master Yuan Zhen】: Buddha jumps over the wall, pineapple rice, sixi meatball, saucing beef!

【Grim Reaper】: That's unfortunate. Right now I am in your Canglan Realm.

The foods in the Canglan realm were the worst among the many worlds Wen Qing had traveled before! It was no wonder that people in the group cheer every day for her to send out delicious food.

It was also a coincidence. Wen Qing's client happened to belong to the Canglan Realm. Among Wen Qing's golden fingers, the one that was related to this realm was the Cultivating Red Packet. So, of course, she chose that one. Besides, she missed this group of old friends. After transmigrating to so many worlds, it was very fortunate for a group of people to remember her.

【Taoist Master Xuan Qing】: You are in the Canglan Realm?! No, how can you be in Canglan Realm? Can you cross the spatial interface?

【Taoist Master Yuan Zhen】: Are you the real Grim Reaper?

Otherwise who could cross the spatial interface?

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: Great god, are you searching for a footman? I can warm the bed and can act cute etc!

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】: Footmen need to have faces, okay? Qing Yuan, don't come out to scare us with your wrinkled face! Great god look at me, the most beautiful man in the whole world, the overlord of the world of beauty. You would absolutely not be embarrassed when taking me out!

【Taoist Master Huayin】: Litter Sister~~ (* ̄3 ̄)╭

【Grim Reaper】: Cough! That… you misunderstand, I am not God. Me being able to cross the interface, is also just an accident.

The group was silent for three seconds before the uproar started.

【Taoist Master Huayin】: That's also very powerful! I don't care. I'm gonna hold your thigh anyway!

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: We are all in the Canglan Realm so can we have an offline meeting? Yeah, offline meeting, that's the word, right?

【Grim Reaper】: Let's have that later. I am still a mortal right now. I am preparing to join a sect.

【Old Master Ge Huan】: Is Lady Grim Reaper coming to Ge Huan Sect? Give this old taoist the chance to welcome you too.

【Taoist Master Huayin】: It must be my sect then! Little Sister I’m telling you, our sect has the most beautiful men. Five out of the ten beautiful men in the cultivation world practice in Taiyi Sect. The other five are scattered on the other six sects!

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: Come to my Wuji Sect! The one and only ninth-grade alchemist is from Wuji Sect. He is my apprentice, handsome and single. I will introduce you to him.

【Taoist Master Yuan Zhen】: Tianfu Sect! My sect has been dedicated to talismans for 100,000 years. We can study them together!

【Taoist Master Xuan Qing】: You must join the Xuanjian Sect! Sword cultivators are the most handsome! They have the greatest power! Even one from them could fight ten from the other sects.

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】: Come to mine, the Mo Sect! The bickering of those taoist hypocrites is really annoying!

【Taoist Master Xuan Qing】:@Taoist Master Qing Yuan @Taoist Master Yuan Zhen @Taoist Master Huayin Right Now I am really pumped up. Why don't we go for a demon hunt together?

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: Good idea! This old taoist wants to loosen some bones too!

Wen Qing was happily reading. The group was bickering as always. If their juniors witness their masters, who always had a divine and ethereal bearing, being like this in private, will they be surprised till their eyeball falls out?

Wen Qing got up from the haystack and touched her grumbling stomach. She couldn’t help sighing. She was fine ‘till their reminiscing started, and her hungry stomach was anything but reassuring.

When her eyes turned, she glanced at the transparent screen in front of her and saw the group denouncing Shao Guang. She had always been curious about how there was no mobile phone in the cultivation realm but Qing Yuan and others could join the Red Packet Group. Now she has figured it out. It was through this nine-inch, transparent screen that could be summoned whenever needed and be closed whenever not.

Wen Qing then found out her location was close to @Huayin.

【Grim Reaper】: I am close to you, could you pick me up???

"Eh?" Wen Qing looked at the man in white who suddenly appeared in front of her. He was bright and handsome with sword-like eyebrows. The person appeared out of thin air in the middle of the night, almost scaring her to death!

Wen Qing suddenly thought of something and shouted, "Huayin?”

"It's me." The sound was as clear as a clean spring.

Eh? Before she could finish sending it to the group, he had already arrived in front of her in the blink of an eye. It wasn't super fast teleportation, was it? What she didn't know was that Huayin flew over as soon as he received the location information because he couldn't wait to see what the mysterious little sister looked like. As a result, well, the great master's arrival was a bit informal.

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