Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 46: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [1.2]

Wen Qing greeted the group.

【Grim Reaper】: I have joined Huayin. See you later!

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】: Huayin, this fellow has gone silent so fast!

【Old Master Ge Huan】: Huayin Huayin, did you meet Lady Grim Reaper? Take a picture and show us quickly!

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: Yes yes! Take a picture! Take a picture! I don't know when I will meet her in the future!

Huayin decisively turned off the screen and looked at Wen Qing. "Ignore them!"

Wen Qing nodded. She was only an eight-year-old little Douding[1], lean and haggard. What's there to see?!

[TL note: Douding is a cute child cartoon character.]

Huayin took out a molded house from his space, threw it on the ground, and immediately turned it into an exquisite house. Wen Qing thought it was strange. The Taoist method was indeed magical. He was carrying a house with him, which means his space wasn’t any worse than the female lead's personal space.

"Little Sister, you currently have the body of a child, isn’t it better to rest here for tonight and return tomorrow?"

"Okay!" His suggestion was just what Wen Qing wanted. When she’d first arrived, her original owner had been hungry and weak, so it was only right that she rests.

"Huayin, do you have any food? I haven't eaten in two days!"

Hearing this, Huayin hurriedly took out a few dishes of invisible food. "After Little Sister disappeared, I visited the most famous restaurants on earth, but the food was not as good as what my little sister used to send."

Wen Qing tasted it and thought it was basic. She was unable to savor it. After eating, Wen Qing borrowed a room to freshen up. Huayin gave her a set of high-end robes, which automatically fitted her when she wore them. It was amazing!

With Huayin's care, Wen Qing was able to let out a sigh of relief. Before she came, she was worried that she would become a trivial mortal this time. But contrarily, how could these great masters not recognize her? Now, it seemed she was merely overreacting.

Consequently, there were seven great cultivators in her support. She could even walk freely in the Canglan Realm, how could she be worried about not completing the task?

He Wenqing, the client from this world, was originally a mortal orphan. She was found to have spiritual roots when she got recruited by the Tai Yi sect. She was of both water and fire spiritual roots, of which the attributes were equal to each other. It wasn’t easy to practice, but she was determined to cultivate. She did not slack off when it came to hard work. Coincidentally, she found a suitable method that helped her improve her cultivation by leaps and bounds.

She came from the mortal world and had experienced all kinds of things since she was a child, causing her to be tough. Since entering the sect, she had only buried herself in penance and pursued Taoism wholeheartedly. She was inconspicuous and never looked for trouble, but still, trouble had always come looking for her.

The other person was the daughter of the sect master. She had innate talent and extraordinary aptitude. She had built a foundation at the age of 10, formed a golden core at the age of 18, had a nascent soul at the age of 37, and was also known to be the first genius of the Canglan Realm. Arguably, such a charming girl, the sky had nothing to do with her, but somehow, Qu Tiange just couldn't let her be; she often troubled her.

She robbed her chances, took advantage of her kindness, and even framed her for collusion with evil, further smearing her reputation, which was not acceptable in Taoism. Eventually, she was labeled as a wicked cultivator's concubine, and her cultivation was sucked dry till she died...

He Wenqing was not sure why Qu Tiange had targeted her. She didn’t recall offending her! Wen Qing on the other hand did know the reason why Qu Tiange suppressed He Wenqing. It was because she was— Reincarnated.

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