Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 59: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [10]

Qu Tiange couldn't resist and almost vomited one mouthful of blood again. How could this happen? How could He Wenqing find out about her space? Unexpectedly, she was able to deprive her of the space with which she had already formed a contract!

The fear in her heart grew infinitely. He Wenqing knew that she was reborn and knew about her space. Was she also like her? No, that would be impossible. She didn't have any innate space at all in her previous life. Even if she was reborn, she wouldn't know!

Perhaps, there was something strange about her. She could see through people's past and hidden treasures. Yes, it must be so! She saw her past, so she knew that she was reborn. She saw that she had treasures, so she used the cultivation of two levels higher than herself to deprive her of it.

Qu Tiange convinced herself that He Wenqing wasn't so terrible. She felt a sense of relief.

What now? All her things were in the space, and the storage ring on her hand only functioned as a cover. There was nothing inside except some low-level pills and a talisman! Oh, there was a warm jade in her hand as well.

There was danger lurking everywhere around the mountain, but she didn't have her space. How could she cope with it? She evidently couldn't cope with the mountain. What qualification did she have to fight against the powerful He Wenqing? In an instant, Qu Tiange panicked again, but she immediately comforted herself. DON'T PANIC. DON'T PANIC. There must be a way out. Qu Tiange steadied her mind, forced herself to calm down, and carefully considered countermeasures.

Yes! The Heritage Temple! As long as she could get the ancient inheritance in the temple, she would still have enough merit to fight with He Wenqing!

Qu Tiange was instantly high-spirited as her eyes stared firmly towards the Heritage Temple.

Fortunately, she wasn't far from the temple. While carefully avoiding danger, she soon arrived at the temple.

Wen Qing took the Yang bracelet from Qu Tiange and didn't bother to merge it with the Yin bracelet. Instead, she took out the broken beads from inside. The broken beads were in her hands, and the illusions surrounding the mountain were invisible.

Wen Qing took it and walked in the opposite direction of the temple. The inheritance of the heritage temple was good, but she didn't need it. On the contrary, it was the things that Qu Tiange got in the book that interested her more.

Wen Qing walked for three days before finally reaching her destination. She didn't use the power of the broken beads to see. The place was filled with beautiful landscapes: mountains, clear water, singing birds, and flowers. However, the scene changed after she got rid of the illusion. The place was a pile of spooky rocks. A variety of grotesque stones piled up into a stone forest. The eerie wind in the stone forest made people get goosebumps.

Wen Qing went into the Stone Forest with an emotionless face, searching for her main objective, The Stone of Illusionary Nightmare, a stone that could create illusions and weave dreams. The illusion in this secret land was made by this stone.

Sumeru Mountain wasn't big, but it couldn't be considered small either. It almost covered 100,000 miles of surface area. The Stone of Illusionary Nightmare could create such a wide range of illusions, which could trick a Golden Core cultivator.

According to the original plot, Qu Tiange got this treasure and used it to create an illusion to steal her deposition, which thus stabilized her heart's path. Later, with the improvement of her cultivation, she used illusions to trap the enemy. It was a perfect tool to kill the enemy and rob their merits too!

It wasn't easy to find one amongst the pile of stone. It took Wen Qing ten days to find the main goal. It was a stone as big as a fist, with a smooth, round, black, and warm surface. As soon as Wen Qing grabbed it, she was pulled into the illusion.

The Stone of Illusionary Nightmare was good at probing the deepest secrets of people's hearts to create an illusion. Perhaps it was what you feared the most, or what you didn't want to think of. Whatever it was, you couldn't extricate yourself from the illusion.

These were useless to Wen Qing. She had transmigrated to so many worlds. She had a sound mind plus merit protection. The Stone of Illusionary Nightmare couldn't go through her memory. Although she was pulled into the illusion, her nightmare was blank.

Wen Qing couldn't help but laugh. Interesting... It can also make up a blank dream. Wen Qing tore open the dream with her sword and returned to the secret land. She looked at the rock in her hand. The more she saw it, the more satisfied she was. This item belonged to her!

After all, she still preferred the Yin chasing her rather than suppressing it by force.

Qu Tiange was the first to arrive at the temple. The square at the entrance of the temple was empty. She pushed the door, but it didn't move. It seemed that the information she heard was true; twenty people had to enter simultaneously to go in. Therefore, she waited patiently.

Qu Tiange meditated while waiting for the arrival of others. Soon, there was a group of eleven people who looked like disciples of the Xuanjian Sect. Qu Tiange had a closer look and recognized a few acquaintances. It was Lin Qiao, Yuebai, and others from the secret land of Xiaohuang Mountain.

There were so many of them that Qu Tiange was worried that she wouldn't be able to defeat them. She quietly greeted them with no change of expression, "Senior Brother Lin, senior brother Yue, nice to meet you."

As they sighted her, Yuebai immediately came to exchange greetings, "Junior Sister Qu, we meet again!"

Lin Qiao coldly snorted. He spared a glance at her and then ignored her, and turned to introduce her to his acquaintances, "She is the contractor of the Phoenix as well as the one who took away the Territorial Bead of the Xiaohuang Mountain, Qu Tiange." Qu Tiange had taken the bead and let the secret land close ahead of time, which made him return empty-handed. He held a grudge against her. It was a pleasure to see her this angry.

"It's her!" Upon hearing this, the disciples of the Xuanjian sect eagerly looked at Qu Tiange and asked, "Where is the Phoenix? Call it out and let us also have a look!"

Qu Tiange's heart jumped. She hurriedly explained, "I really don't have a contract with the Phoenix, and I also didn't take the bead. The one who contracted the Phoenix is He Wenqing. I saw her just now. If you don't believe me then let's confront her when we meet her again!"

When she said this, others were skeptical. "Is it not you?"

"No!" Qu Tiange secretly resented. He Wenqing was disgusting! She was still having trouble until now! She quickly changed the subject and said, "Let's not talk about that. There are good things in this temple. I would like to share them with all the senior brothers."

When they heard about the treasure, they immediately showed interest, "What treasure? How did you know that?"

Qu Tiange smiled but remained silent. Others reacted instantly. Lin Qiao sneered, "There must be some danger ahead. Are you not thinking of using us as scapegoats? Do not drag our brothers to break in first and finally make a wedding dress[1] for yourself!"

When this statement came out, the crowd hesitated again, especially the seven people who'd been with Lin Qiao last time.

Qu Tiange hurriedly said, "There is no danger, I swear! Besides, there are many of you, and only me. If I lied to you, you could kill me!"

"That is true…" the rest of them were reassured and immediately moved. Even Lin Qiao put down his worries.

Seeing that they agreed, Qu Tiange said, "There is a limit to this temple door, it must be twenty people together to enter, we are still short of eight people."

No wonder she had to cooperate with them. It turned out that just one person couldn't get through. Lin Qiao and others had the same realization, but they didn't say anything. They waited for eight people and went into the temple together.

A white light flashed, Qu Tiange and the party finally arrived at the temple. The temple was spacious and dark, but white light spots were swinging overhead. The group looked at the empty place and thought it was a transit point, so they all spread out to find the passage. Only Qu Tiange's eyes intently looked at the light spots with an eager expression.

These were all inherited! Inheritance of ancient times! Whoever grabbed it got it!

Qu Tiange's spiritual qi was condensed enormously as it grasped at those light spots. Those light spots seemed to have life, constantly dodging, but Qu Tiange specially cultivated the shadow hand for these light spots. There would always be a fish caught in the palm.

Eventually, she caught one: Ability: Eye of the Absurd Deceit. She didn't want to alert the others with the light spots, so she continued with the hunt.

The group followed suit after witnessing it, but they didn't have unique skills like Qu Tiange. They couldn't fly in the temple. These spots could only be captured with spiritual qi, and any magical item was useless. Therefore, it couldn't be seized no matter what.

Looking at the light spots alone made them ecstatic!

Redundant Dream Skill!

Ability: The Eye of Righteousness!

Overview of Talisman Practice!

Complete Volume of Alchemy!

Supreme Level Cultivation Method: Scriptures of Xuantian!

The ancient inheritance was essential. They were surprised to see the treasures. The group became fanatic.

But everyone's spiritual qi was limited after all. Once the qi was exhausted, they would be transmitted out. It was useless to take pills for replenishing the aura. Qu Tiange was no exception.

However, her aura was nine times higher than her killer Shadow Palm. There was no depletion of her qi, and every shot could catch the light spot, so she gained the most! She knew that they would be jealous if they saw her, so she left swiftly!

While nineteen people were still immersed in the joy of finding inheritance, she ran away and disappeared.

Qu Tiange's space was taken away by Wen Qing. She knew that she had no reliance, so she chose a secluded place with abundant qi for closed-door training. Instead of looking for treasures, she practiced until the mountain reopened.

Because of the secret skills obtained in the inheritance temple, Qu Tiange cultivated for a long time. Even if her Cultivation method needed nine reversions, it didn't delay the cultivation speed. In just half a year, she directly broke through from the Golden Core to Dacheng and even crossed the three realms of Yuanying[2], Huashen[3], and Fenshen[4], which was more remarkable than He Wenqing in the previous life.

Such a speed of cultivation made Qu Tiange proud and satisfied. She went to find He Wenqing on the day of the opening of the secret land. Sure enough, as she expected, the other party was in Fenshen, which was a huge level lower than hers. And because of her Cultivation method, the spiritual qi in her body was nine times more than that in the same realm, so she was confident that she could beat He Wenqing and get her revenge!

What she didn't expect was that the other party defeated her with the help of the power of space. She didn't even hold out a hundred tricks in Wen Qing's hand!

He Wenqing's expression was cold and detached, setting above her and looking down on her, "I am the daughter loved by heaven, do you think a buffoon like you is worthy of being my enemy?" After finishing, she turned away and dismissed her cultivation with the kind of attitude that seemed to be treating a worm.

Qu Tiange was angry and unwilling. Unwilling to be defeated by the same person for two lifetimes! Therefore, she went to the evil cultivator Wu Yazi just like in her previous life. He was the only evil cultivator with Dacheng cultivation in the Canglan Realm. His methods were ruthless and malicious, He Wenqing was no match for him.

He Wenqing was a female cultivator with high cultivation in the cultivation world, furthermore with Yuanying cultivation.

However, Qu Tiange didn't expect Wu Yazi to come back in just half a day. She helplessly watched as her cultivation fell from Dacheng to spiritual root level.

Her cultivation depleted, and her features grew old. She had nowhere to go and could only return to the Taiyi sect to find her father. When her father saw her miserable condition, he flew into a rage and went to seek revenge but never came back...

The two lives ended the same...

With the sound of "PAHH~," Qu Tiange spat out a mouthful of blood. When she woke up from the illusion, she found her Golden Core broken and her cultivation at the spiritual root level. Her Dao Heart had collapsed.

[TL Notes]:

[1]: Giving the wedding dress means to contribute to other people’s good deeds for nothing.

[2]: Yuanying i.e. Nascent Soul; The stage after Core Formation (in some novels). The Nascent Soul resembles an infant or miniature person and resides in the Dantian, typically sitting in a meditative position.

[3]: Huashen 化神 ;Spirit Severing / Soul Formation  (cosmic power); This realm is called "great power", and the Nascent Soul grows into the Nascent Soul, whose spiritual thoughts are enough to cover a planet.

[4]: Fenshen: It is the stage where you could separate your nascent soul from your physical body. [Correct me if I am wrong.]

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