Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 47: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [2.1]

Wen Qing reckoned the time. It was the beginning of the story when Qu Tiange was reborn.

By now Qu Tiange should have discovered that the jade bracelet she wore since childhood was an inter-spatial bracelet, which consisted of cultivation technique, spiritual elixir, spiritual springs, and other resources.

She thereupon, inside the inter-spatial bracelet, practiced the divine level cultivation 《Scriptures of Xuantian's Nine Reversions》

The meaning of the so-called Nine Reversions was to cultivate nine times in every realm. Although it seemed troublesome, after practicing Apotheosis, her spiritual aura would be nine times as much as that of the realm!

In the original plot, He Wenqing would join the sect after three months. After practicing for one year, at the market square, she would encounter an opportunity - - - A scripture of the most befitting cultivation techniques for her spiritual root 《Decisive Yin and Yang》. As He Wenqing started practicing《Decisive Yin and Yang》, her cultivation progressed by leaps and bounds. She successfully built her foundation in two years.

Just as she was on the threshold of ascending further, Qu Tiange successfully ascended to the golden core[1] and came out from seclusion.

Qu Tiange initially wanted to disrupt He Wenqing’s cultivation from the very beginning. She did not expect the spiritual aura of the space to be so great that it would not hinder her cultivation.

Qu Tiange felt as though there was no reason to bother about He Wenqing. So she spent three years cultivating Nine Reversions while building a foundation and smoothly ascending to the golden core.

After coming out from the seclusion, she started going after He Wenqing. Qu Tiange was convinced she had suffered humiliation in her previous life because of He Wenqing.

Wen Qing still had three years until she would meet with Qu Tiange, and more than a year to get her hand on the cultivation technique.《Decisive Yin and Yang》was comparatively oppressive. Regardless of whatever cultivation method she practiced, she would have to revise the cultivation, she better save it from the beginning.

But she could not be idle for one whole year. Therefore it was better to snatch Qu Tiange's opportunity.

Wen Qing made up her mind and went to find Huayin, "Are you currently busy with work? If you're not, could you show me around? It's rare to visit the Cultivation realm. It would be a pity not to explore the beautiful scenery!"

"Aren't you preparing to cultivate to cultivate?" Huayin asked strangely.

"Could you see my water and fire spiritual roots? My spiritual roots have mutually destructive attributes. There is no suitable cultivation technique. No not only is it difficult to practice, but it also damages the meridian. I have a hunch that the most suitable cultivation method for me will soon appear, so there is no urgent need to practice."

It was beyond Huayin's comprehension. When a cultivator reaches a certain stage, she/he would have a sense of their fate. Wen Qing might be a child in flesh, but she could anticipate her Karma, which was phenomenal.

"Okay okay, let’s go out for a walk." Huayin felt idle and bored as well. He was indifferent about cultivating. There were numerous hurdles he would face if he were to move a step further. Whether or not he practiced his spiritual energy would revolve, so it was no different from practicing in the cave or outside. He had nothing fun to do except bragging and farting with people in the group.

Wen Qing smiled, "It is not good to immerse yourself in self-torture. Traveling to the mortal realm also helps in redefining the core." she also added, "let’s also eat meat with the group admin!"

Huayin’s eyes brightened, his beautiful peerless face suddenly became lively, "Really?"

"Do you think I would lie?"

"Haha! The group members are gonna be so jealous of me!" Huayin couldn’t help but be proud. Although he lived for more than a thousand years, he looked eighteen years old in appearance. It was said that because of eating some spiritual fruit by mistake, his appearance remained the same as it was when he ate it.

How many people dream of eternal youth? But Huayin thought that being a founder of a sect, and having a tender face would not help at all. It was not dignified enough, so usually, he kept his face stone cold. A smile on the desolate face which had transcended the worldly affairs was brightening. It was not like his usual self; smiling like a teenager. If someone said he was more than a thousand years old, No one would believe that.

Wen Qing and Hua Yin claimed it was sightseeing, but they started hunting spiritual animals. She could accurately predict where the animals were. Just like the Treasure Trekkers. It made Huayin surprised.

Wen Qing knew the place where the scripture of Qu Tiange’s techniques was located. Although she could not practice herself, having such a powerful cheat plug-in in her hand, could it not be her walkover?

A high-ranked impregnable gem was of no use right now, but later this gem would inherit the secret land to Qu Tiange.

The whole Canglan world had never seen such spiritual items. The spiritual sword was a legend to them. An unbreakable dragon armor, the rarest and scarcely found material. A heritage of an alchemy sect, including an Imperial Cauldron and pills made by it.


Several important opportunities that should have belonged to Qu Tiange in the future have been taken away by her, except for those that she couldn’t get her hands on for now.

However, Wen Qing never hugged over the benefits, she had so many good things that she naturally wanted to share with others. Anyway, she didn’t need most of them.

Wen Qing gave the Spiritual Sword to the Xuanjian Sect, Dragon Armour to the Tai Yi Sect, and gave the imperial cauldron to the Wuji Sect. She made fair shares of the pills through the alchemy method, one by one with the Mo sect. She was left with the impregnable gem and alchemy scriptures.

In the beginning, Huayin did not approve of her dividing the fortune and advised her to keep them to herself. But Wen Qing waved her hand without care, "I do not need them, that's why I gave them to you."

Huayin knew that she was making excuses. Such rare celestial items like an imperial cauldron, celestial sword, and pills, which cultivator would not want them?

Even if you were not chosen you could still fly on the sword. Moreover, if you did not use those celestial items, it could be brought as an unyielding defense item. But she did not even hesitate to give them away

Huayin was moved, he whispered, "Sure enough Let's have a meal with this group admin!"

The cultivation world was magical. The scenery was beautiful, the air was cool, sweet, and refreshing. On the way, Wen Qing not only enjoyed the scenery, but she also searched for some celestial items, condiments, and other vegetables. The things in Canglan were unpalatable, she could only cook herself.

Undoubtedly, Canglan was a remarkable place with outstanding people. The things were refreshing and spiritual. But it was still unpalatable.

After several tries, Wen Qing discovered, the dishes she made were delicious. Even though she used the only salt, Huayin was full of praise for her.

However, when Huayin cooked them with the same ingredients it tasted mediocre. Thinking about it, Wen Qing finally concluded that it was not the delicious golden finger that she had brought but the setting of the Canglan realm.

Red Packet Group served as Mo Yao's golden fingers, to do so the author set the Canglan realm with no delicious food. This way Mo Yao could exchange the red packet, with her food. Those who have never eaten top-grade delicious food would never forget it after eating it once.

She had to admit the setting was extremely deceiving. Just to grant Mo Yao a golden finger, the author let the whole Canglan realm suffer tasteless food. No matter how much they try, they could only make dishes with ordinary taste. A lot of joy would be lost when a person could not enjoy delicious food.

TL Notes:

[1]: Golden Core(金丹): The stage after Foundation Establishment. It involves forming a Golden Core. Golden cores can store and control spiritual energy. After the core was formed, the cultivator's level of cultivation would increase at a rapid speed, and become better and better. Else, they would only be a low-end cultivator. More on Golden Core.

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