Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 48: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [2.2]

These days, Huayin's life was extremely beautiful. Every day, they would go sightseeing, when in actuality they were searching for prey. Whether it was flying through the sky, running on the ground, or swimming in the water, as long as he brought it back, Wen Qing would cook up a storm! The days were simply beautiful! Even immortals would not want to trade.

"All right, that's it. Let's take it out."

Wen Qing's voice brought back Huayin quickly from his beautiful fantasy. He pushed aside the fire, and carefully pulled out a few muddy chunks from the bottom. With a clean hand, he used magic to crack the chunks. They cracked revealing, tightly wrapped lotus leaves. A strange fragrance wafted away instantly. This nosh was Cloud Crest Golden Chicken made by Wen Qing using an ingredient called beggar chicken.

Cloud Crest Golden Peasant was a second-grade beast. It did not only help in detoxification but also helped in cultivation, however, it would not affect Huayin. Wen Qing was trapped in the body of a small mortal child, eating it would strengthen her.

Wen Qing was afraid of scalding, so she waited for it to cool down. Huayin on the other hand was not scared. As a cultivator, the heat was negligible for him. As soon as the chicken was peeled off, he couldn’t wait to start eating.

Even though he ate fast, his demeanor was elegant and calm. He ate the chicken leg that had spiritual flavor! Wen Qing was watching him eat. After eating one, he still wanted more, and his eyes aimed at Wen Qing's.

"Let's divide this in half. Just give me chicken the legs." She was a mortal, and the energy contained in this second-class spirit beast was huge for her, so she was full. Huayin did not bother with modesty, he tore the lotus leaf apart.

He suddenly thought of something, and quickly stopped, "I almost forgot, a picture before dinner."

He called out the red packets, took a picture of the chicken, and then sent it to the group.

【Taoist Master Huayin】: Little sister craft has progressed again! Today's chicken was so delicious you would want to swallow your tongue.

【Taoist Master Qing Yuan】: Ah! Don't stop me! I'm looking for this little bastard! He always has delicious food. Not only he does not share but also has the nerve to tempt us daily!

【Taoist Master Yuan Zhen】: Let's go together! If we don't destroy this scoundrel, my demons will come out!

【Demonic Grandmaster Shao Guang】: Let's go together! He did not even share the leftovers with us! @Taoist Master Yuan Zhen @Taoist Master Qing Yuan When you are beating him? Count me in too!

A lot of people in the group started to scold Huayin. It was not their fault at all, anyone who had to receive such tempting pictures every day, but could not get to eat, would explode with anger

After the show, Huayin finished the remaining dish with Wen Qing. Huayin gave a satisfied blurp, but he did not know the direction of the group was changing.

【Master Xiaoyao】: You people zoom in on the picture. Did you see the blue flower, Jialan? There are only a few places in Canglan where such types of flowers grow.

【Taoist Master Qingyuan】: Jialan mountain!

【Old Master Ge Huan】: I am quite sure that we could find them there!

Huayin was paled with fear. He grabbed Wen Qing and fled, "Run, if they find us we are done for."

He flew very fast, but still carefully opened the spiritual wrap to shield Wen Qing from it.

Knowing what was happening, Wen Qing let out a sigh. Huayin was protecting his food. Everything she made was for his stomach, there was no share for others. Moreover, he did not know the word ‘low key’, he always shared drool-worthy pictures in the group. Such acts gravitated to hatred easily.

"Let’s go back to Taiyi Sect!" Wen Qing suggested. They had been out for so long. It was time to go back. Seeing the time, her cultivation method should also appear.

"I was also thinking the same.", Huayin said while flying. He was being chased by six people, even having nine lives was not enough ah! They could hide behind the large array of Hushan mountains.

Lightning streaks swept the sky, only the six trails left could be seen. This scene made the practitioners turn their heads.

"Such speed, were they nascent soul cultivators?"

 "I think they exceed that, they must have been immortals!"

 "Oh, lord! What are the seven immortal cultivators doing together?"

 "Why do I also vaguely sense the dark spirit’s presence?"

 "Me too!"


Regardless of the speculation, Huayin rushed like a meteor and immediately shouted, "Launch the Mountain shield!"

Ning Xiulin, the leader, immediately opened the Hushan shield when he heard the voice of his master. But then afterward, the six trails that were chasing Huayin successfully ended up outside the mountain gate. Qingyuan and the others helplessly stared at him, but none could help him by any means. There was no way to break in.

The sudden appearance of the cultivators who were in the apical notch of the cultivation world caused an uproar. If they had broken into the Taiyi sect's Mountain's shield, it would have caused a lot of panic.

Furthermore, they did not want to fight with Huayin. They were casually joking. Most importantly they wanted to take this opportunity to thank Wen Qing personally. They received such great gifts from her. The Spiritual Sword, Armour, Alchemy scriptures were all legendary items. It would not be fair if they did not personally thank her.

But their pal Huayin couldn’t understand. He had been hiding for the past year so they haven't found a chance.

Qingyuan and the others knew that Hua Yin would not come out for a while, even if they said they wouldn’t beat him, he would not believe, so they had to leave helplessly.

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