Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 52: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [4.1]

The celebration of Qu Tiange's Golden Core was bustling with noise and enthusiasm. Other sects also participated in the ceremony, giving enough face to Qu Tiange.

Well, at least superficially.

The appearance of several uninvited guests in Xiao Putao made Hua Yin dumbfounded, "What are you guys doing here?"

Qingyuan coldly snorted, "You would not come out so we decided to come ourselves!"

Huayin could not escape as six people surrounded him. He was speechless, "You guys are on Sect Master level, who could shake Canglan three times with a stomp of your foot. Are you not ashamed of sneaking in disguised as ordinary disciples?"

Shaoguang sneered, "You are also the so-called ‘The Great’, Cowardly hiding in the Taiyi sect and not coming out from the shell of a protective turtle. You are not ashamed so why should we be?"

"Shaoguang, you are a dark cultivator running around my sect. Are you tired of living?" Huayin said in exasperation. He turned to face Xuanqing, Yuanzhen, and the others, "This is such a good opportunity. Let’s take this devil down, okay?"

They and the dark cultivators have been at odds from ancient times but because everyone joined the red packet group accidentally and secretly, a strange connection started. In the group, they were in peace, bragging, farting, and getting along for many years like old friends, but such connection did not exist outside the group.

These people usually stayed home growing mushrooms. They were not easy to encounter. The lower-ranked disciples would fight any way they could. The righteous disciples would eliminate the demons to defend their creed when they spotted the dark cultivators. Dark cultivators would, without words, roll their sleeves when they see them. This scene, on the other hand, had a different plotline.

Huayin proposed the idea to the team to eliminate the head of the Demon clan, Shao Guang, and thought of sowing discord between them.

However, since Shaoguang dared to come to Taiyi Sect, he relied on the idea. Huayin was the admin of the group for four years. Eating meat by himself, not even sparing any soup for them. The other six member’s resentment towards him had already exceeded the point that they didn’t consider the feud between the demons and righteous cultivators. Therefore everyone else was indifferent to his proposal.

"Don't make excuses and drive a wedge between us. Be obedient, and let us kick your ass, or else... Hum!"

Huayin wanted to cry but failed to shed tears. How could these people be so petty! Just because he did not send them anything to eat? Really?

"It's time to eat!"

A clear voice sounded. 'Swish~'. The two groups who were on the verge of killing each other just now quickly disappeared and found their way to the dinner table.

Wen Qing put a mandarin duck pot on the table and smiled. "Rather than fighting endlessly and appearing as a joke to outsiders, how about you take a step back and I will give you an idea on Huayin’s punishment?"

"Sister Grim Reaper, go ahead. No matter what you say, I’ll agree!" Qingyuan said with affection.

Others secretly scolded Qingyuan’s shamelessness. To curry favor with sister Grim Reaper, he changed sides immediately. They were also thinking of agreeing, but not as quick as him. They could only chime in, "Yes, whatever little sister Grim Reaper says we will agree!"

Wen Qing smiled, "Let’s count this as punishment. Today you travel far, you should have a good meal. We are eating hotpot. Even Huayin had not yet eaten this delicious meal." Wen Qing said while putting a variety of ingredients on the table. She moved the base of the soup, half milky and half red pepper oil. Just looking at it alone could make people drool.

Some of the members already started tasting it. Others, to leave a good impression in front of Wen Qing, held back. Each and everyone had hypocritically ethical and incorruptible expressions.

Master Xiaoyao asked, "What is the connection between this hot pot and Huayin’s punishment?"

"Hotpot, naturally is hot, after the base is boiled, we rinse these ingredients. So, the fire must be burning nonstop. But as you can see, there is nothing under this pot, so I request Huayin to help us burn the fire."

"Haha! This is good! We will eat and let Huayin light the fire, it will only let him look and drool."

"No, no, no, it’s worse. After all, we just look at it, but we can't smell it. He looks at it and smells it, but he can't eat it."

"Haha! Of course!"

Huayin's face darkened. This group of bastards was annoying. However, he still conscientiously lit the fire.

When it boiled, the delicious and spicy aroma filled the air, which made people drool. They could not wait for Wen Qing as they picked up the meat.

"Delicious! The spicy and sour combination is enjoyable!"

"Indeed as expected, sister Grim reaper has the best craftsmanship!"

"Aye! This old Taoist has lived for such a long time and has seen everything through. But could not leave the desire for food."

"You are right. The essence of cultivation lies in living long and eating delicious meals!"


Others were keenly enjoying the food. Finally, Huayin could not resist anymore and joined in. Even so, they did not say anything. They were all busy eating. Who could pay attention?

Because of the hotpot, the population of Xiao Putao increased by a few.

On the other side, after the golden core celebration ceremony Qu Tiange asked about the people from other sects who have attended the ceremony, but He Wenqing's name was not mentioned. Qu Tiange was baffled. In the end, she put down the matter and prepared to go after He Wenqings opportunities.

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