Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 53: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [4.2]

He Wenqing's most powerful weapon in her previous life was a sword, and it was a celestial sword. Wenqing relied on it constantly to win the challenges and eventually became famous all over the land. At last, the sword ended up in the first position in the Canglan's Weapon chart. As everyone knew, its origin was no secret.

He Wenqing got this sword only five years later, so Qu Tiange believed that she could get this sword ahead of time if she set out now.

Dazhou Mountain had overhanging cliffs and a cave. Qu Tiange singlehandedly broke into the mountain and did her best to get rid of the demonic beast outside. She entered the cave full of enthusiasm, only to find it empty.


How could it be? Qu Tiange paled with fright. She turned the cave inside out but found nothing. Was she early? Or, was this merit only for He Wenqing. Besides her, no one could take it?

No. It should not be. It was a merit and whoever earned it, could have it. She must have arrived early, so the celestial sword was not here. Right, it must be so.

Qu Tiange convinced herself, then restored the cave in its original form and returned. The Merit was not yet available, but there was one place she was sure to find something!

Three miles outside Linjiang Town, there was a mass grave with a mound in the middle, in which the Imperial cauldron and the inheritance of the alchemy sect were buried. In her previous life, He Wenqing was chased by assassins while she used soil as an escape. Fortunately, she stopped there and found the inheritance. She could not perform alchemy, so she gave them to Taoist Qinghua of Wuji Sect---- the ninth level alchemy master, and thus received his lifetime commitment.

Qu Tiange envied He Wenqing's luck, so much that she would go crazy. He Wenqing was blessed by heaven, her fate was admirable. Even if you frame her and suppress her, you will always suffer in the end.

In this life, she will never make the same mistake again. She will take the lead. There was no reason to root for the same person!

While thinking about it, Qu Tiange was digging graves around the mass graves. She didn't know which mound He Wenqing happened to stay in, so she had to find it slowly.

However, she was destined to be disappointed.

She ripped all the mounds open, but still found nothing. Qu Tiange was about to go crazy, two merits in a row and she did not even find a ghost!

She had to calm down and think carefully. What went wrong, one may be an accident, but two of them were worth pondering.

Could it be that someone was reborn again like her, so they took it away in advance? That's right, When she was reborn again, she opened the space, practicing in the space until she came out. If a person was reborn like her, it would be long enough to seize all these opportunities.

He Wenqingi’s experience in her previous life could be described as legendary. Many people knew the origin of her merits, and Qu Tiange was not the only one who envied and hated her.

As Qu Tiang’s thoughts ran, her heart gradually calmed. Although she was disappointed, as long as He Wenqing did not take these merits, she was relieved. Yes, maybe He Wenqing's disappearance was related to that person. Perhaps the man in his previous life was He Wenqing's enemy, the first thing he did after rebirth was to kill He Wenqing. This would explain why He Wenqing disappeared.

Oh, He Wenqing was really annoying, lots of people wanted her dead!

Well, since she was dead, the past grievances were meaningless. She still considered how to grab He Wenqing's merits with another rebirth.

The Celestial sword and Alchemy sect's inheritance were gone. She could guess the merits of the others were also gone by now. Such as the secret border of the Xiaohuang Mountain. It will be opening next year. It would be nothing but a fantasy three years later.

She had a supreme grade interspatial ring in her hand, and she was practicing the supreme level cultivation method. The aura in her body was nine times as much as that in the same state. She couldn’t believe it, but she could rob another rebirth!

On the Xiao Putuo Mountain, the people who were doing nothing but eating every day were finally preparing to leave. Qingyuan reluctantly bid farewell to Wenqing. "There is a change in the secret land of Huangshan Mountain, which may be opened in advance. I am afraid that something will happen. I will go back and check. I'll come back soon!"

"Let's go, let's go, no one expects you to come back!" Huayin said in annoyance.

Qingyuan ignored him, said goodbye to Wen Qing and left.

"I should also make a move. The secret border of Xiao Huang mountain opened ahead of time, so I have to go back and make preparations early."

"This old taoist will leave. Sister grim reaper see you later."

After everyone left, Huayin showed off, "Haa~, beat me? In the end you just flee!"

Wen Qing earnestly glanced at him, "Give me a quota to the secret border of Xiao huang Mountain, I want to join in the fun too."

"Eh? You're going? The secret border suddenly opened in advance, do you not know what danger means? Anyway, this secret land is opened once every three years, and there will be opportunities in the future."

Wen Qing leisurely sighed, "There won't be a chance, this was the last opening."

Everything was absorbed by Qu Tiange's space, what else was there to be opened?

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