Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 54: Counterattack Of The Reborn-ed Female [5]

After learning that Wen Qing would be joining them to the secret border of Xiaohuang Mountain, the group instantly sent her a bunch of red packets, along with various items; pills, talismans, formations, and so on. Although the value couldn’t be compared with what Wen Qing sent them, it was something that Wen Qing could use.

Although the number of people going to the secret border of Xiao-Huang Mountain was limited, the base was considerably large so it was not difficult to get on board. Therefore Wen Qing was stuffed into the Taiyi sect's troop.

Patriarch Huayin had a mysterious school sister, who was only known to the sect’s senior officials, but most disciples didn't know that Wen Qing was standing close. Although it was a Rogue Cultivator, no one cared.

Qu Tiange stood in front of the troop, listening to other people's compliments with a cold expression, her eyes flashed with a trace of impatience. Her fame resounded through the whole continent of Canglan, and her every move was watched by people, so she couldn’t drive people out.

When the secret border finally opened, Qu Tiange took the lead to enter. The moment she stepped into the secret border, she felt something. She suddenly looked back, only to see a familiar figure at the end of the Taiyi sect's troop.

He Wenqing!

Qu Tiange's pupils were shrunken before they recover to their usual self.

The secret border of Xiaohuang Mountain was a border that appeared for a long time. It was abundant with spiritual qi and various types of old spiritual plants everywhere. Moreover, the Spiritual Beasts were gentle. As long as they didn’t take the initiative to attack them, they wouldn’t be enemies. Therefore, there was not much danger in the secret land itself, the major risk came from people killing each other to seize items.

Mountain Xiaohuang's secret border was the only strange territory where you could only pick a spiritual plant that considered itself 'Mature'. For example, you could only pick the Seven Star Flower which aged over a thousand years and you could only pluck the Divine Lotus that was at least 5000 years of age. If it were to be plucked earlier then they would self-transmit.

This law was quite humane and could lessen the extinction of rare and precious items. Therefore, there were many spiritual plants in the Secret Land of Xiao Huang Mountain, which was called the most complete [Qiquan ] botanical garden in Canglan.

Consequently, in the novel, Qu Tiange coincidentally found the Territorial Pearl. As the covetous thought appeared, she put the pearl into her space. The Whole complete botanical garden of the cultivation world became her own. This led to the disappearance of many spiritual plants, which soon became a legend.

Wen Qing could not understand. Since there was such a supreme level space, every kind of spiritual plant could grow by moving the sample into it, and it was better than the outside quality. Only a year could be sufficient. Why would they move the whole Territorial Pearl into it? After all, severing the cultivation impart was not meritorious.

Wen Qing shook her head and stopped thinking about it. She then proceeded into the secret boundary.

The secret boundary's entrance was a transmission array, and the people who entered would be randomly transmitted to all parts of the secret land, with no regular pattern. Wen Qing, after a burst of dizziness, appeared in a fragrant medicinal garden.

She checked for any danger, before carefully looking at the garden. Wen Qing was startled, no matter where she looked, the ground was full of spiritual plants over ten thousand years old! Some were more than 100,000 years old!

Wen Qing looked at those fine spirit plants rooted in the ground as if she had seen a real ghost.

Wen Qing did not rush to pick those spiritual herbs but strolled around. If she guessed correctly, this was the center of the secret land, that is, the hiding place of the Territorial Pearl.

The place with the Territorial Pearl would be set up with many traps so that people could not find this place. Consequently, the Spiritual Plant’s age was more than enough. She did not expect to be so lucky by being transmitted directly here.

Wen Qing touched her chin and thought. As expected she fell into a cave from an excavated soil escape. A tremendous amount of compound arrays were coming from the middle of the cave. A creamy pearl was suspended above the arrays, which excluded a halo.

This must be the Territorial Pearl.

Wen Qing did not have any idea about this pearl. She had experienced more, seen more, and owned more, so she knew how to choose. This pearl was not unusual, but the precious spiritual plant inside it was. Certainly, like some rare plants and animals, the common people instinctively want to protect themselves from extinction. Only those avaricious people would hunt for personal gain. They didn’t care about the aftermath. It didn’t matter to them anyway.

Therefore, Wen Qing's first thought when she saw the Territorial Pearl was how to protect it from falling into the hands of Qu Tiange.

According to the plot, Qu Tiange would find this pearl. She would not find any reason not to take it away. If Wen Qing was to stay, there would inevitably be a fierce battle between them. If it was not destroyed here, it would do more harm than good.

There was only one way.

Wen Qing finally made up her mind. A figure flew out from the quaint black wood bracelet. This was the one she bought together with《Decisive Yin and Yang》, which was the same as the supreme level interstitial item Qu Tiange had. Wen Qing had already checked this bracelet. It was Qu Tiange's Yin and Yang bracelet. Her bracelet was Yin and Qu Tiange's bracelet was Yang.

Yin was the master of destruction and Yang was the master of Life. Qu Tiange’s space was full of spiritual springs and plants, which were full of vitality. Whereas there was nothing in her bracelet, any living thing would be strangled when it entered it. However, she had completely refined this bracelet. Therefore, this bracelet was used by her as an infinite space.

Since Qu Tiange’s Yang bracelet could take away the pearl, her Yin bracelet could as well. Therefore, Wen Qing threw the bracelet next to the bead and applied an invisibility technique. "Keep guard, as soon as you see this woman, take this pearl away. You must never fall into her hand. If she doesn't come, then it is okay.", Wen Qing said and inserted Qu Tiange’s image into the image stone. The black beaded bracelet seemed to have autonomous consciousness. It nodded, showing that it understood.

Wen Qing left with satisfaction. This Yin bracelet appeared together with《Decisive Yin and Yang》, they must be related. Only those who practiced 《Decisive Yin and Yang》could refine this bracelet. Even if it recognized others as its master, they only had the right to use it. Therefore, it would be easy to take Qu Tiange's bracelet after raising Wen Qing's cultivation level. But now they were in the same state, so it was not easy to snatch.

Wen Qing came out of the cave to pick spiritual plants in the medicine garden above. She usually didn’t take pills, so there wasn’t much demand for them. She only dug one tree, and it was good to give it away.

Wen Qing picked enough before leaving. Although the secret land of Xiaohuang mountain had a small structure, it was only because the secret border opened in Xiaohuang mountain. This secret land was boundless and only open for ten days at a time. It was impossible to walk this secret land again, and you could only choose one direction to move forward.

Wen Qing chose the East because that was where Qu Tiange's merit was located and she wanted it very much.

You couldn’t fly in the secret land so Wen Qing walked for two days before she finally met human beings.

There were seven or eight people in the other line, dressed in a white and blue cloth, with golden sleeves. They were the elite disciples of the Wuji Sect.

They were also on high alert, after seeing Wenqing's face, a clear and handsome young man who was the leader saluted her. "It must be Little Master Wen Qing, This humble self is Wuji sect’s Lin Yuechu."

Wen Qing was stagnant, was the original He Wen-qing this famous? She would meet anyone and they would recognize her. What the hell?

Lin Yuechu came up with a few people and explained “Before coming, the Sect leader specifically ordered that as long as we saw the little Master we had to do our best to protect you. We thought that the secret land was so big that we might not meet. I didn't expect that I was destined to meet the little grandmaster..."

"Wait," Wen Qing hurriedly interrupted him. "How did you know that I was the person you were looking for?"

Lin Yuechu was surprised for a moment, then took out an image stone and injected it with spiritual energy. Wen Qing’s image appeared out of thin air.

Wen Qing was speechless, it was Qingyuan's account! Was she so weak? Enough was enough. Wen Qing felt very grateful for his care. She smiled at Lin Yuechu and the others. "I'm fine, I don't need your protection. The secret land of Huangshan Mountain only opened once every three years. Go and look for merits."

Originally, Lin Yue and others were not satisfied with the decision of the sect leader. It was a rare opportunity. They finally entered a secret land and had to protect others. Moreover, they had to protect the little master who was not even as tall as them. Who would be happy? It was hard to disobey direct orders. Since they met her, they had to do it according to the sect leader's order. But they didn't think Wen Qing would not only refuse their protection but also let them look for merits, which made them a little embarrassed.

"No, no, we will still follow the little Master."

She had to say that the moral values of Canglan were still very good. There was no dirtiness among sects. The disciples did not fight and scheme against each other. After all, Canglan was now in the period of greatness in cultivation. From time to time, someone would ascend. Everyone was dedicated to Taoism. Naturally, there would be no other thoughts.

Killing people, seizing treasures, factionalism and infighting mostly happened in the last era of the Dharma. They would go astray only when there was no hope of cultivating immortality,

Wen Qing laughed, "Really, you don't have to. If you feel uneasy, just give me a summoning talisman. In case I’m in danger, I'll let you know, OK?"

Initially, Lin Yuechu thought it was a good idea. They could do their own thing and not worry about the little grandmaster being in danger.

"Well, I will listen to the little master!"

After exchanging the summoning talisman, Wen Qing finally separated from them. It was so scary. Suddenly, there were a lot of bodyguards, who followed her constantly. She was speechless whenever she thought about it.

Qu Tiange saw He Wenqing before they entered the secret border. She was shocked, but the transmitting array had already started. She didn't have any choice but to advance to the secret land.

She thought He Wenqing was dead and was planning to compete with another person for her merits. But now He Wenqing was not dead. Did another reborn person still exist? Could she still get He Wenqing's merits?

Qu Tiange was more and more flustered. He Wenqing left her a deep shadow, just like a mountain above her head. She was confident that she could take away merits from another reborn person, but she was not sure whether she could take away these opportunities from He Wenqing. After all, this opportunity was for He Wenqing.

No, no, this possibility did not exist. She had space in hand, and she practiced supreme-level skills, so she could defeat He Wen-qing!

Qu Tiange instantly stabilized her mind and calmed down. Those merits all belonged to her and He Wenqing would surely die in her hands!

Qu Tiange's eyes were firm as she went hunting for the merit as per her memory.

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