Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 159: Global Live Broadcasting [12]

When Wen Qing was about to find the other five people after resolving Ye Qiong's system, Albalo, who had been missing for a long time, suddenly appeared.

[No need to look for them. The matter of the system has already been resolved by the Alliance government. From now on, apart from me using it to contact you, no other systems exist. Also, regarding the live broadcasting, regardless of whether you know or not, I have been instructed to be honest with you.]

[But I believe you probably already know. Since you can see the invisible robots, it's unlikely that the invisible broadcaster could escape your eyes. The Alliance government has decided that the materials recorded by other broadcasters will only be used for scientific research by internal personnel and will no longer be open to the entire alliance. Only your broadcasting room will remain, whether you continue broadcasting or shut it down, it's up to you.]

Wen Qing listened calmly, showing no surprise in her expression or tone. She simply responded with an indifferent "Oh."

Albalo couldn't quite figure out her reaction. After hesitating for a while, he apologized, feeling guilty. "I'm sorry for my previous actions."

Wen Qing raised an eyebrow this time and asked, "Oh? You realize you were wrong?"

Albalo, who was in a faraway interstellar world, instantly felt ashamed. He had acted impulsively before his brain had time to think! If he put himself in her shoes, what would he feel if someone from a higher civilization disguised themselves as a system bound to him, making him do things according to their wishes, rewarding success and punishing failure, manipulating him like a puppet on a string? Anger? Humiliation? He didn't dare imagine such a scenario.

Wen Qing didn't say much. In fact, among the seven "systems," Albalo could still be considered conscientious. She knew that Lin Wenqing was the first one eliminated in the original novel because he couldn't bring himself to incite her to kill her own kind.

"What is your punishment?" Wen Qing asked.

Albalo hurriedly replied, "After discussions within the Alliance, those with lighter offenses like Seinstein and others will be sent to Earth to clean up zombies and help the Earthlings rebuild their homes. BlackRock, as the mastermind with a severe offense, was stripped of all rights and exiled to the front lines to resist the Zerg until death. As for me, I am required to serve as your liaison officer and handle any doubts or questions you may have..."

"Oh," Wen Qing still responded with the same indifferent expression. Albalo instantly became nervous. "Are you... dissatisfied with this kind of punishment?"

Albalo informed her of the punishment results just to see her reaction. He was told from superior to make sure she was satisfied.

Wen Qing shook her head with a faint expression. If you consider the situation of this world, the punishment seemed appropriate, even somewhat severe. But in terms of the original novel's ending, this punishment was like scratching an itch through a boot. After all, their so-called game had nearly caused the extinction of the entire human population on Earth.

However, since those events didn't actually happen, Wen Qing couldn't impose blame on them. Moreover, compared to all that, Wen Qing would rather see Earth thriving with a continuous human race. So she welcomed their assistance in helping Earth.

"I don't know what the Alliance laws are like, so I can't judge your punishment. If you think it's appropriate, then so be it. However, since we're about to become allies, can I ask you for a favor?" she said.

"What favor? Tell me," Albalo immediately became spirited. His task was to try to be on good terms with Lin Wenqing as much as possible, as a way to make amends. Within the limits of what was allowed, he would satisfy all her conditions.

"Send us some genetic modification agents, as many as possible."

It would be best if everyone had one, ushering in an era of awakening abilities for all! Awakening abilities not only increased one's strength but also greatly enhanced immunity against the zombie virus. In this way, the chances of human survival would greatly increase.

Three months later, the final batch of modified agents arrived on Earth through interstellar express. The last group of survivors from the "Human Awakening Project" successfully awakened their abilities. With this, Earth entered a new era.

Alongside the final batch of modified agents, the advance troops sent by the interstellar also arrived. After three months of exploration in space, they finally reached Earth.

On the day the advance troops descended, countless interstellar viewers gathered in Wen Qing's live broadcasting room, joining the thousands of Earthlings to witness this historic moment together!

[Woo-hoo, it wasn't easy. We've finally connected with Blue Star!]

[Now that the advance troops have arrived, will it be long before the tourist route opens?]

[I can't explain why, but I feel so excited. I've never anticipated anything like this in all my years of living!]

[Remember this moment. It's a great turning point in interstellar history. Farewell to nutrient solutions and welcome Blue Star cuisine!]

[The grand empire of gastronomy! We're coming!]

The leader of the advance troops was General Castro. He wore a sky blue uniform, his deep blue eyes resembled a vast ocean of stars, and his neatly combed golden hair. Every button on his clothes was fastened, and he wore white gloves, exuding a charming and noble aura from head to toe.

Wen Qing saw someone in the barrage calling Castro a noble gentleman, which was indeed a fitting description.

"Beautiful lady, we finally met."

Castro said, taking off his gloves and extending his right hand to Wen Qing with a slight smile. "I hope I haven't made any mistakes in my Earthly etiquette?"

Wen Qing smiled and nodded. "No mistakes. Welcome to Earth, General Castro."

Castro's face revealed a charming smile. "I went to great lengths to seize this opportunity. Ah, did I say 'great lengths'? That's the right meaning, isn't it?"

"Yes," Wen Qing chuckled. After some small talk, Wen Qing led everyone to the banquet hall, where the welcoming feast was already prepared.

"As per our traditional etiquette, when guests come from afar, we must prepare a welcoming feast. Upon confirming your arrival today, we have already prepared a feast to celebrate your visit and wash away the dust of the journey."

Castro's eyes lit up as he saw the exquisite dishes on the table. "Thank you, thank you. Indeed, my choice to abandon my manners and seize this opportunity was correct!"

Wen Qing smiled faintly and introduced the dishes on the table to him. "In Greater China, we have eight major culinary styles and four major flavors. You won't be able to taste all the dishes from every culinary style in a year, so today I have selected representative dishes from various culinary styles for you. This is Braised Lion's Head, also known as Sixi Meatballs, a famous dish from the Huaiyang cuisine; this is Kung Pao Chicken, one of the representatives of Sichuan cuisine; this is Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, one of the representatives of Fujian cuisine; and this..."

"There's also Fish-flavored Shredded Pork, Mapo Tofu, Crispy Squab, Sweet and Sour Pork, Oyster Sauce Beef, West Lake Vinegar Fish, Braised Pork Elbow, Wenchang Chicken, Stir-fried Lamb with Scallions, Squirrel-shaped Mandarin Fish, Spicy Chicken with Chili, Salt-baked Duck..."

Wen Qing listed the dishes on the table as if she were singing their names. Her voice seemed to possess a magical power that made anyone who heard it involuntarily salivate. While listening to her recitation, they had to endure the torment of colors, aromas, and flavors. Castro expressed how difficult it was for him to resist.

To those who claimed to have an iron will, he wanted to say, "You just haven't encountered Chinese cuisine."

[Aww! I want to eat so badly! Please have mercy on us, host!]

[Watching the livestream while drooling, I'm about to drown in my own saliva!]

[Host, you're heartless! It hurts so much to only be able to watch but not eat!]

[Doesn't your conscience hurt, host? You describe the dishes so clearly and yet deny us the pleasure of tasting them. It's heartbreaking!]

[Let me tell you all, Castro is my brother, and he's right there at the scene. I'll ask him to send me some. Brother, dear brother, please just look at me!]

[I never expected the general to be like this! Do you not even chew your food? General, please show some mercy to our appetites!]

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