Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 153: Global Live Broadcasting [6]

"...In the apocalypse, not only did humans split into zombies and those with supernatural powers, but so did animals and plants. The ones that turned into zombies are called 'dead beasts and plants', while the ones that gained supernatural powers are called 'alien beasts and plants'. The latter can be eaten and are even more delicious than ordinary food before the apocalypse. Moreover, they contain more energy than regular food. Therefore, humans need not worry about a lack of food in the future, nor fight over the few remaining sources of food. The laws of nature will balance things out and provide a way for humans to survive."

Wen Qing informed Liao Tao and the others about what she knew about the apocalypse, giving them a sense of comfort while also instructing them to write it all down and compile a survival handbook. She then set out to find a generator and photocopier to make multiple copies of the information to distribute to other survivors.

After all, every person who sees it might be one more person who can survive.

It was at this time that Wen Qing suddenly received a wristband.

[If I told you this is your new starter pack, would you believe me?]

Albalo said with a weak voice in the system.

Wen Qing chuckled.

I know I can’t fool her! Albalo was feeling a stomach ache because just a moment ago, General Castro had entrusted him with an important task: to deliver the latest live-streaming device to a player so they could experience true interstellar live streaming and interact with the audience in real time.

Albalo could guess that Wen Qing had caught someone's attention due to her exceptional abilities, so they wanted to use this opportunity to further uncover her secrets. Interstellar society places great importance on human rights, so the government cannot simply capture people for research during live streams. They can only use this method to indirectly gain understanding.

The question then arises, is his player easy to deceive?

Wen Qing rubbed the live streaming wristband in her hand, a smile on her lips, but her mind was pondering. This plot twist wasn't in the original story. She didn't know if it was the delicious food she was broadcasting or the unusualness she showed that attracted the Interstellar Alliance. Or maybe it was both. But regardless, the Interstellar Alliance showed interest in her, which meant that her plan was already half successful. If she could interact with the interstellar audience, then things would go even more smoothly.

"How do you use this thing?"

Albalo saw her interest and immediately explained excitedly, [Just wear it on your wrist, press the button in the middle, and a virtual screen will appear. On the screen, you can see the audience's comments and interact with them. The audience's rewards are also real, and they will be delivered to you through the Interstellar Express... um, I mean, I'll deliver them to you.]

On the other side, the Interstellar people who had received the notification also knew that Wen Qing's live streaming room had been upgraded, and they could interact with her. But they were also warned not to reveal anything about global live streaming. However, even so, they couldn't stop the enthusiasm of the interstellar audience.

[Host, host, can you really see it?]

[Host, what is this cultivation that you're talking about? Is it more powerful than supernatural powers?]

[Please show us how to fly on a sword, host!]

[Host, you're boasting so much. Can you really back it up? Waiting for you to be proven wrong!]

[Host, are you still eating sweet and sour pork ribs today?]

[Is spicy crayfish really that delicious?]

[Wanna see the host live streaming while eating small wontons!]

[Wanna see the host eating spicy crayfish!]

[Spicy crayfish +1!]

[Spicy crayfish +2!]

Wen Qing raised her eyebrows, "No tipping?"

[My name is Xiao Longxia, and I am tipping with nutrient solution*1.]

[Warrior No. 1 is tipping with nutrient solution*2.]


[Castro rewarded primary genetic modification liquid*10.]

[Holy crap! Is it really the general above?]

[Group photo!]

[General is mighty!]


Wen Qing saw the excitement in the comments because of Castro's appearance, and suddenly remembered that he was also an important character. In the original story, he was the only one of the ten generals of the Interstellar Alliance who did not approve of using Earth as an experimental subject, but instead incorporated it into the interstellar territory. Based on this alone, Wen Qing had a good impression of him.

"Then it's spicy crayfish!" Wen Qing happily decided, "It's time for you to witness the power of spicy crayfish, which was once on the verge of extinction due to being overeaten!"

Wen Qing found a restaurant selling shrimps on the roadside, cleared out the staff who had turned into zombies inside, and walked into the kitchen. Because of the power outage, the fresh food in the kitchen had already thawed and didn't look very fresh. Wen Qing was not satisfied, "Forget it, make do with it. At least it hasn't gone bad, or else where can we find crayfish now?"

[Wow, these are already dead animals, right? Are you eating their corpses, host?]

Wen Qing: "..."

[The host doesn't want to talk to you and has muted you for an hour.]

What nonsense!

Wen Qing cleaned the crayfish and blanched them in white wine. She cut the chili into sections, chopped the scallion, ginger, and garlic, and then stir-fried them with oil and Sichuan peppercorn until fragrant. She added the crayfish and stir-fried them, then poured in various seasonings such as white wine, light soy sauce, and dark soy sauce. The restaurant's seasonings were plentiful, and there was no shortage of anything.

After a while, Wen Qing turned off the heat, and placed the crayfish on the plate one by one. The red and shiny color, the spicy and fragrant taste of the crayfish, looked very appetizing. Coupled with Wen Qing's exaggerated expressions, the audience in front of the screen couldn't help but salivate.

[Why did I want to torture myself by asking to watch her eat crayfish?]

[The color looks so tempting, I can already smell the fragrance coming through the screen!]

[I really want to eat it! When will the Blue Star route finally open?]

[Please, host, deliver some spicy crayfish to me!]

[Wow, is there really such an option? I want it too!]

[Count me in, +1!]


After finishing the last of the crayfish, Wen Qing packed the remaining ones into a basin and stored them in space. She had made quite a lot and planned to bring some back for Liao Tao and his friends to enjoy.

This move shocked the interstellar viewers once again.

[What? Host, you have space?]

[Host is a big spender! Space is so expensive! Our whole family's income can't even afford one!]

[Host is a true big spender, pretending to be low-key with superb skills!]

[How big is your space, host? Mine is only 50 square meters.]

[Come on! Don't pretend to be fancy, the biggest space is only 50 square meters!]


Wen Qing pretended to be surprised, "What? Is interstellar space technology really that backward? The biggest one is only 50 square meters? My space is infinite, even the smallest storage ring is fifty square meters and can't hold much."

[Host, you're boasting again!]

[Host, if you keep talking nonsense, you'll lose my support, you know that?]

[Host, you're being mischievous again!]

[Castro rewarded primary genetic modification liquid*10. Please give me an infinite space ring, and you can set the price!]

[Group photo!]


[There's the General again!]


Watching the lively screen, Wen Qing smiled faintly and said, "The energy systems are different, and my storage ring is not something you can use!"

[We won't see it anyway, so whatever you say is true!]

Wen Qing was speechless. Did they really think she was lying? So she packed up everything in the shop and put it in space. She said as she went, "Alas, we won't be able to eat at this delicious restaurant in the future! What a pity."

After she had packed up everything in the shop, she found an abandoned car at the door and stuffed it into space. The things she packed up had already exceeded 50 square meters, but she was still calm and composed. Now the interstellar audience had to believe that she really did have a storage ring that was more advanced than the Alliance technology.

Wen Qing had a noble and elegant demeanor, looking down at the camera, "You stupid aliens, you know nothing about the mysteries of Earth!"

The interstellar audience was almost bowing down to her!

[Although I really want to beat her up, what she says makes sense. How do we break through?]

[No, no, I know something. The food on Blue Star is really delicious!]

[Blue Star's technology is so backward, yet they have more advanced storage technology than our Alliance. This is not scientific!]

[Shouldn't this woman be the most unscientific?]


At the same time, the Alliance government was holding an emergency meeting.

"Perhaps Blue Star has an ancient system of cultivation that is more powerful than supernatural powers!"

"Blue Star has more advanced space technology than the Alliance and has created an infinite storage space!"

"I agree to include Blue Star in the interstellar territory. There are too many secrets on Blue Star that cannot be allowed to be destroyed like this!"

"The abnormal one is only Lin Wenqing. Focus on monitoring her, use threats and temptations, and I don't believe we can't get anything out of her!"

"Even if we can secretly abduct a living person under the public eye, we cannot use severe torture. This violates human rights!"


Wen Qing brought a photocopier and a generator back to the supermarket where Liao Tao and the others were, and then took out the crayfish. The four of them instantly lit up, "Wow! Boss, where did you get this? There are still good things like this in the apocalypse?"

"Is it from Wangji on the street? I can taste their secret sauce!"

"Indeed, following the boss means we have meat to eat!"


This was the first decent meal the four had eaten after the apocalypse. They were like starving wolves, and they didn't need to pretend to show how delicious the food was. It was much better than Wen Qing's exaggerated acting. So the viewers in front of the screen became even hungrier!

[Watching the chubby guy eating so well makes me even hungrier!]

[I want to send him a blade!]

[Ah! When will the route to Blue Star be opened?]

[Can the host deliver it to me? I'll pay double the price!]

[I'll pay ten times!]

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