Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 155: Global Live Broadcasting [8]

After finishing the meal, Wen Qing returned to her room and asked Albalo in the system, "Wasn't it said before that the rewards I received would be distributed through you? So, please give me all my previous rewards now."

Albalo, who had been ignored for a long time, instantly became alert. [What do you need? Nutrients? Or gene modification liquid?]


[Why do you need gene modification liquid? Isn't your energy system different? How would you use them?]

Albalo asked in a natural tone, trying to gather as much information as possible about Wen Qing's secrets as directed by his superiors. Besides, he was also disguising himself as a system to assign tasks to her.

Wen Qing knew what he was trying to do, but didn't expose him. "I won't use them, but I can give them to Liao Tao and the others."

[Well, there are a total of 207 nutrient solutions and 78 primary gene modification liquids.]

As soon as Albalo finished speaking, a pile of reagents appeared "out of thin air" on the table in front of Wen Qing.

"What is this?" Wen Qing didn't look at the pile of reagents but instead turned her gaze to the invisible interstellar delivery robot in the mid-air and asked, knowingly.

Albalo was surprised and incredulous. [You can see it?!]

"Of course, it's so big that I'd have to be blind not to see it!"

Albalo was shocked. She could see it? This was an invisible robot that he could only discern with X-rays, yet she could see it with her naked eyes! The audience in front of the screen was also amazed but also felt that it was natural.

"I knew my host was not an ordinary person!"

"Amazing! The latest invisible interstellar delivery robot, Zhixing X90, can be seen by the host. The host is truly 666!"

"Let's give Colonel Albalo some credit, how else can this drama continue!"

With a raised eyebrow, Wen Qing looked at the bullet screen and asked, "Colonel Albalo?"

"Surprise! The cat's out of the bag!"

Albalo played dead and kept silent, and the screen was filled with gloating messages:

"Hey host, let me tell you something. Albalo is your system! He's a colonel in our alliance army, disguised as a system to trick you into doing missions!"

"All the rewards he mentions are a lie. The items are all delivered from the alliance."

"Have you seen the delivery robot? Your rewards are just dropped off by that thing. It's not really the system giving them to you!"

"Hey host, since I spilled the beans, can you reward me with a plate of shepherd's purse dumplings? Just have your nearby robot bring them back when it returns!"

"Shame on the person above! They sold out Albalo's information for just one plate of dumplings! They should at least offer two plates!"

"Host, are you really angry about being deceived by Colonel Albalo? Do you really want to beat him up? I have a picture of him, do you want it? Just give me a plate of spicy crayfish!"


The audience joyfully exposed everything about Albalo, but as long as they didn't reveal anything about the global live broadcast, the higher-ups didn't care if they exposed the system's secrets.

Wen Qing watched for a while and suddenly smiled. "Okay, I'll deliver some dumplings to you guys. Leave your address and name if you want some. But only the first ten will get them, and today we only have dumplings."

"Capital Star, Castro."

"Klin Star, Albalo."

"Yorton Star w78.9, Adelaide."


The audience responded quickly. Almost as soon as Wen Qing finished speaking, the ten spots were all taken. Those who missed out were crying and regretting their slow fingers. Wen Qing watched with a slowly curling smile. Now that the system's secrets were out in the open, how far away could the arrival of interstellar beings be? Why change her mind and not tease them anymore? After they tasted the dumplings, they would never forget them, and she could make demands more easily that way.

Wen Qing collected the things on the table into her space and left the room, walking towards the four people in the living room downstairs who were discussing who would be on guard duty tonight. She threw a gene modification liquid at them and said, "No need to keep watch, go back to your rooms and drink this. There is a 50% chance that it can trigger your abilities. I have something to attend to."

Without paying attention to the dumbfounded look on the four people's faces, Wen Qing quickly left the house and rode her sword into the sky.

"Did I hear wrong?"

"I think I'm having a hallucination..."

Liao Tao shook the blue reagent in his hand and then slapped himself in the face. "No hallucination!"

"So, this is real?!" The four people looked at the reagent in their hands with suspicion and disbelief. They were not doubting that Wen Qing was deceiving them, but the sudden surprise was just too much to believe.

Lin Zhanyuan pushed his glasses and calmly said, "Why don't we try it out to find out? The boss said before that she has a more reliable method to unlock our abilities, which must be this."

That made sense, so they went back to their rooms to experiment.

Wen Qing flew out of the city to the outskirts and found a mutated monster pig, then quickly flew back to the villa. As the first dish facing the interstellar, she must put all her heart into it to conquer the stomachs of the interstellar people! It is said that nothing is better than dumplings, and there should be some truth to this old saying. Moreover, she used the more delicious meat of the mutated monster pig after mutation, mixed with the flour she planted in space and her culinary skills accumulated over several generations. She didn't believe she couldn't pass this first level!

The hot dumplings were taken out of the pan, and she put them in an insulated box and then in a delivery box. After setting the address, she watched it disappear into the sky.

"How long does it take to get from here to the interstellar?" Wen Qing asked the screen.

"With the Zhixing X90, it will take about three hours and more. As for humans, according to the latest expert forecasts, it will take about three months."

"Because the special material of X90 can perform space jumps without considering the pressure difference caused by space conversion, but humans can't bear it and the tremendous pressure brought by the rapid change of space."

"And there are many dangers in the starry sea. It is necessary to inspect them one by one to determine the best route before navigation. According to the temper of the Alliance government, it will take at least a year or two before it can be opened!"


What a lovely audience. She only asked one question, and they all told her everything. Wen Qing returned to her room, closed the door, and chuckled with her arms folded, "Now, Colonel Albalo, let's talk about the intelligent system that claimed to be handsome and has been out of the factory for three months!"

"Hahaha, well done, host! Put wax on Colonel Albalo!"

"Just learned a Blue Star idiom, 'to settle accounts after autumn,' is it appropriate to use it here?"

"Host, Colonel Albalo did not lie, he really is quite handsome, one of the top ten golden bachelors in the Alliance!"

"If he hadn't come out as gay, he would have been the most popular choice among teenage girls in the entire Alliance."

"Only his male admirers have pushed him to the position of one of the top ten golden bachelors in the Alliance!"


So, a person so popular was just sold by you guys without hesitation? Is it because you love him that you have to bully him? I don't understand the thought process of these aliens.

The bullet comments were lively and extraordinary, but Colonel Albalo never dared to speak, quietly following the developments in the live stream after cutting off contact with the system. Wen Qing didn't force him, after all they would meet sooner or later.

After a long wait on the Interstellar Klin Star, Colonel Albalo finally received a delivery from the Blue Star. He eagerly opened the insulated box, and a fragrance that was indescribable wafted out. White and plump dumplings were packed in the box, and a small dish of balsamic vinegar was also provided. Colonel Albalo saw the chubby man and his friends dipping their dumplings in it, so he followed suit.

An indescribable sour and refreshing taste exploded on his tongue. Colonel Albalo couldn't handle the sourness, but it quickly subsided, and the delicious flavor of the dumplings bloomed completely.

Colonel Albalo closed his eyes and carefully savored this wonderful taste. He couldn't distinguish the fragrance of wheat flour, shepherd's purse, and pork that Wen Qing mentioned during the live stream, but he just thought it was delicious, very delicious!

No wonder the little chubby man was enjoying it so much!

When Colonel Albalo was about to eat his second dumpling, Seinstein and Costa from the next door barged in. "Hey! Buddy, it's not fun to eat alone. Let's share!"

Colonel Albalo instantly clutched his dumplings and was on high alert. However, under the suppression of Seinstein and Costa, he couldn't keep it.

Meanwhile, other people who received the dumplings had already started showing off in various ways:

"So delicious! So delicious! So delicious! Important things should be said three times!"

"One plate is not enough! I can eat two more!"

"I think it's tasty without dipping it in vinegar. I don't like that sour taste!"

"No, no, no, dipping in vinegar is better. It has a richer taste and more depth."

"I'm also part of the vinegar dipping group!"

"It can really enhance abilities! Although it's only a little bit, if you eat it every day, quantity can lead to quality change!"

"Enough said, show us the pictures!"

"Ah, why hurt each other! If you don't give us any, why do you have to tempt us!"

"Call the host! When will the benefits continue?"

"Host, love me again!"

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