Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 102: I Can See Ghost [1]

Content Warning: Drugs; Nudity.

When Wen Qing woke up once again, she felt weak and unbearably hot, and every cell in her body was craving coolness.

"Hehehe, little beauty, I'm here."

As soon as the unfamiliar wretched voice sounded, it gave Wen Qing a jolt. Her brain instantly sobered up, her broad sleeves drooped, and she took out a detox pill from the system, then swallowed it.

After the heat gradually subsided, Wen Qing looked at the surrounding environment. It was an elegantly furnished and quiet room that served as a place for guests to rest. At this moment, there was only her and a man. The man who was wearing a brocade clothes reeking of alcohol rushed toward her at the moment. Wen Qing subconsciously raised her leg and gave him a kick in the nuts.

"Ouch!" The man instantly squatted on the ground clutching his private parts in pain, not forgetting to raise his eyes and glare at Wen Qing. He was stunned afterward, "Cousin Wen Qing? How is it you? Where's cousin Wenshu?"

In this short time, Wen Qing had already figured out the plot she was in. This was the part where the reborn protagonist beat somebody at their own game by using her stepmother's tricks for framing her on her own daughter instead.

The female lead of this novel, Shen Wenshu, was originally the eldest daughter of the first wife of the minister of the estate. However, because her mother passed away early, her father married a second wife but was not well-liked. The stepmother had people planted inside and had a sweet mouth, but a sinister heart. Her father never cared nor asked, only blindly favoring her. There was also a half-sister who was innocent on the surface but was actually vicious and black-hearted. In the previous life, she was kept in the dark and mistook the tiger and wolf for good people. As a result, she was framed by her stepmother and lost her honor, and could only marry that playboy who ruined her, then finally died from torture...

After gaining a new life, she must let those who harmed her pay in blood!

Therefore, there was now this outcome.

Today was the birthday banquet of the old madam of the Shen family. The hall was full of distinguished guests, they were mingling with each other, and some negligence was inevitable. Shen Wenqing's mother, Lady Li, saw this opportunity and planned to frame Shen Wenshu. She originally arranged for someone to deliberately spill the tea and soiled Shen Wenshu's clothes. Then deliberately let her nephew, Li Bin to barge in when she was changing clothes which would ruin Shen Wenshu's reputation and force her to marry Li Bin.

In this way, not only did she found a minister’s first daughter as a good marriage partner for her nephew, but also cleared this obstacle for her daughter, because she heard His Majesty wanted to choose an imperial concubine for several of-age princes. The Shen Family was a prominent family and have daughters of appropriate age, so there might be a chance. But there was the daughter of the first wife standing in front and her daughter was being pressured directly. This naturally made Lady Li unable to rest or eat in peace, so she planned to set Shen Wenshu up.

She understood the principle of standing in the same boat. Shen Wenshu ruined reputation would inevitably drag her daughter down. Therefore, only her trusted aide and her sister-in-law will come and see this, not make it public. This way, it won't affect her daughter.

In the previous life, before Shen Wenshu's rebirth, she did succeed. Shen Wenshu married Li Bin, while her daughter, Shen Wenqing married the seventh prince of the dynasty.

But after Shen Wenshu's rebirth, it was completely reversed. Shen Wenshu did not fall into the trap, but her daughter, Shen Wenqing, did instead. Moreover, Shen Wenshu was more ruthless. She gave Shen Wenqing X Pill so that she and Li Bin directly completed the good deed. She also led a group of spectators, so Shen Wenqing's reputation was completely lost.

She did not care if her reputation would be implicated because of her sister. She firmly believed that the person who truly loved her would love her everything, accepting the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, instead of just her external reputation.

Wen Qing recalled these things in a split second before coming back to her senses. She adjusted her messy clothes and said to Li Bin, "Shen Wenshu has noticed, the plan has changed. Cousin (big brother), you go back first."

To let Li Bin cooperate with the play was naturally has been conspired beforehand, so he also knew about the trap for Shen Wenshu. Because it was agreed to let Shen Wenshu marry him after everything was done, he was naturally elated. Li Bin had long been coveting Shen Wenshu's beauty, moreover, she was the eldest daughter of the first wife of the minister of the estate, her identity matched up to his.

When he came in just now, he saw that "Shen Wenshu" seemed to be drugged by X Pill, and he thought that the plan had changed. He thought that his aunt wanted him and Shen Wenshu to directly do a good deed, but didn't expect something to go wrong.

After thinking about it, Li Bin rubbed his hands and approached Wen Qing again. He wasn't stupid, later no matter who people caught him with, they had to marry him! If it can't be the first sister cousin, then the second cousin will do! Anyway, both were the daughter of the formal wife of the minister of the estate, and they were all a beauty. Besides, only if the second cousin married him would the aunt be willing to give dowry, but marrying the eldest cousin won't. Thinking this way, Li Bin was ready to use their plan back at them.

Wen Qing knew what he was thinking at a glance, then sneered. She originally wanted to give him a way out for the sake of the original host's uncle, but he even wanted to take advantage of others!

Wen Qing lifted her foot and stepped hard on his foot. Li Bin gasping in pain, Wen Qing took advantage of the situation and stuffed a pill into his mouth, then simulated his throat to make him swallow it directly.

"Cough, cough..." Li Bin coughed for a while but was unable to spit it out. He was exasperated, "What did you make me eat?"

Wen Qing hooked her lips and smiled, "A good stuff, a magical drug that can make you feel like you're in seventh heaven."

The system’s items must be of good quality. After Li Bin took the medicine, the effect began to take effect soon. Wen Qing saw him take off his own clothes and roll on the ground, she then flipped through the window to leave.

After a while, Shen Wenshu led a group of people to push the door in. She had estimated the time, and Shen Wenqing should have done the good deed with Li Bin. ‘I wonder if Lady Li will be heartbroken when she saw the trap for her did not work but instead fell unto her daughter who she has high hopes in?’

Where no one else could see, Shen Wenshu's lips curled into a sneer. However, after pushing the door, the situation in the room took her by surprise.

A man with white skin was squirming naked on the ground, holding the thing in his hand and pumping it back and forth, his mouth was shouting, "Sweetheart, baby, you're holding it so tight, faster..."

"Ahh!" A group of girls screamed and hid away. Because Shen Wenshu was too shocked, she didn't react for a while. Her maid, Chun Tao reacted quickly and pulled her out, then closed the door. But the obscene sounds inside wasn't something that could be stopped by a door.

The unmarried girls covered their faces with handkerchiefs and left hurriedly, scolding Shen Wenshu inwardly as they moved. To actually bring them to see such a filthy scene! What a shame.

A few older generation noble ladies were able to hold on without changing their expressions. But Lady Lin from the Prime Minister's estate looked at Shen Wenshu with a sneer on her face, "Isn't the eldest young miss going to take us to see the wonderful scenery of the mansion? So, what? Is this it?"

Shen Wenshu's expression turned ugly, she also did not know where it went wrong. It was originally a foolproof plan, but Shen Wenqing was not here. Watching the scenery was just a pretext. If these people saw Shen Wenqing rolling with Li Bin, would they still think about the scenery?

Fortunately, she had been reborn and was able to deal with an unexpected situation calmly, "Ladies, I ask for your forgiveness. The wonderful scenery Wenshu’s speaking about was the seven-colored peonies in the backyard. Wenshu should not have taken shortcuts and let the ladies encounter such a dirty thing that would stain your eyes. Now that something like this has happened, allow me to go and report to my mother first, and then make amends to the ladies later."

She spoke frankly and reasonably. It really didn't look like she did it deliberately.

Afterward, they pondered about it, even if they were getting old, seeing this kind of filthy scene still made them flushed. Shen Wenshu was a girl who had not married, yet her expression did not change and remained composed. Either she knew in advance, or she hid her emotions well. No matter which, this girl was not easy to deal with.

Moreover, in the circumstances at that time, an unmarried girl who bumped into her while running out saw that while everyone else was running out, she was the only one who rushed in. Either way, it was a loss of reputation.

This world was extremely tolerant towards men but extremely harsh towards women. Li Bin having such a scandal was merely counted as a joke. But when Shen Wenshu just took a glance, her reputation was already tarnished. This was the way of this world.

After Wen Qing flipped from the window, she immediately went to see Lady Li and told her about it. Lady Li was terrified after hearing about this. She plotted against Shen Wenshu, but unexpectedly almost harmed her own daughter. "How can that lowly woman be so vicious? To come up with such a sinister plan to harm others, I really misjudge her before and treated her like a piece of dough..."

*t/n: I have a confession to make… this translator is also not sure about the “dough” thingy, if someone had any idea, please leave a comment oh!

Wen Qing lowered her eyes and refused to comment. Those who harm others would keep hurting others and would always be harmed. If you frame others, you must be prepared to be counterattacked by them. Lady Li and Shen Wenshu were two peas in a pod, their methods were treacherous and ruthless. The difference was that Lady Li still has weaknesses, her daughter and son, but the reborn Shen Wenshu has no scruples. As the saying goes, the poor have nothing to lose, so it's understandable that Lady Li couldn't beat Shen Wenshu.

Moreover, in addition to being reborn and knowing the future development trajectory, Shen Wenshu also has another cheat, Yin yang eyes.

*t/n: It is said that people with Yin yang eyes could see ghosts.

In the world of backyard fighting, there was no shortage of lonely wandering ghosts who died unjustly. They were everywhere, coming and going mysteriously, people couldn't see them, so they never thought of guarding them. Therefore, any underhanded schemes and scandals in the big manor were perfectly clear to them.

After the rebirth, Shen Wenshu was blessed by the gods, and she had the ability to communicate with ghosts, which was like an additional intelligence network. No underhanded schemes could escape her ears. This way, she was like a fish in the water or a tiger that had grown wings. Fought with the stepmother, fought with the poisonous sister, fought herself a perfect and splendid marriage partner. She then continued to fight the sister-in-law, fought the mother-in-law... and finally achieved the achievement of being a little expert in fighting behind the scenes.

Fortunately, ghosts were only active at night. Otherwise, Wen Qing's behavior just now would absolutely not be hidden from Shen Wenshu.

"Mother," Wen Qing spoke up to stop Lady Li's swearing behavior, "Let's stop today's incident here. You too, should not find trouble with the elder sister anymore. I think she might have some trump cards that we don't know about. It seems as if she has known beforehand about today’s plan. Not only was she able to escape, but she was also able to counterattack, let's wait and see for a while."

Wen Qing wasn't trying to make concessions to avoid trouble, but she was afraid that Lady Li would accidentally fall into Shen Wenshu's trap. And it wasn't good to tell her that Shen Wenshu has been reborn and has Yin yang eyes, that she would know whatever you do. So, she could only say this to dissuade her for now. Shen Wenshu was cruel and ruthless, Lady Li’s method was insidious, and the client, Shen Wenqing was not a good person. It was just a backyard fight, there was nothing more than relying on one's methods. They all were not good people, the one who has the last laugh would be the winner.

Before Shen Wenshu was reborn, she was inferior to Lady Li and her daughter and ended up being tortured to death. After Shen Wenshu's rebirth, Lady Li and her daughter were at disadvantage. One was being repudiated, while the other lost their reputation and was married off as a concubine. The reluctant Shen Wenqing failed to get her revenge and was finally thrown into the military camp as a military pros**tute...

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