Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 127: Male God Raider System [16]

"You can't say that." Shen Ruochu put down the water glass slowly, and chuckled, "Boys need a father's company and guidance more in the process of growing up, especially before the age of four, father is an indispensable role. Chuyi and the others are all grown up, and they have developed their own characters. They don't need much of a father. But Chusi is still young, and he needs me."

"What a joke! Chuyi is only seven years old, why doesn't he need a father?" Xu Zhan sneered and rolled his eyes at him, "Just listen to you talk, what are you supporting one and step on the other for? You said my son does not need a father so it is? Forget it, he has to say it himself! The most important thing is that Qingqing needs me!"

He turned his head to look at Wen Qing with a strange look, "Qingqing, if you want to choose a man to marry, choose me. First love is the most beautiful, and the feelings after leaving the campus were not pure enough. May you marry for love, not marriage."

Fang Ziqing raised his eyelids and squinted at him, "What did you just say? You slapped yourself in the face in a blink of an eye, stepping on others and praising yourself."

Xu Zhan didn't want to be outdone, "Ziqing, you can just watch the fun. Anyway, we have talked about it. You are a one-night stand, and you don't need to fight for the children. Don't get involved in emotional matters."

He Jinsheng smiled softly and kindly, "After getting married, I will treat all the children as my own, and love each child as my own, and I will not let them lack love."

Bo He smiled slightly, "You're not being kind like this. Not only did you rob the mother of the child, but even robbed our children."


A few people were going back and forth, arguing with each other, with swords and words, using hidden intelligence. No one was to be outdone. To show weakness at this time was to hand over your wife and children to others, who would like to?

Wen Qing sat up like a mountain and watched them play the game without expressing any opinion at all. Wen Qing didn't speak until they stopped talking.

"It's all over? Well, let me tell you about my decision…"

"I'm a non-marriageist, and I won't marry anyone. So you don't have to argue about that. Regarding children, I won't stop you from contacting them, nor will I stop them from visiting their grandparents. I respect the children and will accept their opinions if they want, and they will not force them if they don’t want to. This is my attitude. If there is nothing else, then let the meeting adjourned.”

Business-like, clean and neat, without any hesitation.

Very good, this was very Wen Qing!

Although several people had long expected that it would be difficult to continue the front line, they did not expect that she would reject it so neatly, and there was no room for turning around. But thinking it carefully, this was her style, otherwise she wouldn't have said goodbye and just disappeared.

"By the way," Wen Qing stopped suddenly when she walked to the door, and turned around and threw a sentence, "You are so poor, you don't need to pay child support, I will be responsible for it alone."

Poor, poor, poor...

Several people were in a mess, and the word was endlessly circulating in their heads. Before leaving, she still had to give another stab, can’t they play a good hand!

This matter was resolved in this way, although the five people felt a little regretful, it was still acceptable. Following the children's wishes was originally what they expected, and the only thing they worried about was that Wen Qing would stop them. Now that Wen Qing has spoken, there is nothing to worry about.

The matter of the child has been resolved, and the rest of the matter of chasing the wife was up to one's own ability!

Maybe it was because the first meeting was too beautiful, or maybe the reason for breaking up was too shameful, but Wen Qing left an indelible impression in their hearts. After thinking about it for so long, several people finally determined that they can’t forget her, so they started the stalker mode. Showing love on Weibo, sending roses on the plane, making breakfast by hand... Various routines were staged one after another, but Wen Qing didn't cooperate at all. After staying in China for a few days, she patted her butt and left.

Even if a few people went abroad, they couldn't find her at all, and they had to give up in the end.

At the same time, after half a month of breaking the news, Su La has reached the point of being dissed by the whole network. Netizens have not asked her to get out of the entertainment circle, but to get her out of the galaxy!

It was a f*cking personal freedom for having several relationships. If you were happy, dating one person a day was your own business, and no one can control you! But stepping on N boats and hooking up with other people's boyfriends was a moral issue! The key was to have hooked up and still not admit it, saying that you were not with them...

Can you seduce someone else's boyfriend without being together? These three views were simply broken to the ground. She had done something shameless but refused to be pointed at. It's the first time they have seen someone who has become a prosperous white lotus!

There was such a serious problem with the character, so what if she had good acting and beautiful singing voices? Netizens didn't buy it at all, and the whole network was clamoring for Su La to get out of the galaxy.

In this case, not even the system could bring her back to life. As for the men who were raided by her, although their minds were blurred and they were dying for her, there were always clear-minded relatives and friends beside them, who stopped them from contacting Su La. Su La was helpless, and her situation was extremely embarrassing. The original spouses who had been cheated on saw her end up like this, and they felt very happy.

Just seeing this, Wen Qing knew that she didn't need to take action, the wicked had their own karma, and they would have to pay them back sooner or later.

Wen Qing's career was booming, and the children were growing up. Although they go back to China for a short period of time every year to visit their father, grandparents, and grandparents, in general, Wen Qing was the one they trust, liked, and depend on most.

When the children grew up, Wen Qing left the company to the children to take care of, and she was keen to do charity and public welfare to help those in need. Until the age of 80, she personally went to the mountains to direct road construction. At the time of her death, people all over the country spontaneously mourned for her.

"Oh my god, you are so amazing! All these wishes can be fulfilled! It doesn't matter if you have five children, you have become the richest woman in the world! I originally wanted you to help me become an international actress, but I hadn't finished talking to you before I had to leave, but I don't need it now! What a queen! The richest woman in the world was a lot of bullshit, my classmates must envy me..." Blablabla, Su Wenqing didn't stop his mouth after waking up, Wen Qing couldn't bear it anymore, she kicked her into the reincarnation pool to reincarnate.

"Ah! I haven't finished..."

The world was finally quiet, Wen Qing rubbed her forehead, lying on the rocking chair, and closed her eyes. The Phoenix transformed into a humanoid boy, sat on the other side, and looked at her pitifully, "Sister, Sister, will you take me out to play next time?"

Wen Qing didn't open her eyes, "Okay, I'll take you if the situation is right."

The little Phoenix was happy, and the dog-legged Wen Qing made a pot of tea. Before the tea was finished, someone came to the door.

Wen Qing withdrew her consciousness from the Past Life Stone, slowly opened her eyes, and glanced at Little Phoenix apologetically, "Sorry, you can't go this time."

She could only take the Space Golden Finger to bring Little Phoenix to the real world, but in this world, she already has the golden finger of choice.

Cinderella broke into the aristocratic campus, her stubbornness and her maverick, attracted the dazzling noble prince, and finally launched a vigorous love, which is the plot of the Mary Sue idol drama. However, life tells you that Cinderella will not necessarily meet love, but may also meet... perverts!

The client this time was Qiao Wenqing who came from an ordinary background. She was admitted to the noble school Eton Middle School because of her excellent grades. Students in these schools were either rich, powerful, had influence, or all three. And Qiao Wenqing, who comes from an ordinary family, could only study hard and was out of tune with everything here. A poor and sensitive girl was struggling to survive, just because all her tuition and living expenses were waived here, and there were even monthly allowances.

However, some things were not something you can hide from.

The rich and powerful young masters and young ladies, the rich and luxurious life is really lonely and cold, so they want to have some fun. And play with her like a mouse, the process was a bit complicated, but the result was Qiao Wenqing committed suicide.

As for why Qiao Wenqing was cannon fodder? Because the heroine of this world was her own sister, Qiao Anran.

After knowing the truth of her suicide through her sister's diary, Qiao Anran decided to avenge her sister. So she pretended to be a ghost and approached the four culprits, pretending to be her sister to scare them. However, after seeing the pain and self-blame of the four people, she chose to forgive them, and several people also developed feelings for this simple and beautiful girl. So after a bloody drama of falling in love and killing each other, came a HE*.

*t/n: HE stands for Happy Ending.

Therefore, the existence of Qiao Wenqing was the opportunity for the hero and heroine to know each other and the catalyst for their feelings.

This time, Wen Qing was using a terrifying black packet golden finger. Since the heroine wants to play a horror, then let's be terrifying to the end!

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