Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 114: Male God Raider System [3]

Xu Zhan woke up quietly, closed his eyes, and reminisced about the ecstasy of last night, and was excited once more, then sneakily touched the side of his bed. Unexpectedly, he touched an empty bed.

Xi Zhan instantly woke up and sat straight. Sure enough, beside him... was empty. Xu Zhan grabbed his hair, his heart filled with a bad premonition. He got up quickly, put on his clothes, and blushed a little when he saw some of the plum blossoms on the bed sheets.

It was at this moment that the door of the room was pushed open, and Wen Qing came in carrying a breakfast, "Awake? You drank a lot last night, I was afraid that you would feel uncomfortable, so I went to buy you some porridge."

Xu Zhan's heart felt very sweet as if he had just drank honey, he hurriedly went to hug her, "Qingqing, you're so kind!" As he said that, he was about to kiss her, but Wen Qing pushed him away in disgust, "You stink, hurry up and wash up!"

Xu Zhan 'hehe-d' and went into the bathroom with a silly smile on his face.

After having an "intimate relationship", Xu Zhan became even mushier with Wen Qing. Now that the college entrance examination was over, there was no need to do exercises. He has a lot of time to pester her, hating that he can't be with her 24 hours a day and had to be separated even for a moment.

Moreover, how can a boy who had just tasted the forbidden fruit for the first time know how to endure it? After pestering Wen Qing to "do" it a few times, he felt it become more and more savory.

As the saying goes, happiness begets sorrow, what goes around comes around. During the happiest, most infatuated, and most infatuated points of love, Wen Qing proposed to break up.

"But, but why?" The breakup came so suddenly, Xu Zhan was unable to react at all.

"We're not suitable for each other." Wen Qing said politely.

Xu Zhan was stunned for a long time, seeing that she didn't look like she was joking, the smile on his face slowly stiffened. It took him a long time before he asked with red eyes, "Don't coax me with such high-sounding words, I want to hear the truth! Why break up so suddenly?"

"Do you want to hear the truth?"

Xu Zhan froze for a moment then lowered his head. Wen Qing was helpless, sighed, and said, "I didn't intend to say it at first for fear of hurting your self-esteem. Since you want to hear the truth, I'll tell you."

"How to say it..." Wen Qing looked tangled and was very embarrassed, "I think it's still very important for two people being together to have 'sexual happiness'. I saw in the book they say seven times a night or it took two to three hours for one time. Maybe we are still young, but it's good that you can persist for nearly half an hour. Don't be discouraged, there is still room for improvement in the future..."

Although Wen Qing had said it very politely, Xu Zhan still understood. What she meant to say was...

He! Can't! Do it!

A bolt from the blue! Xu Zhan was stunned and did not move, as if petrified. Even if you killed him, he would never have imagined that this was the reason why she broke up with him! She despises him for being so quick! Seven fucking times a night! Which bastard wrote that out, come out! He promised not to kill him!

Xu Zhan felt that he needed to talk to his girlfriend about science. The novels were all demonized, and a normal man only took five to ten minutes. He was already very powerful, but he couldn't say it. How to say them? It's embarrassing enough to be rejected by your girlfriend because of this, isn't it? To discuss it with her about her misunderstanding that those seven times a night in the novels were all lies, does he not want a face anymore?

My heart is so tired...

Xu Zhan was down in the dumps, Wen Qing patted him on the shoulder, and said earnestly, "Fighting!" Then left slowly.

Xu Zhan didn't go after her, he was still in an unspeakable depression in his heart and just wanted to have some quiet. However, after he digested this bizarre reason for breaking up, and then went to look for Wen Qing, she had already left the house empty. The house was sold, and she also did not appear at the examination of the city's top science students. She did not apply to be a volunteer nor did she go to school. According to the homeroom teacher, she seems to have gone abroad...

Xu Zhan irritably crumpled up the notice and threw it into the trash. There was not a bit of happiness because of passing into a key university. Now he just wants to drag that bad girl out and beat her. Okay, okay, maybe not to beat her, as long as she appeared immediately, he won't care about it anymore...

Unfortunately, Wen Qing never showed up again.

Wen Qing took out a mortgage on her house three months ago and invested the loan money in the stock market. When Xu Zhan helped her with her homework, she was busy analyzing stock market data and making a small profit. She then took the money and the child in her "belly" to fly to the United States to prepare for a big fight.

More than nine months later, Wen Qing's company went public, and at the same time, her eldest son was born, named Wen Chuyi. In the future, the following few will be called Chu'er, Chusan, Chusi... simple and clear.

The child conceived by the system is no different from the ordinary child. Wen Qing also took Chuyi to the hospital for a careful examination. There was nothing wrong, and he was even a little too clever. With the addition of a soft and glutinous dumpling, Wen Qing's life suddenly became lively. Apart from making money, she finally had other fun.

Wen Qing was going to cultivate Chuyi as an elite. Therefore, from the moment he was "born", Wen Qing provided him with a nanny, driver, tutor, private doctor... But, before the age of three, Wen Qing was going to take care of him more by herself.

When Chuyi was three years old, Wen Qing went back to China. Her target this time was He Jinsheng, the old soul man.

He Jinsheng was a late-bloomer, it took him ten years to become popular. At that time, he was already thirty years old. Su Wenqing was also in the movie that made him popular, but at that time, she was already a first-line movie queen. The two fell in love with each other because of the play. Although they have less time together and often separated more, they were also considered to be in harmony. If Su La had not stepped in among them, He Jinsheng would have been the one who would have gone to the end with Su Wenqing.

He Jinsheng is a very serious and upright person. He never stirs up scandals with others, nor does he make public appearances to curry favor. Especially when working with female stars, he will never take the opportunity to take advantage of others. The more beautiful the woman was, the more distance he put between them, as if separated by the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, He Jinsheng is affectionately called an old soul by his fans.

This kind of man who has principles and bottom lines and has experienced hardships and finally settled down is very suitable as a husband. When Su Wenqing was with him, she even thought about settling down. It's a pity that when a good man meets a heroine, she has to disarm and surrender.

According to the ups and downs of He Jinsheng's career, Wen Qing chose this time to meet him. At this time, He Jinsheng had been running around for four years without any results, and finally fell out with his family, which was the most confusing and lowest time in his life.

He Jinsheng struggled to get up from the bed, the hangover gave him a splitting headache, and he had to close his eyes and lie down for a while. After a quarrel with his family yesterday, he ran out to get drunk and was so drunk that he didn't know how to get home.

"You're awake?" A gentle but very unfamiliar voice sounded, causing He Jinsheng to open his eyes instantly and look in the direction from which the voice came.

In an unfamiliar room, a beautiful unfamiliar girl sat on the sofa and looked at him with a smile, "I saw you drunk and bump into my car yesterday. Moreover, it was raining, so I brought you back."

He Jinsheng looked at her in a daze, he then uttered two words in a hoarse voice, "Thank you."

Wen Qing smiled, "You're welcome, I've made breakfast, do you want to have some together?"

Originally, they met by chance, and she was kind enough to help him. He shouldn't trouble others, but seeing those clear eyes full of gentle smiles, He Jinsheng nodded while lost in thought.

It was a simple breakfast of clear porridge and side dishes, steamed buns, and soy milk, but it made He Jinsheng move. How long has it been since he saw a steaming breakfast waiting after opening his eyes?

He just wants to act, which is what he likes, and he can get happiness and satisfaction from it. Therefore, even if he has run for four years without any results, he is still persistently persevering. No setbacks or difficulties could bring him down, but his family's lack of understanding and support made him feel unbearable. They were his closest person, he couldn't brush off their cold words.

However, the care and warmth that he didn't get from his family, he got from a stranger, made He Jinsheng's heart move. He become a little impulsive and blurted out a sentence, "Can I stay with you for a while?" As soon as the words came out, He Jinsheng couldn't wait to slap himself to death. She kindly took him in for one night, and he just had to take advantage of her!

"That's fine." To his surprise, the other party agreed.

"The guest room is still empty. I'll clean up if you want to stay." Wen Qing still smiled softly and did not ask him why he wanted to stay here.

He Jinsheng was very moved, "Thank you, I will pay you the rent. But I don't have the money right now, it may take a while..." As He Jinsheng spoke, his voice slowly subsided, and he felt embarrassed. He blushed when he said that.

Wen Qing said very understandingly, "It doesn't matter. Who never gets into trouble? Take your time, everything will be fine."

Everything will be fine... He Jinsheng's eyes almost reddened. At this moment, what he needed the most was a word of encouragement and affirmation. So that he can continue to persevere.

He Jinsheng adjusted his mood and continued to go to the studio full of energy, leaving early and returning late every day. There will still be obstacles and cold encounters, but when he returns home in the middle of the night and sees the meals specially reserved for him on the table, his heart warms up. It even made him think that the days when he can't see where his future lay were no longer so difficult.

He occasionally asked for some information about Wen Qing, and he knew that she was working abroad and was now on vacation. No matter how much, he was embarrassed to ask, after all, they have no close relationship.

During the second week of staying at Wen Qing's house, He Jinsheng signed a contract with a brokerage company. Having a company means that there will be more opportunities and resources. He Jinsheng is very happy. The first person with whom he wanted to share this news was Wen Qing.

"...Xinghuang Media has been developing well in recent years, and it tends to catch up with established companies. I didn't expect that I would be able to sign a contract here..." He Jinsheng happily conveyed his excitement to her, completely without the usual calm and reserved look.

Wen Qing listened to him patiently, and congratulated him very sincerely, "Congratulations, your hard work will definitely pay off."

He Jinsheng was excited and a little embarrassed, "I also want to thank you, if you didn't take me in, I won't be able to run into my manager either." Xinghuang's gold medal manager, Xu Lan, also happens to live in this community.

Wen Qing smiled gently, "No thanks, those who work hard will definitely get the opportunity."

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