Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 41: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [10.1]

"There are a large number of palace customs and many nobles. Follow me closely and don't collide with anyone." Dong’e carefully warned her.

"Okay, Ninth Aunt."

Dong'e was satisfied with her reply. She took Wen Qing to Imperial concubine Yi Fei. When they got there, there were several other prince consorts talking with Imperial concubine Yi Fei, making the palace full of laughter.

As soon as Wen Qing entered the palace, she heard a robotic voice saying, "Dangerous people detected! Dangerous people detected!”

Wen Qing was not surprised that she could hear the voice of the female lead's system. She followed the voice, looked up, and took a glance at the female lead's direction. She was a real beauty. With the various rewards and blessings of the system, her skin was as white and clear as snow, her eyes were sparkling and glistening, coupled with red lips, a slim body and graceful posture—so beautiful that one couldn’t help but love and admire her.

The female lead was already a mother of five children but she still behaves like a girl, which makes people feel awkward. Moreover, she was too beautiful, too beautiful to be a real person. Every single detail was perfect, but too much of everything always makes people feel indisposed.

Although she sat together with prince consorts, she always seemed out of place. Of course, it also had something to do with her being the only concubine among them.

At the moment, she had panic in her eyes because she heard the system's prompt warning. She calmed down and asked the system in her mind, "What dangerous person?" In order to complete tasks, the system usually reminds her when she encounters dangerous goods, but people in the palace were more or less malicious to her so the system hadn't specifically reminded her of anyone who needed attention. This was the first time she met a dangerous person who required her vigilance.

The voice of the system reminded her, "Qi Wenqing, the girl you exchanged away sixteen years ago."

“What?!" Li Jia suddenly became pale. No wonder the system warned her; if it was that girl, it may affect her main task. Such a person is of course dangerous! She looked directly at the woman next to Dong'e. Just now, the system prompted her when they came in. She had seen the Ninth Prince's consort many times and the system was fine, so the girl beside her must be the trouble!

Just then, the girl looked up at her and they made eye contact. The girl's lips slowly curled up, causing Li Jia to feel an explicable chill. She accidentally dropped the tea cup in her hand and broke it, her face becoming paler.

Others saw her in a daze and asked her what was wrong. Li Jia gave a strained smile, "I'm fine. I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable, I will go back first." After she finished speaking, she left hurriedly, leaving a bunch of people who looked at each other in confusion.

Li Jia's performance in the Yi Fei palace quickly spread to Kangxi's ears. "Oh? Are you sure she was scared when she saw Qi Wenqing?”

"Yes, this slave clearly saw. Concubine Li accidentally knocked over her tea cup and her face has become unusually pale.”

Kangxi sneered. It was just a test, he did not expect his prediction to be true. But, it's really weird that Li Jia could unexpectedly recognize Wen Qing to be her daughter in a glance.

Li Jia must be tight-lipped right now.

At the end of the dinner, Wen Qing was led to the Palace of Heavenly Purity.

Kangxi wanted to give her an impression, so he kept reviewing the imperial notes as if he hadn't realized her arrival. Wen Qing didn't just stupidly wait yet also didn't kneel, instead, she walked directly to the front of Kangxi’s Imperial Court and put her hands on the table. "Why are you searching for me?”

Kangxi failed on his plan. He scrunched his forehead, once again refreshed of his view of Wen Qing's unruly behavior.

"Impudent! Why do you not kneel when you see me?”

Wen Qing blinked, "The rules are for those who follow them, the one who doesn't follow doesn't have to comply!" Wen Qing replied, reminding him of what he himself had once said. Kangxi became speechless. No wonder the girl didn't refute him, she was actually waiting for this chance.

Kangxi's perception took a turn. "Even if you don't keep the rules, you should always keep the filial piety. Why are you disrespectful to your elders when you know your origin?" Both sides were wise people; Kangxi did not beat around the bush and pointed it out directly.

Wen Qing raised her eyebrow and looked at him, "Are you going to recognize me? I did not promise to recognize my origin!”

Kangxi raised his voice, "You don't want to?" She would be royalty after she recognizes her origin. She didn't want the glory? Maybe she’s playing hard to get. Kangxi thought in his heart.

Wen Qing scoffed, "I'm not playing hard to get, what's good in it for me if I go back? Since ancient times, royal princesses have not been worse than Qing Dynasty’s princess. She was sent to strengthen connections and died at a young age. Only if I am stupid will I recognize my origin!”

Being mercilessly reminded of the bitter truth of royalty, Kangxi's face turned ugly. He was silent for a moment before he sighed. "Arranged marriage has no alternatives, but don't worry, if it's you, I will not be able to bear to let you go, and I can guarantee that.”

"Then I also don't recognize those bunch of royal rules. How can I be unrestrained and comfortable like I am outside? Here is not like England where women can inherit the throne without any conditions. Why should I come back and be bound by these broken rules?”

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