Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 42: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [10.2]

Kangxi thought it would be very simple to persuade Wen Qing to recognize her origin and return to them. After all, the royal status was still very attractive to common people. But he didn't expect her to be as stubborn as a mule! Even saying that she couldn't inherit the throne so why would she come back?

This made him give a forced smile. He had heard that the rulers of some western countries were women, but he never thought that there would be a female emperor in the Qing Dynasty. After all, there were regulations in the Qing Dynasty entailing that women shouldn’t discuss politics. So, he did not pay attention to Wen Qing and took the sentence, only as a jest.

"You truly don't want to recognize your origin?" At the moment, Kangxi was eager to have her recognize her ancestors, not only for appreciation but also in order for her not to fall into the hands of others. 

"And return to be a caged bird? Even if you say you won't give me off through an arranged marriage, there will be times where political marriage will be inevitable. If not, would I have to stay in the back house and spend the rest of my life there? Do you think that's appropriate?" Wen Qing looked at him with seriousness, "I have traveled around the world for fifteen years, and my knowledge and experience are by no means comparable to those of an average person. Exploring the countries and mastering various studies such as agriculture, industries, politics, medicines, and military. The 'mystical power' that you were referring to, were all made by me. I made the rice yielding one thousand pounds per mu, and I also designed those powerful weapons. The so-called ‘the pen helps in maintaining peace and the sword helps in maintaining administration’, is nothing more than a manifestation of my ideas. So, do you still think it's appropriate for me to be a woman in the house?”

Kangxi was shocked, not only by what she said but also because all those things were invented by her. If this is true, then her value was immeasurable! It would be a waste to just let her be a housed woman!

Kangxi was in a complicated mood. He looked at her inexplicably. After a while, he let out a faint sigh. "What is your proposal?”

“I want to enter the court as an official!" Wen Qing said without hesitation. Be an official first then be an emperor; she has to take it step by step or else others wouldn’t accept it all at once. "There haven’t been any female officials before but, I am full of talent and experience. What’s there hindering me from being an official?”

Kangxi wasn’t surprised when she said such astounding things. As a matter of fact, just before asking her, he had already thought of her plan. She never conceals the story of her return from overseas. She spent a lot of money to buy a shop, sold all kinds of inexplicable things, and attracted people's attention with gimmicks, just to get his attention! He wondered if she had planned to show enough value from the beginning just to negotiate with him in the end.

He unexpectedly had no choice but to follow her wishes because he truly doesn't want to give up upon such expertise. Besides, she nevertheless was his descendant.

Kangxi, of course, wouldn't promise her anything directly, he'd let her go back first with a straight face. This girl was surely not afraid. She dared to say anything, thus he had to dampen her spirit.

Wen Qing breathed a sigh of relief. Her purpose should be achieved by now. If Kangxi disagreed with her proposal, she would either die quietly and suddenly or be imprisoned in the palace; she wouldn't be able to get out of the palace at all! Now that she had been released from the palace, her proposal was already considered accepted.

Kangxi was calm. After a month of quietness, the news of Li Jia's miscarriage and death due to hemorrhage were released. The moment Li Jia saw Wen Qing, she knew that the affairs of that day might not be kept under wraps anymore. Therefore, she urgently became pregnant with her sixth child. She thought Kangxi wouldn’t touch her for the sake of royal blood so that she would have about ten months buffer time to think about countermeasures. Unexpectedly, this time, Kangxi didn't play according to general understanding.

If you love somebody, you want them to live forever, but if you hate somebody, you want them dead. Kangxi didn't like her since a long time ago, he was only holding back for the Crown Prince. Kangxi didn't want to damage their father and son relationship, so he tolerated her ‘till now. Wen Qing’s appearance simply gave him a reason, which subsequently led to Li Jia's tragedy.

Her Imperial Harem system is only useful for becoming beautiful and seducing men, or distributing some competing items such as pregnant pills. It was without any protection that could shield her. Kangxi wanted to kill her, which was easier than blowing off dust. And it was done very cleanly, so people couldn't find any flaws.

The Crown Prince was devastated. Li Jia had already passed her favourability points on him by 90. After she died, he was no different from a walking dead.

Whenever Kangxi saw him this way, his anger would flare up even more. Kangxi already had the idea of abolishing the title of crown prince from him, although it was just a flash of thought. Once this thing came up in his mind, it wasn’t far from implementation. After another half a month, Kangxi suddenly announced the return of the Prince's eldest daughter— Aisin Gioro Wenqing.

The official story was, that year, Li Jia gave birth to twins, and the girl was naturally Wenqing. As soon as she was born, Qin Tianjian predicted— this woman is extremely noble, but she can't see your family before the age of 16, otherwise she will die young, so she has to be kept outside. Now that she had spent her 16th birthday safely, it was only logical to bring her back.

Most people were very curious about this sudden appearance of the daughter of a prince. They were only curious though because they thought one Princess wouldn't make any difference.

Several cheap uncles were greatly shocked. No wonder she was so bold and was not afraid to swindle a prince. She also called them uncles. It turned out she knew of her identity a long time ago!

"Big Niece's mouth is indeed intense, you even concealed the truth from Tenth Uncle and you also swindled one thousand silver teals from Tenth Uncle. Did you secretly laugh at us at that time?”

"What is your 1,000 taels? This girl swindled me hundreds of thousands from time to time!" Yintang gnashed his teeth and glared at Wen Qing.

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