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Chapter 43: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [11.1]

"Ninth Uncle, your words don't make sense. If you didn't swindle 1000 teals from me for the shop, would I have swindled you? Relatives; the deeper the pit, the deeper the relationship! Besides, I have partnered with you in the soap and glass business, and you have earned a lot, haven't you?"

Yintang hasn't spoken yet when the silent Yinzhen said, "If Ninth Brother doesn't want to do it, then Big Niece can come to Fourth Uncle. Fourth Uncle won't cheat you!”

"Okay," Wen Qing promised, "I actually have a business that I want to run with Fourth Uncle as a partner.”

“What business? Elder Niece, take Thirteenth Uncle in too!”

“No problem!" Wen Qing smiled.

"I say, you people are going too far to sabotage me!" Yintang's face blackened.

"What do you mean by sabotage? Elder Niece doesn't belong to you alone.”



In a word, Wen Qing got into the royal imperial clan smoothly, and everyone accepted her without any hesitation, especially those convenient uncles who were quite affectionate with her.

In November, when the court was quiet, Kangxi suddenly threw a heavy bomb— Wen Qing was appointed as the magistrate of Qing Country.

As soon as the announcement came out, the imperial court exploded. Almost everyone was against the decision, saying women aren’t allowed to take part in governmental affairs as per their ancestors’ instructions, and it couldn't be violated. However, the several princes led by the fourth prince expressed their approval. They thought that Wen Qing's brilliance and ability doesn't fall behind that of any man. Furthermore, can't be compared? Her brilliance and ability are vastly beyond theirs! And of course, such talents shouldn’t be detained in a house.

At that time, they didn't know their great niece was going to grab the throne from them in the future, so they all put in a good word for her one by one. They could never have imagined that Wen Qing's ambition was more than just a county!

The royal court was noisy for several days, but what Kangxi has decided can not be easily revoked. The discussion was in full swing in the imperial court. When they had discussed enough, he made Wen Qing go to office immediately!

Wen Qing, of course, packed up and went to work. Fortunately, Qing County wasn’t far from the capital. It was estimated that Kangxi also put her there for convenience of investigation. Meanwhile, Wen Qing also thought of keeping an eye nearby.

Although she was a lower rank magistrate, Wen Qing felt very good. One step at a time was the right method. If she suddenly parachuted into a capital official, no one would obey her. It was better to start from the groundwork. Kangxi could still live for sixteen years anyway, she has plenty of time to clinch achievements and make everyone sit up and take notice.

When Wen Qing arrived in Qing County, there were some twists and turns at the beginning, but it was no big problem after being cleverly resolved by her. As a matter of fact, the people at the bottom didn't care who was superior. They only cared about whether they could eat and wear warm clothes, and who could make their lives better. Whoever is able to do so, will naturally get their support.

After Wen Qing took over the position, she first inspected the actual situation of the locals, then studied the wheat that was most suitable for that local area and promoted the planting of high-yielding crops such as potatoes and corn. At this time, potatoes had been introduced into China, but they were not popularized. They were not fully popularized until the Qianlong period, so Wen Qing fast-forwarded this step. Wheat was only planted during one season in the north, and potatoes and corn could be planted just after the wheat was harvested.

Just this year, the farmers had a bountiful harvest. The average yield per mu of wheat reached 1,000 kg, while the potatoes were exaggerated, with an average yield of 1,500 kg! There was surplus grain in abundance this year and the people were happy to call Wen Qing the reincarnation of Bodhisattva!

Afterwards, Wen Qing reformed the farm tools and irrigation technology, which improved the efficiency of agricultural production and liberated a number of laborers. Then a textile factory was built, and most of the workers were female. They were mostly rural women who work in the fields when they are in the countryside, so there were no scruples about how women shouldn’t be seen in public. No offense, but the textile works are for the women.

Textile works are valued by Wen Qing, who has applied steam engines to factories, which is an unprecedented reform. Because of the use of machines, the production efficiency of the factory became extremely high and the fabrics and sweaters produced were inexpensive, exquisite, durable, and sold well all over the country.

The better the efficiency of the factory, the more wages the workers got. Economic income determined family status, which was the same as in modern times, and in ancient times. When the income of these women workers became the main source of income in their families, needless to say, their backs naturally straightened.

The higher the income of these factory workers, the better their lives became. The city people who claimed to be spring snow[1] couldn't sit still. They also slowly joined the female workers.

At the same time, Wen Qing built a technical school to teach ordinary people skills. In the beginning, it was divided into boys' schools and girls' schools, and then it merged slowly under Wen Qing's intentional guidance.

Wen Qing didn’t put forward words such as ‘women should be self-reliant and women can hold up half the sky’ at the beginning, but instead influenced them subtly through education and commended some self-reliant women to guide them. This change was subtle, like boiling frogs in warm water[1], changing little by little. By the time people noticed it, they didn't feel anything wrong, and they accepted it unconsciously.

Reforming agriculture, building factories, recruiting women workers, and building girls' schools… Wen Qing turned Qingxian County into a national textile trade center in five years, and at the same time, showed people the different power of women.

TL Notes:

[1]: Spring snow {阳春白雪}: high and sophisticated

[2]: boil a frog in warm water {温水煮青蛙般} inability of people to react to significant changes that occur gradually

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