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Chapter 44: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [11.2]

Kangxi 50, October. Wen Qing was transferred back to the capital as the assistant minister of the Ministry of Revenue. This time, there was a lot less opposition against her in the courtroom.

After Li Jia's death, her imperial harem system was taken by Wen Qing. After mastering the system, she discovered a skill that allowed her to appear in one's dream. Learning this made Wen Qing extremely happy. With these new skills, it would be much easier for her to become emperor.

Primarily, the skill was used to let the capture target dream of a dream woven by the host, making the capture target think about the host during the day and dream about the host at night. However, Wen Qing used this skill not to seduce anyone, but to let Kangxi distinguish the reality.

She showed the future development trajectory of the Qing dynasty to Kangxi in a dream, allowing him to see how the Qing dynasty rose and fell and finally perished.

Therefore, Kangxi always intermittently dreamed of the fragments of the future. From Yin Zhen's succession which drained all his energy to Hongli's succession to the throne and the other’s fondness for the grandiose, extravagant, luxurious, then the gradual decline of the great Qing dynasty due to the Eight-Nation Alliance[1] invading China, making it cede its territories and pay indemnities as the former was trampled upon the other's mercy...

Kangxi always woke up from a dream when he saw it. The first time was unexpected, but then what about the second and third time? The dreams were so real that he couldn't just ignore them. He felt that this was a warning given to him by his ancestors so that he wouldn’t let the great Qing go down such a path again.

Two years ago, after the abolition of the Crown Prince, Kangxi did not consider the matter of announcing the prince. For one, to test his other sons who are suitable, another reason is naturally because of what happened in the dream.

Originally, his heart inclined to the fourth prince’s succession. The fourth prince was a good one, capable of having the measures. The dream of cleaning up the mess he had left behind proved that it was real. But it was also true that his children weren’t abundant! Isn't that what dreams are all about? He had no choice before he died, so he couldn't help but choose Hongli.

He used to think that Hongli was a good boy possessing his own youthful demeanor. But it turns out that Hongli didn't pay attention to enhancing his outstanding ability, but only focused on his fondness of the grandiose. Everytime during his trip to the south, he was recklessly extravagant. With things this way, the family fortune would certainly be led to decline together with the great Qing.

So he couldn't choose the fourth prince, because the fourth prince has no successor. But the other princes have some problems of one kind or another too, which makes him very dissatisfied. Also, his favorite grandchildren among others. If Hongli was already so unbearable, how can he ensure that others can let him rest assured? Maybe they were not as good as Hongli.

Therefore, Kangxi would not make up his mind until Wen Qing came back from Qingxian County.

Kangxi could see what Wen Qing had done in Qingxian County, and he couldn't help but admire it. Albeit the objection, appointing Wen Qing to Qingxian was the best decision he had ever made. He didn't expect that she would give him such a big surprise. If she was a man, she would have been his perfect heir! He would have readily passed his throne to her!

Unfortunately, she was a woman.

However, there were some matters that should not even be considered. Because once considered, the idea would roll like a snowball until one day, people must pay attention to its existence.

Wen Qing's performance was so excellent that people often ignored her gender! If Kangxi hadn't dreamt about those things, he would have trained Wen Qing as an Imperial Preceptor and the brain of the great Qing. But because of those dreams, he had to reconsider it. He knew the future, so he will unconditionally trust and support Wen Qing, but what about the next emperor? Wen Qing is just a woman after all. If they don't trust her, what can she do?

Things in the dream were too realistic, but there was no Wen Qing in the dream, and there were also none of the things that she had taken out. Therefore, Kangxi had reason to believe that Wen Qing was a variable in the fall of Qing Dynasty.

Perhaps, she will be the hope of the Qing Dynasty in the future.

Kangxi's heart was moved. He began to pave the way for Wen Qing in his mind. He planned to take Wen Qing as the last resort. If he had not found a suitable heir before his death, Wen Qing would succeed him, and if he found someone, he would still train Wen Qing as the shadow counselor of the Qing dynasty.

Kangxi laid his plans very well, and Wen Qing was willing to cooperate mainly because she didn't want to start a war, and it was best to make a peaceful transition because Kangxi can't stand the unwillingness of others to cooperate.

On 53rd of February, the abandoned Crown Prince Yinreng was instigated by people and started a rebellion. He colluded with the palace guards, collaborated with internal and external forces, and forced the emperor to abdicate to the Hall of Mental Cultivation. Although it was quickly suppressed, Kangxi was accidentally injured and died three months later.

Before he died, Wen Qing was made the Imperial Princess, and after his death, she succeeded to be the new emperor.

When the news came out, it immediately caused a great uproar. Both the government and the common people underwent huge turmoil. Wen Qing made a decisive move and pressed down the disturbance. Over the years, she has trained a lot of people, making them all have an advanced perception. Anyone who was stubborn and pedantic in the courtroom was eradicated by her and replaced by one of her own.

Those people were easy to handle, the key problems were her cheap uncles. Initially, they were in the life and death battle for the throne, but they didn't think an unexpected opponent would disrupt them halfway and it would be none other than their lovely elder niece. At the moment, all of them had a complicated mood.

Wen Qing doesn't care about whatever mood they currently were. One should utilize what should be utilized. She assigned them to a position according to their abilities. The eldest prince continued to lead troops and she didn't cut off his military power. The fourth prince continued to be the administrator of the Ministry of Revenue, and she even gave the ninth prince all the financial power... She gave them the right, and if they dared to oppose it, she would have an excuse to make an example.

But what she didn't expect was that in the end, there wasn't a single objection. Wen Qing felt that they were impressed by her charisma.

After the court calmed down, Wen Qing selected a Han man with unknown social standing as her Imperial husband. She used the pregnancy pills from the system and gave birth to two daughters. Since her mission was to improve the status of women, the next successor should certainly be a woman!

In the thirty-seventh year of Wen Qing's reign, she promoted agriculture, established factories, encouraged reform, developed technology, popularized science and technology, and attached importance to education. Qing's national strength was raised to be the first in the world! Whether it was science and technology, economy, or education, it was the world's top-level, attracting countless countries to study and observe. After the great Tang Dynasty, China once again stood at the top of the world!

Wen Qing has great talents but does not covet power. After everything was on track, she took the initiative to decentralize, reform the political system, and implement a constitutional monarchy instead of an independent feudal monarch.

Wen Qing married only one imperial husband in her life and set an example to advocate monogamy, which was gradually followed by the people. She also appointed female officials on a large scale, created women's federations, and abolished feudal bad habits such as foot-binding... So far, after women's economic status improved, their social status also gradually improved, and women were finally no longer men's accessories.

Wende 37th year, Wen Qing passed the throne to her eldest daughter and died.

Wen Qing took one final look her the reign, the order and prosperity that she had established and then left.

The infinite space was still so quiet and peaceful. Xu Wenqing got up from the soft couch and curtsied toward Wen Qing, "Thank you, Fairy." She has seen everything Wen Qing had done from her subconscious.

"You're welcome. Are you able to put down your resentment now?”

"This lady's wish has been fulfilled. There is no more resentment.”

"Then, you can proceed to reincarnation.”

Xu Wenqing curtsied again before heading to the reincarnation pool. At the same time, the light of merit fell from the sky and enveloped Wen Qing. Wen Qing's mind moved. A branch of the golden light of merit soaked Xu Wenqing whose body soon vanished from sight.

Wen Qing liked this woman. She has been miserable all her life, but she didn't rave against her fate. She saved others and helped the belittled women of the world. She said that she only wanted peace and joy in her next life and Wen Qing was willing to satisfy her. She now had merits and virtues to protect herself, so she would have a smooth life in her next life.

Wen Qing had just sent off Xu Wenqing when the evocation bell at the gate of the courtyard rang again. Wen Qing went to the stone to see the past of the bearer and then went out to meet her.

The client was dressed in white and had a cold and stiff expression as she moved towards her. Wen Qing led her to sit down in the courtyard, poured her a glass of water, and waited patiently for her to let out her frustrations and emotions from which she could not extricate herself.


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