Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 29: Pampered Consort's Imperial Harem System [4.1]

Chapter: Yin’e is always the one who gets swindled

Yin secretly pulled Yinsi’s sleeve and asked in a low voice, "Eighth brother, you read more books and are more knowledgeable than me, do you know what this is?" He asked as he pointed at something one and a half feet long and two fingers wide that had a handle underneath.

Yinsi whispered, "I don't know."

It was embarrassing! Their dignified prince brother, who received the best education from childhood, dabbled in astronomy, geography, and learned several foreign languages, didn’t know anything that was in this store!

They forgot about Yintang. He was inwardly shocked but didn't dare to show it. It would be a shame to admit it.

They wandered around and finally found a familiar acquaintance in the corner! All kinds of precious stones were randomly thrown in this corner like they’re just normal stones on the side of the road.

"Boss, what is the price of these gems?" Rare things were precious. Western gems were quite popular in the Qing Dynasty, and they were priceless. Therefore, at first glance, Yintang was moved. His mind was already planning on how to thrift and make a lot of money at once.

Wen Qing looked up to take a glance, even as she saw the trio, she didn't react. "Oh, that’s 100 teals for a pound." They had no vision and chose the most useless thing in her store.

100 teals for a pound?! The people were stunned that gems were sold by pounds. It was really unheard of! A piece was worth more than 100 teals, okay?

"I will take them all!" They were cheap. The woman just came back from overseas and didn’t know the prices of gems in the Qing dynasty. Yintang felt ecstatic because he had picked up a bargain again!

Wen Qing finally put her pen down, stood up as she moved her shoulders, and then walked towards them.

"Our shop items have a limited purchase. A person could only buy one article per day. The limited gem purchase is 1 pound.”

Yintang's face darkened immediately, "You don't want to sell it all to me, so you just added this rule, right?”

"Correct. You saw through it?" Wen Qing said with a smile, her face clearly showing, 'I am purposeful, what can you do?'.

Yintang couldn’t do anything to her. The store and the items belonged to her. What could he do if she didn’t want to sell them? Although the details of this woman have been found, those were superficial. What did she do overseas? Who's behind her? He couldn’t discover anything!

Yintang was ascertained that there must be other forces behind Wen Qing. Otherwise, how could a weak woman build such a shop in just a few days? Where did all these gems, colored glass, and various articles come from?

"All right! If it is just a pound then so be it." When he goes back, he will send someone to guard the door and wouldn't let anyone in. He will buy a pound today and a pound tomorrow. In the end, they will all fall into his hands. Yintang was gloating in his heart but his face showed nothing.

Wen Qing pretended not to see the expression on his face and turned to ask the other two people, "Do you also want to buy gems?”

Yinsi was intending to sell it to Yintang and nodded, "Yes, give me a pound too, and pack it with Ninth Younger Brother’s.”

Yintang accepted it unceremoniously. Anyway, the eighth prince had a percentage in his business so whoever takes it is the same.

Yin was in a dilemma. He didn't like the gems, instead, he was interested in the half-foot long thing just now. He pointed at the article and asked, "What is that?”

"I will tell you only if you are purchasing it. Don't ask if you are not buying it!" Her demeanor was quite vile.

Yin's temper suddenly flared up. He raised his chin and said, "I will buy it!”

"Thank you for your patronage, a thousand teals!" Wen Qing had a fox-like smile.

"Hey, say, you are just obsessed with cheating me, right? The other day it was a thousand teals for the broken umbrella and today a thousand teals for the thing that I don't even have knowledge about! Two pounds of gems cost a hundred, is this thing more valuable than the gems?”

"Exactly, this pile of precious stones is not as expensive as this one! I still gave you the preferential price. If the one next to you buys it, I will sell it to him for 10,000 teals.”

Yintang, who was unjustly implicated, asked with a dark face, "Why ten thousand teals for me?”

"You have money!" Wen Qing’s answer was very broad and smooth.

Yintang, Yinsi & Yin: "........"

"Didn't you say earlier that you would tell me what this is, this article that is more precious than that pile of precious stones?”

"Pay first then I'll tell you."

The trio's forehead formed lines. They finally understood why the name of the store was Obsessed With Money. Yes, this girl was clearly obsessed with money!

Yintang took out a thousand teals from his arms. "Here you go! Say it quickly.”

Wen Qing counted the money, then opened the glass cabinet smilingly, took the article out, and stuffed it into Yin's hand. "The goods that have been sold will not be returned!”

Yin sighed."........" Why do I feel as if I am always swindled!

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