Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 78: Reborn Female Lead Has Space [1]

This world was about a rebirth of a female lead, Wang Zhaodi, whose formal name was Wang Qiumei. She died in her last life after a lot of suffering and returned with a space golden key. Relying on her previous memories, she hugged the golden thigh in advance, got rid of the scumbags, taught the family members who had good qualities, and lived a prosperous life.

A very inspirational story about the rebirth of a female lead seemed to have nothing to do with the clients, but why was Wang Wenqing said to be cannon fodder? First, she had a crush on the male lead. Those who snatched a man from a female lead would usually not end well. Second, she was the one who got the female lead's last life's scumbag husbands.

It was hard to say whether there was the female lead's contribution to it. The client's wishes had nothing to do with the female lead, so she would just find a good man and live a good life.

"Da Ni'er! Da Chuan fell into the river! Quickly see him!"

Wen Qing was combing through the original plot but was abruptly interrupted by a sharp voice. A thin middle-aged woman with yellow skin was shouting at her.

She was called Da Ni'er now. The original owner lost her mother when she was born, and she was a silly girl. Her grandmother Lady Li didn't even give her a name. Everyone in the family called her dead girl, so outsiders just went along and called her Da Ni'er*. The name Wang Wenqing was given by the original owner's first husband, the educated youth, Jiang Chunyao, because he felt Da Ni'er was too crude.

*T/N: 大妮儿 (Da Ni'er) lit. means 'big girl.' It's not a name, just a nickname. I doubt that Da Chuan is his name but let's just see.

Realizing that the middle-aged woman was calling her, Wen Qing quickly returned to her senses and ran towards the small river in her memory. Da Chuan was the original owner's twin younger brother. The original owner didn't mention this brother, so she almost ignored him!

When Wen Qing arrived, Wang Da Chuan had been fished out. There was a dark-faced man who checked his breath, then shook his head, "There's no breath anymore!"

Everyone in the surrounding took a deep breath. They all said he was really pitiful, that fate was unkind, and so on. Wen Qing pushed away from the crowd, kneeling on the ground. She first cleaned the dirt in Wang Da Chuan's nose and mouth, then ripped open his clothes and started doing CPR.

People around her looked at her and thought she would not accept the reality, and they all persuaded her.

"Da Ni'er, your brother is gone... Sorry for your loss."

"Let him go peacefully, don't be sad."

"Did you inform Da Chuan's father yet?"

"Someone has already gone to inform him, he might haven't arrived."

"Da Chuan and his sister are both so pitiful. They lost their mother after birth and Wang Jingui married a stepmother in no time and left them on their own. Last winter, Da Ni'er didn't even have shoes to wear, she was cooking in the kitchen barefoot. It made people feel sorry for them. You said that their family is not poor and doesn't lack food, so why are they torturing a child like this?"

"Who knows? This motherless child is not even as worthy as grass! Even raising a cat or a dog for several years will make people develop some feelings. How can this biological child be so badly treated?"

"Grandma Li's family is not stingy, the stepmother's children are treasures, but the one in front of us was just like grass! I tell you, Da Chuan falling into the river was Wang Erhu's doing! No matter what, they are brothers with the same father, but he pushed him into the river! If it weren't because of their family's education, how could a little kid think of this?"


A group of people were wildly discussing. Although they were pitying Wen Qing and her brother, their tone was no different than discussing what to eat today. After all, no matter how pitiful they were, they had nothing to do with them. But their mouths kept opening and closing, it became something for them to chat about.

"Hey, he's alive! He's alive! Da Chuan is alive again!"

With an exclamation, the crowd gathered around again. Seeing Da Chuan really coughing up water and slowly opening his eyes, those who watched the excitement were amazed. They began to say what a great blessing, it must be a blessing to survive a catastrophe, and so on.

Wen Qing ignored them and used her hand to hold Wang Da Chuan while asking, "Da Chuan, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

Wang Da Chuan saw his sister once he opened his eyes and cried loudly, "Jie! I thought I'd never see you again. The water is so cold, I'm scared......"

*T/N: 姐 (jie) means "big sister;" I'll leave this kind of form of address as it is from now on.

Wen Qing lightly patted him, "Da Chuan, don't be afraid. It's okay now, it's okay..."

The siblings hugged each other, depended on each other. People couldn't help but feel saddened. They were pitiful children, ah.

Wen Qing comforted Wang Da Chuan, then looked up to the crowd. When she saw the woman who had notified her just now, she said to her, "Aunt Guihua, please look after Da Chuan for me."

Gao Guihua, who was being called, hurriedly came over to hold Wang Da Chuan, "Okay, aunt will help you watch over him. Husband, come give me a hand. Take the child home first, change to dry clothes, don't let him get cold."

Seeing that Wang Da Chuan had settled down, Wen Qing went home following her memory. The original owner's family was in a good condition. Grandmother Li was patriarchal, sarcastic, and mean. The stepmother, Li Cuihua, was her niece from Li's family, who also had the same wickedness in her blood.

These two were still okay; one was a grandmother one generation away, the other was a stepmother they had nothing to do with. But the most inconceivable was her father, Wang Jingui. After all, the original owner was his own daughter, but he still let those two harm her! Since young, the original owner had never eaten a full meal or worn decent clothes; she lived in a straw hut that was leaking everywhere and ate leftover food. But the food this year was expensive, where could there be any leftovers? Therefore, the original owner often had no food to eat; she was hungry and skinny. A twelve-year-old child surprisingly had a large head and thin limbs, looking like an African refugee.

As soon as Wen Qing entered the yard, she heard people bustling and eating in the hall. Humph! Her brother was pushed into the river by Wang Erhu and almost met the King of Yama, yet they were eating happily! Wen Qing rushed into the kitchen, picked up the kitchen knife, and slammed aggressively with killing intent to the hall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wen Qing swung around the large kitchen knife and chopped the dining table along with the table of food. The soup was splashed everywhere, wood chips flew, and the room was a mess.

The Wang family, who was eating, shrieked and dodged in all directions, thinking that the bandits had entered the village. After seeing that the evildoer was Wen Qing, Lady Li screamed, "You dead girl, do you want to die?! Damn it! Aiyo, the fish stew for my grandson was all ruined by this b*tch! You bad omen! My table ah, the bowl is all broken!" Lady Li squealed in distress, busy picking up the food on the floor.

Stepmother Li Cuihua also reacted and yelled, "You dead girl only know to throw money away! Are you jealous seeing my son eating fish? You smashed it all up because we're not letting you eat! How can there be such a selfish and vicious girl like you!"

"Waah*, Granny, I want to eat fish!"

*T/N: If it's not clear enough, it's the sound of crying.


The room was in chaos. Wen Qing looked at them coldly, raising the shining kitchen knife in her hand. All the voices stopped abruptly, her eyes staring at them coldly like they were dead.

"Da Chuan was pushed by Wang Erhu to the river and almost drowned to death, yet you're still in the mood to eat fish?! A room full of heartless wolves! So what if I chopped your fish? I want to chop you all! Anyway, I have a bad life, so it's not a loss to kill all of you!"

The whole family was scared by her murderous words and could not help but take a step back. Li Cuihua directly hid her son behind her husband's back. Wang Jingui swallowed her saliva, his face turned ugly, "Da... Da Ni'er, put the knife down first. Let's talk properly. I'm your father. Are you really going to kill your father?"

Wen Qing sneered, "Now you remember that you are my father? Did you remember me when I was asked to wash everyone's clothes with ice water in winter? Why didn't you remember me when I was cooking for you barefoot in the ice and snow? Why didn't you think of me when you made me eat pig food and sleep in a straw hut? Why didn't you remember me when I was beaten by Li Cuihua and couldn't get out of bed..."

The people outside heard the commotion and surrounded the place. Hearing Wen Qing's words, they looked at them with condemnation. The sins committed by this family could not be concealed at all. Everyone didn't say anything, but their hearts were as clear as the mirror. Wang Jingui's face was flushed red, not because of Wen Qing's words, but because he felt that he was seen as a joke. But, fearing the knife in Wen Qing's hand, he didn't dare to do anything.

"It's fine for you to trample on us siblings in the past, but this time you want to kill Da Chuan! You should be grateful he was okay! Else, you would have been chopped to pieces by now!"

"Anyway, my life is not worth much. Instead of being harmed to death by you guys, It's better to hack you to death. It could count as sharing the same fate!"

The Old Lady Li wailed, "Aiyo, what have I done to deserve this, ah? My granddaughter wants to chop her grandma to death, ah! You unworthy granddaughter! How did my Wang family give birth to such a vicious girl!" The Old Lady Li didn't believe Wen Qing dared to kill them; she only thought she was bluffing.

Wen Qing raised the knife in her hand. The sharp blade grazed her cheek and stuck on the wall behind before being pulled again by Wen Qing. The Old Lady Li's cheeks were tingling, and she dropped on the floor in fear.

Wen Qing glanced at them coldly, "Don't think I'm joking. If you don't leave me and Da Chuan alive, then I can only fight to the death with you!"

That move just now not only scared Old Lady Li but also shocked Wang Jingui and his wife. The Wang family was the type that bullied the weak and feared hardships. Encountering such stubborn Wen Qing made them completely wimpy and dare not act rashly.

Wen Qing took the knife, went to Lady Li's room, and dragged a bag of grain out. He scanned around and said coldly, "From now on, Da Chuan and I have nothing to do with your family! If you dare mess with us, I will take you down with me!"

After saying that, she dragged the grain while carrying the kitchen knife, then went away. Although the Wang family was reluctant to part with the bag of grain, they didn't dare to let out even a fart.

Wen Qing walked to the door and faced a group of a dumbfounded melon-eating* crowd, "You have seen what happened today. Wang Erhu was instructed by Li Cuihua and almost killed Da Chuan! This is not the first time. If we still live in this house, we won't even know how we die! Let uncles and aunts here today become witnesses. Today, Da Chuan and I have cut off our relationships with the Wang family!"

*T/N: Eating melon or melon-eating refers to people who are watching gossip/excitement/drama.

After saying so, she broke the black shining kitchen knife and tossed it to the ground. Watching her breaking such a sturdy knife, the onlookers felt their hearts tremble.

No matter what their reaction was, Wen Qing left with a bag of grain.

The best way to deal with the original owner's trash family was to cut off relations with them quickly. One move to remove the pest. This would save her from future gibberish!

After she walked far away, the Old Lady Li shouted, "Damn it! That was 50 jins of grains, ah!" It's killing her!

*T/N: 1 jin equal to 0.5kg.

The people watching the excitement asked her, "Are your granddaughter and grandson not worth a bag of grain?" Even though the granddaughter and grandson cut off relations with them, she unexpectedly still cared about fifty jins of grain!

"Definitely not worth that much, ah!" Old Lady Li replied without thinking.

The people around were dumbfounded, and then they shook their heads. No wonder a quail person like Da Ni'er was forced to go crazy. Alas.......

Wen Qing went to the chief village's house, briefly explained the situation, then asked him to borrow a house at the foot of the northern mountain. That was originally a house of a family with no children. After the old couple passed away, the house was empty, and it was far from the village. No one had any idea what to do with the house. Anyway, the house was empty, so the chief readily agreed.

"Ai! This brother and sister are so pitiful!"

There was no secret in the village. Everyone saw what Lady Li did in the house, but didn't say anything. After all, they harmed their family's children, it wasn't good for them to say much. The incident this time, although Da Ni'er used a knife to scare them, it was also because Da Chuan was almost killed. Such an honest and quiet child was forced to this point, wasn't it because their family was too much?

I have to say, the original owner's quail character was rooted too deeply in everyone's heart. When she exploded and almost chopped the family this time, unexpectedly, other people didn't think it was her fault. They just felt that these people had forced her hand.

It was also why Wen Qing cut a big mess quickly, not letting Lady Li and the other people have a chance to speak. If they were allowed to cry and howl, maybe people would sympathize with the weak again, thinking that she was too cruel.

Wen Qing refused Aunt Guihua's kind invitation for dinner. Dragging the grain in one hand and holding Da Chuan's hand in the other, she walked towards their new home.

"Jie, from now on, there will only be the two of us, right?" Wang Da Chuan, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly came up with this question. Wen Qing turned her head to look at him. Da Chuan was a grandson. Before Wang Dahu, Wang Erhu, and Wang Sanhu were born, Lady Li also loved him for some time. Therefore, his fate was not as bad as the original owner, a little happier than the original owner's, but he still had a yellow and thin appearance.

"Is Da Chuan reluctant to leave that family?"

"No, that's not my home anymore! Wherever my Jiejie is, is where my home is. I only have Jiejie as a family." He had long understood that no one in that house treated them like family.

Wen Qing smiled and stroked his head, then pulled out candy from her pocket. "Eat, ba. Jiejie will let you live a good life!"

Wang Da Chuan's eyes lit up. This is candy! He had seen Wang Dahu eat it before, but he never ate it. "Jie, where did you get it?!"

"Jiejie secretly took it when I went to grandma's room to take the grain. Don't tell other people, or they will scold me for stealing things."

Wang Da Chuan hurriedly nodded his head, "I won't tell, definitely won't tell. Jie, you eat too. We both eat a half."


T/N: Da Ni'er, Wang Da Chuan, Wang Zhaodi, Wang Dahu, Wang Erhu, and Wang Sanhu are all just nicknames. It's quite normal to have a childhood nickname for family members or close friends in China.

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