Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 87: Reborn Female Lead Has Space [10]

While Wen Qing was pregnant with a little bun, Jiang Chunyao and Wang Qiumei were having a divorce. To tell the truth, for someone who could make Wang Qiumei take a fancy in two lifetimes, Jiang Chunyao was indeed really good-looking. He looked handsome and smooth, whoever looked at him would praise his good look. Therefore, although he was married and had children, there were still girls who fell in love with him.

The other person was from the city, just like him. Both of her parents were working and only had a daughter. Although she looked ordinary, she had good family conditions. Father Jiang and mother Jiang were also satisfied with this girl, only such a family was worthy of their son.

And so, when Wang Qiumei knew about it, both parents had met, and she was the only one who was kept in the dark. She had been making trouble because she did not want to divorce, as she knew how difficult it was for a divorced woman. Even if they divorced because of the man's fault, the woman would always be the one who was harshly blamed. Besides, she had a child in this life, and she couldn't let herself end up like how she was in her previous life for the sake of her child.

But when she saw the Jiang family proudly showing their cards to her, a great sadness surged in her heart. Why was she still unable to get rid of the fate of being abandoned in her new life?

When Wang Qiumei was in a trance, she happened to see an interview on TV, and the person interviewed was none other than Wen Qing.

On the TV, Wen Qing elegantly and generously introduced to the camera the history of her fortune. From washing dishes to accumulate funds, talking to people for a month to learn a foreign language, to studying late at night every day. Anyway, no one knew that period of history. Everything was based on what came out of her mouth.

However, in front of the TV, Wang Qiumei received a great shock. No wonder, no wonder, even though she had lived two lifetimes, it was still no better than Wang Da Ni! Because she depended on herself, but she only depended on men!

She had no one to blame but herself for living like this! She couldn't stand up by herself and deserved to be abandoned! Obviously, she had the same opportunity as Wang Da Ni, both of them had a prominent family, grew up in the mountains, and had little knowledge. They also never read books and were illiterate. But she, Wang Da Ni, depended on herself and left that poor mountain and went to the United States alone. She started from scratch and built such big family properties. But she, from beginning to end, only thought about marrying a good man just so she could get away from that family.

Wang Qiumei was suddenly choked with tears. She had experienced many things and finally understood. In this world, she could only rely on herself, and no one could become her salvation.

After the enlightenment, Wang Qiumei wiped her tears and agreed to the divorce very calmly.

As a mother, she still had her son. She was confused for the first half of her life, but she would not go on like this for the second half and let her son suffer with her.

The Jiang family originally did not want to let their grandson go with her, but the new daughter-in-law's side who had not entered the door did not agree to leave the oil bottle. Therefore, they readily agreed to let her take her son away. With a new daughter-in-law, why would they be afraid of having no grandson?

Wang Qiumei and the Jiang family had torn each other's faces for a long time. She was physically and mentally exhausted, so it was natural that she did not want to let the Jiang family have their wishes. So, before she left, she searched for all the money of the Jiang family and stuffed her space, then took her son to live in an unfamiliar city. She had the space and did not have to worry about what to eat or drink. Even if she had to sell vegetables, she could also feed herself and her son.

Because the client's wishes did have nothing to do with Wang Qiumei, Wen Qing did not pay much attention to her. Only when she took back the golden finger before leaving did she take a look at her situation. Seeing her transformation, Wen Qing was quite surprised. The Wang Qiumei she met at the beginning was just a person who was reborn but was not very clever. She did not expect such a big change. She lived a prosperous life by herself with her children.

In fact, both Wang Qiumei and the original host, Wang Wenqing, had their own shortcomings and bad habits. Because they grew up in a patriarchal family, they had been indoctrinated by adults since young that girls were not useful, boys were the most valuable. They subconsciously put themselves in a subservient position, to find a good man was a great accomplishment. This could not be said to be their fault, but the grievance of this era. It was the environment that had made them like this.

Their mouth shouting gender equality, but could never get rid of the idea that man was the sky and the earth. Therefore, after seeing Wang Qiumei's transformation, Wen Qing was a little emotional. No matter if they're reborn or not, when a woman is truly self-reliant, they will not live a bad life.

Wen Qing lived a fulfilling life in this world, with a successful career, a harmonious family, a caring husband, and filial children. Xu Niansheng spent half of his life with her and never said anything harsh to her; no matter what, he would follow her. The day he left, Wen Qing also left the world. Before she died, she made a will and donated all her property to the country.

Wen Qing returned to the Vanity Space and the client slowly woke up with a dazed expression. She was stunned for a moment before saying, "Actually, I did not have a good life in my last life not because I did not meet a good man, but because of myself, right?"

Without waiting for Wen Qing to answer, she murmured to herself, "Rely on the mountain and the mountain can fall, rely on people and people can run, only by relying on yourself can you hold your life in your hands. You earned a lot of money and still returned. Even if you did not have Xu Niansheng, you could also live a good life. Wang Zhaodi originally found a good man, but she could still live a good life after divorce. It is clear that whether a woman can live a good life or not has nothing to do with men, but depends on themselves."

Wen Qing raised her eyebrows. There is awareness, not bad, huh.

In fact, the clients could not see the protagonist using their golden fingers. The part about the golden fingers would be hidden away. She could only see the fragments intermittently. The main reason was, she was afraid the clients would feel unfair. It is hard to keep level-headed when seeing other people have a cheat in their life.

From Wen Qing and Wang Qiumei's life, Wang Wenqing was able to understand the truth of relying on themselves, which left Wen Qing feeling quite surprised. Perhaps, her obsession was not to find a good man to live with but to know what went wrong in her failed life.

But no matter what, her obsession had disappeared anyway, so Wen Qing sent her away.

After absorbing the power of merit and sending the golden finger to the Vanity Space, Wen Qing started to coax the little phoenix. "Don't be angry, I was only teasing you last time, I'll definitely bring you out this time!" Since she came back, the little phoenix kept pouting its lips, it was obviously still angry at her from last time.

The little phoenix was putting on air and paying no heed to her, but remembering her once furious appearance, it reluctantly turned around and hummed.

Phoenix’s rights really didn’t exist! It didn't even dare to be pretentious when angry! Wuwu, it was not shedding its tears, there must have been water in its head when it first recognized her as its master!

Wen Qing looked at its appearance and was overwhelmed with joy. Sure enough, IQ was still related to the size of the brain. Although the little phoenix had not yet matured, it had entered the early youth period, but its IQ was obviously still stuck in its childhood. It definitely had something to do with its childhood form!

Other people raised their divine beast to be domineering, while the divine beast she raised had become mentally handicapped. Alas, forget it, next time she would take it out to see the world. It was not good for it to always be locked at home and not to communicate with other people.

This time, it took a long time before the next client came.

The other party had a frightening white face. Her figure was thin, but looking at her clothes, she did not look like she came from a poor family. When Wen Qing swept a glance at the Past Life Stone, she immediately had a guess in her heart.

"…My original intention when I started playing games was to make money and reduce the burden on my family. But later, I did not know how I was fascinated by the prosperity and got confused. I was even fighting for the affection of a man with someone and intrigue against them. In the end, I became infamous in the game and was blocked by all the guilds…

"I can't blame others for ending up like this, so let's just say I only have myself to blame ba. But why should the grudges and feuds in the game be brought into reality? Exposing my information, forcing my parents to be laid off, threatening and intimidating, leaving me at the end of my rope… She, Yu Gui, really was capable. In the game, she could summon the wind and rain, and a group of men would carry her. Seeing that I was not pleasing to her eyes, she did not even have to do anything and someone would do it for her.

"But I did not do anything outrageous, I had eyes but failed to see, and fell in love with a scum man that she did not even want. What does it count as? I'm not reconciled, but it was just a game, I'm even dead already, so I won't take it to heart. I only regret that I got my parents into trouble, making them burdened by life in their middle age by being pointed at by people, failed to become their pride, and let them suffer this humiliation…"

Xi Wenqing spoke, tears streaming down her face, sobbing uncontrollably. Wen Qing saw how bad she felt and waved her hands to let her sleep. In any case, she already knew her wish.

In fact, most people who became cannon fodders had this kind of problem. But no one is perfect, everyone will have flaws, as long as they do not have a wrong principle, small shortcomings will not hurt. Wen Qing did not mind people making mistakes, but she did not like those who never realized their mistakes until they died. For example, the last client, Wang Wenqing. She had completely changed and realized her error in the end, and had not been completely hopeless.

Like Li Wenqing, this one was more thorough. There is no need to take into heart the success and losses inside a game, because if you can't even protect your loved ones who are truly sincere to you, so what if you can get revenge? For a moment of pleasure you'll be alienated from people, will you really end up feeling happy?

Because she was bringing the little phoenix with her, she could only choose the golden finger with the space category. Between the three spaces, Cultivating Immortality naturally was the only choice. Anyway, this world was an era full of online games. She would not go killing people anyway, and her action would not result in karma.

After making all the preparations, Wen Qing set off to the mission world.

The mission world this time was a novel called "Rebirth of the Online Game Goddess". The background was a modern society with relatively more advanced technology, and the holographic game had just appeared. But because it was an online game novel, once "Gods and Demons" appeared, it quickly became popular all over the world, ushering in the era of online games.

The female protagonist this time was called Yu Qinghe. She, who had never touched games before, possessed an extremely powerful inborn talent for games. After "Gods and Demons" came out, from a little novice, she stumbled to grow to become a game goddess, then became the only female player in the top 100 of the full server's Great God ranking list.

But when her career was thriving, she was betrayed by a scum boy and a lowly girl. So in grief and anger, she was reborn!

With ten years of gaming experience, she knew what occupation had the greatest potential, which location had hidden tasks, where the best equipment would appear, what material would be the most valuable in the future… As a result, it became a first-class technology cheat. The main point was, with the beautiful appearance of Yu Qinghe, she became the object of pursuit and flattery. The Great God also regarded her with special respect, and even fell for her…

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