Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 81: Reborn Female Lead Has Space [4]

The new house was finally decorated. Wen Qing then put going to work on the agenda. After all, in the eyes of outsiders, their family had no income. Right now they still had the 50 jins of grain, which was brought out from the Wang family as a cover, but if they always "just sit and eat" it would definitely arouse suspicion.

Therefore, Wen Qing took Da Chuan to the chief's house. The siblings had never been employed because they were too skinny. Although they had been raised well for a few days, they had not changed much, and still had the same big head and thin four limbs. The chief also knew their situation, so after a little thought, he arranged for them a job of cutting grass for the cattle, which was relatively easy and they were able to do it. This was how the chief took special care for them, but in order to prevent the villagers from gossiping, they only got four work points a day.

Big children like them generally got five or six work points a day, but they only got four, which was indeed less, but Wen Qing had no opinion. She was not a real child anymore, and she could see that the chief was taking care of them.

Besides, she didn't intend to stay in this small mountain village forever. She just went to work to avoid arousing suspicion!

"You live in the North mountain now and close to the people in the detention house. Later you also have to send the grass there, but don't get too close to those people. They are all bad people. You'll be criticized if you get close to them!” In the end, the chief told them repetitively.

Wen Qing quickly promised, "We will definitely not associate with them! I know they are all stinking intellectuals!"

After leaving the chief's house, Da Chuan asked, "Jie, the chief don't let us get close to those people, so are we still going to interact with them?"

Wen Qing thought for a while. "Da Chuan, although those people are labeled as bad guys, not everyone is a bad guy. Dad and Grandma beat and scolded us all day long and didn't give us food to eat. Do you think they are good people? Grandpa Xu and the others let us borrow their pots when we had nothing and Uncle Xu helped us repair the windows. Do you think they are bad people? Whether they are good or bad is not according to what other people say, you have to believe what you see with your own eyes."

Da Chuan did not quite understand but nodded his head. "I listen to Jie."

Wen Qing told him again, "But you still have to avoid people when you interact with them, after all, the general circumstances are like this."

Yes ah, the circumstances are like this... Wen Qing always felt unspeakable depression when saying these words. People in this era were not only heartbreakingly poor but also outrageously stupid. How many families were destroyed by the Cultural Revolution, how many cultures were cut off, making you want to hate the ignorance of this country? But seeing its poor and weak condition, you can't help but feel anger for its failure and sadness about its misfortune, and want to do something to change it.

But the power of one person is so small and only gives rise to a sense of powerlessness.

Back home, Da Chuan went to the back mountain again to try his luck for the last day before he had to work. These few days, he had found a few more "pheasant". He and Wen Qing ate one and the rest were made into bacon by Wen Qing. It would be sold in the city after she stored up some more.

Wen Qing carried a chicken into the kitchen while Xu Niansheng was cooking. He was the only one this time, and the other three had not returned yet.

Xu Niansheng smiled when he saw her. "You guys haven't cooked yet? I'll finish in a minute."

He said while lifting the pot lid, a blast of hot air hit his face, and his glasses blurred instantly. He took off his glasses, wiped the water vapor, and put them on again.

Wen Qing's eyes were sharp, and it only took a few seconds for her to have a clear view of Xu Niansheng's appearance. It turned out that the female protagonist described in Mary Sue's novels, who looked ordinary when wearing glasses and looked heavenly once she took off her glasses, truly existed.

Xu Niansheng had a pair of extremely good-looking eyes, narrow and enchanting, extremely beautiful. The brilliance was blocked by the glasses before and was not very obvious. Now that he took off his glasses, it immediately upgraded his handsome appearance to a demon level. Of course, he was not ugly when he wore glasses, but not as stunning as when he took them off.

Wen Qing handed him the chicken in her hand. "We have eaten. This is for you to add more to eat."

When she came in, Xu Niansheng saw the chicken in her hand and thought that she would bring it in to cook it. He did not expect her to give it to them, so he quickly refused, "No no no, it's too expensive, I can't take it."

Wen Qing stuffed the chicken into his hand. "It's nothing valuable, we picked it up from the mountain. Da Chuan was lucky and picked up a lot," she said, while sitting in front of the stove and helping him set the fire. "I came to you for something. If you don't accept it, how can I have the courage to ask you for help?"

"What is it? Say it. If I can do it, I will definitely help you. No need to spend so much."

Wen Qing looked up at him and saw that his face was sincere and his words did not sound to only be polite remarks. "Just keep it ba, even if it's not for yourself, you should still consider it for the elderly at home. The old people are old and weak, you can stew some soup tonic. Besides, you still have. a. son. ne!"

She emphasized her tone on the word son, and Xu Niansheng blushed suddenly. But he stopped refusing. "Then I will accept it, thank you."

"You're welcome, I've said that I have something to ask," Wen Qing added some wood to the fire, but was stopped by Xu Niansheng. When the villagers dropped by for a visit, they usually would give some help, but Xu Niansheng was embarrassed to let people help him for no reason. Wen Qing followed along and continued the conversation, "I want you to teach my Didi to read."

"Reading?" Xu Niansheng was taken aback. Right now, schools all over the country were suspended, and in some places, even the school had been destroyed. Scholars suffered the most severe persecution. At such a time, this little girl actually asked him to teach her brother to read?

"En, I know that you have to teach your son to read every day, to teach one person or two is the same. Da Chuan has no foundation, and it may take some effort. I don't know if you're willing to do it?"

Wen Qing once again mentioned his son. This time, Xu Niansheng had calmed down a lot. Wen Qing was a little regretful, she still wanted to see him blush.

Xu Niansheng did not know about her little scheme, so he pushed his glasses and said, "Okay, I'll teach him."

"Ei, Uncle Xu is such a good person. For Jinyang to have a father like you must be a blessing!"

Xu Niansheng once again made a big red face and finally reacted, "Little girl, you know that Jinyan is not my son, so you deliberately teased me?"

"Ei? Jinyan is not your son?" Wen Qing pretended to be stupid. Of course, she knew Xu Jinyan was not his son. One was twenty-seven years old and one was thirteen years old. It's impossible no matter how you think about it!

In fact, Xu Jinyan was Xu Niansheng's nephew, the son of his elder brother. It was just that when Xu Jinyan was nine years old, his parents were killed. Moreover, Xu Jinyan witnessed the scene with his own eyes, so he was frightened. He didn't eat, drink, or talk, and almost followed after his parents. At this time, Xu Niansheng, who had just returned to China, because of his resemblance with his big brother, pretended to be his big brother to take care of Xu Jinyan. Perhaps, it was because of the familiar face, but Xu Jianyan slowly walked out of the shadow.

But from then on, Xu Niansheng simply raised his nephew as his own son. Except for some close people who knew the truth, others regarded them as father and son.

Wen Qing knew as she saw it from the Past Life Stone. Even the female lead did not know about it.

Speaking of the heroine, Wen Qing suddenly remembered that Wang Qiumei should have been reborn now, right?

Wang Qiumei was indeed reborn and was now studying her space. There were ten acres of black land in her space where you could grow things, and there was a one-to-ten time ratio between the space and the outside world. In other words, the plant growth rate was ten times faster than that of the outside world. In such an era that lacked food and clothing, this space was a life-saving artifact!

Wang Qiumei cried with joy. With it, she would never go hungry again! Da Jie would also never starve to death! Er Jie would not be sold by Grandma to a fifty years old widower for 70 jins of grain! Thank God, for not only letting her live again, but also for giving her such a treasure!

*T/N: Da Jie is the eldest sister, Er Jie is the second sister.

Wang Qiumei was born in a patriarchal family. There were two older sisters, two younger sisters, and one little brother. Wang Qiumei ranked third, precisely the middle one who wasn’t loved by either her father or mother.

Her father was the same as her, siblings of three, and her father was the second eldest. He was neither the eldest son that Grandpa valued the most, nor the youngest son that Grandma doted on, so he was the least valued one in the family. Her mother gave birth to five girls in one breath. In the eyes of the patriarchal grandparents, the status of their family could be easily imagined. It just happened that her father was a simple and honest man, her mother was weak and easy to bully. Their whole family served as cows and horses for the eldest and youngest uncle, they suffered and did not live well.

In her last life, among the five sisters, Da Jie starved to death, Er Jie was married to a widower, Si Mei was married to the eldest aunt's lazy and greedy nephew. When Wu Mei was married, her life was a little better, but after Grandma asked for 300 yuan as a betrothal gift, she could never lift her head up in her husband's house. Wang Qiumei was not much better. She was afraid of being sold by Grandma and found herself an educated youth. She didn't ask for anything and got married in a hurry, just to escape from that wolf's den.

*T/N: Si Mei is the fourth sister, Wu Mei is the fifth sister.

However, she married the wrong person. Jiang Chunyao looked like a good person and looked the best in the village. Many young girls in the village envied her when they got married. As a result, Jiang Chunyao later abandoned her when he returned to the city, and she was pregnant with a child at that time. She was devastated and lost her child, her body was injured and she could no longer bear another child. She was being pointed at by the villagers and could not raise her head. In the end, she could not escape and was sold by her grandma.

That family bought a daughter-in-law for the purpose of passing down the family line. After discovering that she couldn't give birth, you could imagine what her fate was like. After being beaten and scolded for several years, she finally couldn't stand it and ran away, picking up rubbish in the street to live.

At this time, she saw Wang Da Ni who came from the same village as her. She was wearing beautiful western-style clothes, sitting in a car, looking very foreign.

*T/N: Wang Da Ni, Da Ni literally means the eldest daughter.

Later, she inquired that Wang Da Ni at first was neighbor with the stinking intellectuals who lived in the Wang Family Col. When they returned to the city, they adopted her and brought her along to live a good life...

Wang Qiumei felt insurmountable sadness in her heart. Different people have a different destiny, so why didn't she have Wang Da Ni's good fortune? In the beginning, her life was better than Wang Da Ni. At least she had a father and a mother, but the other party was kicked out of the house. Fortunately, God took pity on her and gave her another life. This time, she must grasp the opportunity. she would never be worse than Wang Da Ni!

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