Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 83: Reborn Female Lead Has Space [6]

The weather was getting colder. When Wen Qing once again went to sell meat in the city, she bought some cotton, ready to make winter clothes.

It was late autumn and winter would come soon. The grasses on the mountain were almost all cut off, so Wen Qing and her brother were idle. Not only them, but the villagers also stopped working when there was no more farm work. Only Xu Niansheng and the others who were not idle in winter, washing grass, feeding the cattle, picking manure... they wouldn’t have nothing to do just because winter was here.

During this period of time, Wang Qiumei had come to Xu Jinyan several times. By coincidence or not, she would always run into Wen Qing. Every time she saw Xu Jinyan reject Wang Qiumei, Wen Qing would feel happy. When she was happy, she would give Xu Jinyan better food. After a few times, Xu Jinyan also figured it out. Da Ni'er actually hated Wang Zhaodi ba?

One was the young lady who had a close relationship with him, who often gave them a sumptuous meal, while the other was a lunatic who ran around giving him charity without rhyme or reason. It was obvious who Xu Jinyan would be inclined to. Although in the end, it was both accepting the kindness of others, Wen Qing always mentioned how Xu Niansheng had taught Da Chuan, it was all to thank them and could be considered as payment in exchange for his hard work. Meanwhile, Wang Zhaodi always had an expression of sympathy and pity, as if they could not live without the things she gave, like she had bestowed a great favor upon them. This made Xu Jinyan annoyed.

Since Da Ni'er and the others also hated Wang Zhaodi, it was just right. From now on, he wouldn't have anything to do with her anymore. If he couldn't deal with her, he could still hide from her!

Therefore, Xu Jinyan would hide when he saw her from afar. Wang Zhaodi also did not dare to get involved with him in front of many people, which let him hide peacefully. Wang Zhaodi tried several times to get closer to him but was unsuccessful. Xu Jinyan didn't have to cut grasses for the cattle and simply hide at home and not go out of the house. She couldn't go directly to the door, so she shifted her attention to the siblings.

She carried two pieces of sweet potatoes and went to their door to find Wen Qing. She’d never thought that once she came in, she would see Xu Jinyan and Wang Da Chuan sitting on the heatable brick bed, studying together.

Wang Zhaodi's eyes widened. "You, why are you here?"

Xu Jinyan's face suddenly became cold. This girl is a lingering ghost ba?* But he did not say anything. Mainly because he was afraid Wang Zhaodi would talk nonsense about him coming to Da Chuan's house. He regretted it a little bit. He shouldn't have stayed at Da Chuan's house to study just because he was greedy for the warm heatable brick bed. What if Wang Zhaodi said anything about it once she was out? What would happen to Da Chuan and his sister?

*T/N: It’s an idiom about how the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed and is still lingering. Xu Jinyan means Zhaodi is like a spirit that clings to him and can’t be thrown off.

Wen Qing was busy in the kitchen. When she heard Wang Qiumei's voice, she immediately came over. "Wang Zhaodi, are you here to find me?"

"Huh? Yes, yes, I'm here to find you." Wang Zhaodi nodded hurriedly. She originally came here to see if she could find a chance to go to the detention house, but did not expect Xu Jinyan to be at Da Ni's house. It seemed that the relationship between Da Ni and Xu's family was deeper than she’d thought.

Wang Zhaodi followed Wen Qing to the kitchen and saw that she was making corn pancakes, and sat on the low stool with great familiarity. "Da Ni, I’m here to give you some food. You siblings come out and live alone, I thought that you must not have enough to eat and left two pieces of potatoes for you."

Hehe, two pieces of potatoes? Quite generous.

Wen Qing nodded casually. "Okay, just put it there ba." The book said that the things grown in Wang Zhaodi's space were better than those outside, so she also wanted to taste how delicious they were.

Wang Zhaodi was stunned when she heard her words. It's not right ah, shouldn't Wang Da Ni be excited when she heard that I gave her food? How could the two lonely siblings have enough to eat? There is someone who delivered food to them, shouldn't they be frantic?

When she didn't get the expected reaction, Wang Zhaodi put down the sweet potatoes with some resentment. She hesitated for a moment, then lowered her voice and said to Wen Qing, "Da Ni'er, how could you let those stinking intellectuals come to your house? If people found out, people will brand you and Da Chuan as bad people!"

Wen Qing stopped her movements and looked at her with a smile that did not look like a smile. "Wang Zhaodi, who I let into my house is my business, what does it have to do with you?"

Wang Zhaodi's expression stiffened, then she pulled out an unnatural smile. "I said this for your own good. You haven't heard what happened to those who get close to the stinking intellectuals. They were being criticized and wore a hat of humiliation, denounced. Many people were forced to die from the criticism."

Wen Qing understood. Eighty percent of the reason why the original owner was so scared and hide had something to do with Wang Zhaodi. Otherwise, how could a little girl, who came far away from the village, have the time to nag her? Wen Qing sneered. "Wang Zhaodi, don't say nonsense. Believe me or not, I will tell everyone that you are a monster."

She lowered her voice and leaned to Wang Zhaodi's ear, "I saw it. You can make foods come out of thin air and make them disappear. If I speak about this matter, you will be burned to death as a monster!"

Wang Zhaodi was so scared that her expressions changed immediately. She jumped up to cover Wen Qing's mouth, not wanting her to say more. "You, don't speak nonsense!"

Wen Qing moved sideways. Wang Zhaodi's hand still had the dirt from the sweet potatoes. Had she wanted to cover her mouth with that hand just then?

Wen Qing put her hands around her chest and said in a cold voice, "Whether it is nonsense or not, you knew it in your heart. If they knew I interacted with them, people would at most say that I was young and ignorant. But you are different. If people knew... humph! You better not show up in front of me again. Who knows, I might forget about this matter if I don't see you. If you often dangle in front of my eyes, It must mean that you want to remind me about this matter. Then I have no other choice..."

"Don't say it! I'll go, I'll go! I won't even appear in front of you guys anymore!" Wang Zhaodi was scared until her face turned pale, and fled in confusion.

Wang Da Ni is too scary! No wonder she dared to use a knife to deal with her own father. Her heart is too black!

Wen Qing pursed her lips. This kind of combat power wasn't enough to arouse her interest! If it wasn't for rebirth, how could a selfish idiot like Wang Zhaodi become a heroine? To be able to write this kind of heroine, the author's three views must be crooked.

She washed the two pieces of sweet potatoes and made them into sweet potato balls, then sent them to the central room for Da Chuan and Xu Jinyan to eat. Xu Jinyan was probably still thinking about Wang Zhaodi's visit just now and was a bit distracted. Wen Qing smiled and said, "Don't worry. I've sent her away. She won't talk nonsense and probably won't dare any more in the future."

"En." Xu Jinyan replied, still a little worried. Wen Qin did not persuade him anymore. When he turned around, he realized that Wang Zhaodi was no longer here and understood.

Sure enough, he didn’t see Wang Zhaodi bothering him in the next half a month. Xu Jinyan finally breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, he was not afraid that Wang Zhaodi would bother him, but he was afraid of causing trouble to Da Chuan and his sister.

Without the annoying flies, the days in the North mountain became peaceful and quiet. Wen Qing and Da Chuan caught a wild boar in the trap that they had dug on the back mountain. This time it was a real wild boar, which was not a stock that had been raised and brought from Taobao.

The siblings secretly killed it without turning it in. Wang Da Chuan was successfully bought to the ditch by Wen Qing. What awareness of the law? It was all thrown aside. They can't have enough to eat themselves, who cares about others?

Because Xu Jinyan and Xu Niansheng followed to carry the pigs, Wen Qing used this as an excuse to divide it in half, and they were not allowed to refuse. However, this more than two hundred jins pig was enough for them to eat for a winter.

On the day of the winter solstice, Wen Qing made dumplings with cabbage and pork fillings. She made a lot of them, one person could get more than 30. After she finished wrapping the dumplings and putting them on the board, she waited for Xu Niansheng’s group of three to come back.

When Xu Niansheng came back and saw that she had wrapped everything up, he helplessly said, "You wasted it all again. You just have to make yours and Da Chuan's portion. We have our own."

Wen Qing did not care. She burned the fire under the stove and let Xu Niansheng put the dumplings in after he washed his hands. The fire warmth filled the air and the aroma of dumplings slowly drifted out. Wen Qing rolled up Xu Niansheng's sleeves and couldn't stop sighing. What a good househusband!

Therefore, she spoke abruptly, "Uncle Xu, do you have a wife?"

Xu Niansheng did not think much and replied casually, "No ah." He’d gone abroad after graduating from high school. He had quite a conservative mind and did not have the intention to find a blonde-haired and blue-eyed foreign girl. After returning to China, he found that the sky had changed. Then their whole family was inexplicably beaten into the stinking intellectuals out of nowhere, so he naturally did not have a wife.

"Then, do you have a fiancée?"

Xu Niansheng added some water to the pot and smiled at her. "You sly little girl. What are you prying into this for?"

"Do you have it or not?" Wen Qing asked again.

Xu Niansheng failed to change her mind and could only reply, "I don't have a fiancée." Their family was quite open-minded and did not get involved in his marriage or anything.

"Then do you have a girl you like?"

Xu Niansheng laughed. This girl was really curious but he answered her honestly, "No."

"That's perfect then! Uncle Xu, I'll introduce you to someone, okay?" Without waiting for his answer, Wen Qing continued blabbering, "What do you think of me? Smart, competent, and beautiful! You can't find anyone more beautiful than me in Wang Family Col!" The original body had a good foundation, or else, she would not marry three men. Now, Wen Qing took good care of herself, she had red lips, white teeth, and became a beautiful flower in Wang Family Col. A few days ago, there had been an aunt who wanted to introduce someone to her! There were a lot of 13 years old girls who were being matched. If they agreed, they would get married when they were of age.

Xu Niansheng was amused by her. "You sly little girl, are you teasing your Uncle Xu?" Xu Niansheng only thought she was joking. In his eyes, Wen Qing was still a child. It was because the first impression Wen Qing had given him when she first arrived was too deep. Although Wen Qing had been raised well now, her five features had improved, her stature had grown taller, and she already had the appearance of a young girl, but in Xu Niansheng's eyes, she was still a little girl.

"I'm not teasing you, I'm serious. Look at yourself, you are now twenty-seven and have passed the age of marriage. You are also with a nephew who isn't your son. Which girl is willing to marry you? If it's not because you are handsome, I would not fancy you ya!"

Eh? He did have a face that had been attractive to people since childhood. Xu Niansheng somewhat believed that Wen Qing was not joking, but he still felt it was incredible.

Not to mention his current status was now a stinking intellectual who was being avoided by people; even just from his age, he was fourteen years older than her. He could even become her father in ancient times! How could this girl fancy him?

"I'm much older than you." Xu Niansheng politely refused. He felt that the little girl was merely obsessed with his looks and wasn't clear about what a marriage was. He was an adult, no matter what he could not deceive a little girl.

"It's okay, I don't mind you being old." The older one was better ah, she could leave the world once he was dead!

This time Xu Niansheng really didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Just when he was about to say something else, Wen Qing reminded him, "The dumplings are almost mussy."

After this interruption, this topic was stopped. When Xu Niansheng wanted to mention it again, he saw Wen Qing's unconcerned look and thought she was casually talking about it and wasn't serious. It would not be good if he deliberately brought it up again and aroused the young girl's interest. So he suppressed the matter just like that.

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