Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 85: Reborn Female Lead Has Space [8]

Ten years were enough to turn the world upside down.

Xu Niansheng got off work and rode his bike home. Time seemed to treat this man preferentially, leaving no traces on his face. He still wore his glasses, with a gentle appearance. If Wen Qing saw it, she would probably say ‘a beast in human clothing.’

When he reached the entrance of the alley, Xu Niansheng happened to run into Jinyan and Da Chuan. The two brothers who were in military uniforms with handsome and upright appearances attracted a group of young girls to turn their heads frequently.

"You're back?" Xu Nian Sheng greeted them as he got off the bike.

"Little Uncle, why are you still riding this broken bicycle? We could even hear the creaking sound from far away."

Xu Jinyan was much more cheerful than before, he had walked out of the shadows from that year, and was no longer willing to be a cheap son of his little uncle. The main thing was, he felt that his little uncle was old but hadn't found a partner yet. 80% of people think he was carrying him, this little oil bottle*, so no one introduced anyone to him.

*T/N: 拖油瓶 (tuō yóu píng), lit. means oil bottle, it refers to the child from the previous marriage. Sometimes also used to speak about someone who drags others down.

Wang Da Chuan next to him was quieter than he was when he was a child. His sharp face was 5 points similar to Wen Qing. He had been in the army for so many years but hadn't gotten tanner. His handsome appearance was quite attractive to young girls.

When Xu Niansheng saw his face, he always thought of the little girl who had said she was going to marry him. After saying she was going to marry him, she ran away without a trace.

Wang Da Chuan called Uncle Xu and Xu Niansheng came back to his senses. He smiled, "Da Chuan, are you busy in the army?"

"I just finished the drill and have nothing next."

The three were talking as they walked home.

After official Xu Jian'guo was reinstated, he was given this house. Xu Niansheng, who didn't have his own family, also lived here. Xu Jinyan and Wang Da Chuan also lived here when they were on vacation. Anyway, there were only a few of them left in their house, it was livelier with more people.

Today there was a half-day vacation in the army, and the personnels went back home simultaneously. Usually, Xu Jian'guo and Xu Niansheng were the only ones in the house. He Qiong would come frequently too. Most of the old friends in their generation did not survive, the two of them were the only two that had returned well without any illness or disaster.

Xu Niansheng came home and made a table of food for these two little ones to have something to eat. As soon as the meal was done, He Qiong came with a bottle of wine, "Yo, everyone is back today?"

Xu Jian'guo laughed, "I just asked Jinyan to call you, and you come by yourself with the smell of food."

The two were close and often visited each other.

They were all acquaintances, and there was no need to say hello. They all sat down after washing their hands. He Qiong took a fish with his chopstick, tasted it, and couldn't help but sigh, "You say, now that life is better, there is no shortage of meat, but why do I feel that it isn't as delicious as in the past?"

"What? Are you addicted to eating wild vegetables and poor dumplings?" Xu Jian'guo joked.

"That can't be. I mean that year's New Year's feast that was made by that little girl Da Ni'er. There were braised pork, stewed pork ribs with potatoes, and also the big dumplings we made. I always think that was the most delicious meal I have ever eaten." He Qiong smacked his mouth, his face filled with reminiscence.

When he said this, everyone immediately felt the same, "Da Ni'er's craftsmanship is really good." Xu Jian'guo sighed again after he said it. "I don't know where that little girl went, there was no news after so many years."

For a while, there was silence in the dining room, especially Wang Da Chuan. He lowered his head and was extremely depressed. At first, when his sister left, she left him a lot of money, so he hadn't suffered much these years. The Xu family also took good care of him. But how could all these be compared with his sister? He missed his sister very much and had to go back to the Wang Family Col every year, afraid she would suddenly come back to search for him.

Because she had said she would definitely come back.

The atmosphere was a bit heavy. Xu Niansheng saw that Wang Da Chuan's mood was a bit low and quickly changed the subject. "I am going on a business trip to Shanghai tomorrow. Do you have anything you want me to bring? Shanghai is more prosperous than ours, there are many things."

"Little Uncle, what are you going to Shanghai for?" Xu Jinyan also knew that the topic just now evoked the sadness of his good brother, so he cooperated when his uncle changed the subject.

"There is a female tycoon from America who comes to China to invest. This is the first batch of overseas investment after opening to the outside world, the upper management attaches more importance to it and lets me assist in this reception." Xu Niansheng briefly explained the situation.

He Qiong became interested and asked, "Is it that rich Chinese woman? The one who started from nothing in the United States and is called ‘The Queen of Wall Street Finance’?"

"En, it's her." Xu Niansheng nodded.

“Then you must treat her with the most hospitality and try to keep her!" He Qiong exclaimed, but he was just talking. Just think a little bit and people would know that she must have a big property in America, how could she be willing to stay?

"Our country is now lacking in this kind of rich and kindhearted people. With someone to take the lead, there will definitely be more Chinese people who will come back in the future." Xu Jian'guo said.

About this legendary woman tycoon, the upper management had already spread the news and everyone here knew a little about it. Therefore, as soon as this topic started, a few people discussed it enthusiastically, sweeping away the heavy atmosphere just now.

After the meal, He Qiong left, Xu Jinyan and Wang Da Chuan also returned to the army, and Xu Niansheng returned to the room to pack. After packing a few pieces of clothes, he suddenly remembered something. He walked to the desk and opened the second drawer, which contained a small velvet box.

Xu Niansheng picked it up and opened it gently. Inside was a straw woven ring. This had been given by Wen Qing a day before she left. She’d said, "It is popular for people in the city to give a ring when you propose. Let's just make do with this ba."

In fact, she had made it when she was burning the fire.

Thinking about the scene at that time, Xu Niansheng couldn't help but smile a little. He did not know what kind of mentality he’d had in the beginning that he secretly treasured this ring? He never lost this ring in those years in the country.

Xu Niansheng closed the lid and felt a little melancholy. He had always thought of that girl out of nowhere. Some things are not noticeable at first, but they will ferment with the flow of time and expand until you can no longer ignore them.

The reception this time was very important, so the upper management attached great importance to it. There were dozens of officials that had come just to pick her up from the airport. It was significant to let her see their sincerity. The army even sent along some troops to protect her. This time it was a God of Wealth who came here, she couldn't have an accident in their country.

Xu Niansheng, as the main person in charge, waited with the mayor of Shanghai while exchanging pleasantries. Before long, the sounds of the plane came and everyone was standing with full attention, raising their head and stretching their neck to have a look at the legendary woman tycoon.

When Wen Qing set foot on this land again, she felt a sense of belonging in her heart. No wonder the ancient people always say that the falling leaves settle on the roots. The outside world is bustling, but it is not as comfortable as staying at home.

Wen Qing got off the plane and saw Xu Niansheng in the reception crowd at a glance. There was no other way. Her old man was still so outstanding, it was hard to ignore him.

"Comrade Wang Wenqing, I welcome you back on behalf of the country!"

The mayor of Shanghai saw that Xu Niansheng was a beat slower and rushed forward to shake hands with her. Wen Qing smiled kindly, "Hello, comrade." Then, she shook hands with other people one by one.

Xu Niansheng was dumbfounded for a long time before he came back to his senses and naturally fell behind. It was only after Wen Qing walked in front of him that everyone looked at him. As the main receptionist, he should have stood in front, but somehow he fell behind.

Wen Qing did not shake hands with him. She opened both of her arms and gave him a hug. "Long time no see."

Everyone was taken aback and looked at each other. What is it? I've heard that Americans are more open. People often give a hug when they meet each other, even kiss each other's cheeks. En, this is etiquette.

However, long time no see means...

"You know each other?"

"En." Wen Qing nodded. "Comrade Xu Niansheng is my fiance."

One stone creates thousands of ripples. After being frightened that their eyeballs almost dropped, everyone looked at Xu Niansheng with admiration in their eyes. This was really awesome, ah! He quietly won the richest American women. Compared to investment, feelings, and so on, making the God of Wealth stay in their country was the real deal!

Xu Niansheng was surprised and delighted. In any case, he never expected the one who came would be the little girl who had been missing for almost ten years! After ten years of disappearance, she actually made such a big show! This girl...

A group of people left the airport with great momentum. The reception group understood that Wen Qing had just gotten off the plane and did not start the inspection directly, but arranged for her to stay in the guest house to rest. In the evening, a banquet was prepared to welcome her.

The relationship between her and Xu Niansheng was quickly reported.

Regarding this female tycoon, no one had been able to find out her background before, except that she was Chinese. She seemed to appear out of thin air in the streets of America. No one was able to find out her origin. She offered to return to China to invest, and China also took the risk. Because they did not know any details about her, there was no way to determine whether she was an enemy or a friend.

It stood to reason that with such an unstable factor, it was impossible to let her return. But the large investment she promised as well as the transfer of talented technicians was too enticing, so the upper management took the risk. But an army was sent, on the one hand for protection, on the other for surveillance.

Now, they knew her background and her connection with China. She had a fiance and her twin brother, which made people more at ease.

After the welcoming banquet, the task to accompany Wen Qing back fell to Xu Niansheng.

Xu Niansheng had been absent-minded ever since he saw Wen Qing. He was full of thoughts as if he had a lot to say, but when he was alone with her, he found that he couldn't say a word to her.

In the end, he could only ask dryly, "How are you doing?"

Wen Qing couldn't help but smile, "How could you still be the same after not seeing you for many years? You haven't changed at all." Not only the appearance, but also his pure personality.

Her smile broke the sense of unfamiliar distance just now, as if they had returned to how they had gotten along in the past. Xu Niansheng immediately relaxed and smiled along. "You were leaving cleanly and orderly, and you ran to America alone without saying a word. You don't know how anxious Da Chuan was at that time."

"I did give you a head up, okay?" I'd told them that I would go on a trip. Although, this trip was a little far and the time was a little long. "By the way, was Da Chuan the only one who’s worried? You're not worried?"

Wen Qing looked at his red ears then unhurriedly said, "Niansheng, I'm back. Let's find the time to obtain our marriage certificate ba."

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