Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 135: Superstar Cultivation System [1]

She went away and started a new life anonymously in a strange city, doing menial tasks like washing dishes, serving food and even cleaning toilets. Without any qualifications or special skills, she could only do these dirty and tiring jobs.

But no matter how dirty or tired she became, as long as she thought of her adorable child waiting for her at home, she was full of motivation and hope and kept going.

Her son Han Junqing was indeed very excellent, sensible and filial, and he inherited all her advantages in appearance. In order to save tuition fees, he skipped two grades in elementary school and became the provincial champion in college entrance examination, which gave her a lot of face. In front of outsiders, he would never avoid mentioning his mother's identity as a cleaner. Han Wenqing herself felt ashamed of it, but Han Junqing always openly told others that she was his mother.

Han Junqing, who studied in college, majored in acting and minored in music, just because he once heard that being a celebrity is the most profitable profession. His family's poverty made him grow up early, and the sixteen-year-old boy already understood the importance of money when most of his peers were still under their parents' wings and didn't know suffering.

Han Junqing had excellent physical condition, good grades and was intelligent and hardworking. Such a person shouldn't have failed, although it was a tough journey due to his refusal to follow the unwritten rules and lack of background. He achieved some success in the end. He bought a house for his mother with the money he earned, so she could quit her job and enjoy a comfortable life.

However, there were always people who envied and hated him. No one could find any fault in his well-regulated private life, so they dug up his mother's past.

Father's background was unknown and the mother was a former hostess... That alone was enough to send him to hell. He hadn't even established himself in the entertainment industry yet and there were plenty of people ready to throw stones at him. Han Junqing was inevitably banned.

Seeing her dejected and downcast son, Han Wenqing's heart ached, filled with regret and self-loathing, regretting her foolishness when she was young and feeling guilty for dragging her son into it. In her agitation, she fainted and was taken to the hospital for an examination. It was discovered that she had late-stage liver cancer...

"I regret it, I've dragged my son down, I named him Junqing after a noble ideal of 'cleansing oneself', yet never imagined he would have such a dirty mother. I’m so sorry for him..."

Han Wenqing finally calmed down a bit but her emotions were stirred up again. Wen Qing quickly asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"I want nothing. I just want you to help him. He loves music and acting so much, he shouldn't be held back by me. He should have a better future. Please, fulfill his wishes!"

Wen Qing sighed and brushed her face gently with her hand, putting her to sleep again.

Little Phoenix trotted over and sneakily looked at her expression, tentatively asking, "Can I go this time?"

Wen Qing was amused by his appearance and the melancholy from before vanished. She tapped his forehead and said, "Stay here."

Little Phoenix suddenly collapsed, his whole body softening and falling to the ground. His small wings quietly held up a paper card in front of her, on which was written: "This Phoenix has passed away, paying tribute with paper."

Wen Qing was so amused to see this, she didn't expect Little Phoenix to be using this kind of way to act cute now, she has made progress!

But she still couldn't take him with her, one being that this was the modern world again, and two, she wasn't planning on bringing a spatial-type golden finger this time, so that was out of the question.

In this world, Han Wenqing was not even a female side character, she was merely a cannon fodder. And the female protagonist of this world was called Gu Nian, a little princess from the prestigious Gu family of the capital city.

Two people who had no connection with each other, why was Han Wenqing the cannon fodder? The cliché plot of the real daughter being mistaken for a fake one, Han Wenqing was the real daughter who had been away from home all this time, and the one they have been looking for.

Gu Nian was the fake daughter who became a princess, and she was also time-traveling. As an orphan in the previous life, she was not only reborn into a wealthy family in this life, but also got to receive the love of her grandparents, father, mother and elder brothers. This made her grateful, and she cherished her happy life now.

Later, she also developed feelings for her elder brother. Although she knew she was not his real sister, the blood relationship between them cannot be broken. When she was in pain and confusion, she suddenly found out that she was not the Gu family's daughter. That's great, there's no blood relationship between them anymore. In the end, it was a happy ending for the family, and the Gu family sent people to look for their real daughter, but due to the long passage of time, they couldn't find any clues.

Wen Qing didn't care about the Gu family and Gu Nian. Han Wenqing’s only obsession was her son, so she was going to help him. As for how she was going to help him, Wen Qing already had an idea.

In the dark room, a young man was curled up on the sofa. His eyes were sunken, his lips were cracked, and his cheeks had an abnormal redness. He tightly held a picture frame in his hands. In the frame was a kind and beautiful middle-aged woman, smiling very happily at the camera. The man had tightly closed his eyes and murmured in his sleep, "Mom, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Mom..."

The man was Han Junqing. This was the second day after Han Wenqing's death.

After going through the public opinion turmoil and the company's cover-up, when his career hit rock bottom, coupled with his mother's passing away, Han Junqing was overwhelmed and eventually fell ill.

Moreover, he always felt that he was partly responsible for his mother's death. When he heard about his mother's past, he found it difficult to accept. After all, his mother taught him since childhood to be honest and upright, to be accountable to the world, and to be worthy of his conscience. He had been strictly demanding of himself in accordance with what she said.

His mother raised him to be a righteous gentleman, so he always saw his mother in this way. He felt that although they were poor, they could still sit upright, free from guilt. However, he never expected his mother to have such a past. He would not begrudge his mother, but the contrast was too great for him to accept.

With just a moment of distraction, his mother fell ill. Although it turned out to be late-stage liver cancer, he felt that if he hadn't stimulated her, she might not have fallen ill so quickly and left him.

Guilt and regret made him also fall ill quickly. Ever since he was banned by the company, he lived alone, without an assistant or a manager, and no one took care of him when he was unconscious.

[Ding! A suitable host has been found. Do you want to bind the superstar cultivation system?]

In the empty room, a cold female voice suddenly sounded, but there was no one in the room.

[...3, 2, 1, the host is bound by default. The superstar cultivation system is being bound. ]

[Binding successful! System scanning data.]

[Name: Han Junqing

Gender: Male

Age: Nineteen

Superstar Potential: SSS

Acting: C-

Singing: B+

Dancing: C

Special Skills: Calligraphy (Elementary)

Fans Value: 35798

Points: 0

Superstar Task Completion Progress: 0]

[Main Task One...]

The noisy voice in his head made Han Junqing wake up slowly, rubbing his swollen and painful head. He must be too tired as he was hearing things.

[Daily Task: Pull open the curtains, tidy up the room, make a delicious lunch for yourself. 10 points.]

The cold female voice continued, Han Junqing suddenly sat up from the sofa, "Who is it?"

[Hello, I am System Manager 001, the Superstar Cultivation System is dedicated to serving you.]

Han Junqing: "???"

[This is a professional system application for creating a super star, as long as you complete the tasks issued by the system, you will be a superstar!]

Wen Qing was trying her best to flatter. Yes, Wen Qing. This time she disguised herself as the system manager to help the client complete the task. The system was the male god strategy system that she previously snatched from Sura, and she used it as a superstar cultivation system. She herself occupied the position of system manager.

Han Junqing had been through so much in his life that it was hard for him to trust outsiders. If she suddenly appeared, it would not be easy to gain Han Junqing's trust. How convenient would it be to have a system to help him?

A secret that only he knew belonged to him alone made it easy for Han Junqing to open up his heart. It didn't matter in what form she appeared, as long as she could help him fulfill his dream of becoming a celebrity.

Besides, she was bored doing the same tasks over and over again, so she wanted to find something fun for herself.

Han Junqing hesitantly opened the system interface as instructed by Wenqing. A transparent screen appeared in front of him showing his physical data. When he swiped right, he could see the system backpack, which was a nine-square grid, with the last eight grids empty and only the first grid containing a newbie gift box….

Han Junqing finally believed that the system was real, not someone's prank.

He also thought to himself that he was now a lonely person, who would prank him?

Han Junqing sarcastically laughed but thinking of his mother's death, he was no longer as enthusiastic about getting the system.

[Sorrowfully, could your mother have lived? If you really miss her, then do what she most expected.]

Han Junqing was both shocked and angry, "Can you peek at my thoughts?!"

Of course…. No! I just collected all the information about you since you were a child and made reasonable assumptions.

Han Junqing was silent for a moment, then suddenly remembered the question he asked his mother when he was a child.

"Mom, what is your wish?"

"Mom's wish is for all of Qing Qing's wishes to come true. What is Qing Qing's wish?"

"My wish is to grow up and become a superstar, make lots and lots of money, and build a big house for you!"

"Ok, ok, ok, Mom is waiting for that day."

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