Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 128: The Protagonist Has A Black Bag Group [1]

The cold lake water exudes a biting chill, swallowing the last bit of body temperature. Wen Qing opened her eyes from the water and looked at the dark night sky through the lake, her gazes were cold.

She came at the time when the original owner committed suicide by throwing herself into the lake, Qiao Wenqing in the original work died tonight. But now that Wen Qing was here, there was no need to die.

But if Qiao Wenqing "does not die", her plan will not progress. Wen Qing's mind turned, and a puppet talisman appeared in the palm of her hand, and immediately took the appearance of the original owner and floated to the lake instead of her. She herself swam to the bottom of the lake, chose a hidden place without surveillance and climbed ashore, she cleaned up the traces left behind, and then disappeared.

An He hurriedly ran into the dormitory in panic, pale and incoherently said, "She, she, she is dead!"

Qiu Rin put down the newspaper, glanced at him, and asked casually, "Who died?"

"Qiao Wenqing! Qiao Wenqing committed suicide last night!"

"What!" Yi Shi was shocked by a thousand waves, and An He's words shocked the other two people in the dormitory. Bai Yan and Xiyue walked out of their rooms with serious expressions, staring at An He and asking, "Don't make fun of this kind of thing!"

An He's face turned pale again, "I'm not kidding, she's really dead, and the body has just been fished up, and she’s so pale! The police and the security department have already put things in order." An He's voice trembled, breathing He said hurriedly, "What should I do? We killed her..."

"Be careful of what you say!" Qiu Rin glanced at him with vigilance, "Don't talk nonsense, we were all in the dormitory last night, who killed her? Isn’t it a suicide? Why is it suicide? The police have their own conclusions."

"However, if we hadn't done that, how could she have committed suicide?" An He said with a shaken voice, she almost cried, "I said earlier not to play, but you just have to pull me into this, is it interesting to bully a girl? It's good now, we’ve stimulated her to commit suicide! You are all murderers!"

The room fell silent for a while except for An He's faint sobbing. They had never imagined that things would be developed to this point, and no one had expected this result.

Qiao Wenqing's presence in the school was so strong that no one does not know her. Any Eton High School student who mentions her name can say something about her. For example, her clothes do not exceed 100 Yuan, she doesn't know how to dress up, she doesn't know famous brands, and she takes the bus to go to school. She doesn't have any specialties except for studying, and her family's annual income was not as much as their daily pocket money... Everything about her was incompatible with this school, like an alien who has broken into their circle. Even if no one excluded her, she can only stray at the edge.

Qiu Rin and the four are the true pride of heaven, and they were at the top of the pyramid in the whole school. It was said that people at these two extremes should have nothing to do with each other, but these four people noticed her.

At first, they noticed this girl because of her grades and she stood out among a group of noble sons and young ladies who had received elite education since childhood.

Being crushed by an ant struggling to survive, how could these nobles, young masters, and young ladies, who were born superior to others, swallow this anger? Therefore, she was not pleasing to their eyes. Throwing away her textbooks, tearing up her homework, deliberately spilling food on her... Bullying her blatantly, sneering at her, and trying to teach this poor girl how to behave.

Qiao Wenqing knew that it was her dazzling grades that caused her troubles, but she had no choice. If she didn't take the first place in the exam, she would not be able to get a scholarship, and there would be no way for the school to exempt her from tuition, so she could only continue to take the first place in the exam and silently endure the ostracism and violence of others.

Of course, they were just minor characters, and the real nobles were very cultivated and cannot do such unworthy things. However, there were exceptions.

For example, Qiu Rin and her group of four.

The four made a bet at a party on a limited-edition luxury minivan. The four of them had made too many bets, and there was nothing left to compare. Someone came up with a crooked idea to see who could capture Qiao Wenqing's heart first.

This proposal was unanimously approved by everyone. After all, the boring campus life was really no fun.

Four tall, handsome, sunny and handsome boys like princes were eager to pursue an ordinary girl. There were only a few girls who could resist falling in love with them. In the end, Qiao Wenqing agreed to Qiu Rin's pursuit, only because the other party stepped forward when she was bullied and declared overbearingly that whoever bullied Qiao Wenqing again was equal to making trouble with him...

Qiao Wenqing was touched and agreed to his pursuit. However, she never imagined that her entangled, sweet and sad girlish feelings were just a game when the other party was bored...

Those words that mocked her for being overly self-sufficient cut her heart open like a sword, dripping with blood...

The room was silent for a long time, no one spoke, and An He's sobbing gradually disappeared. After all, they were seventeen or eighteen-year-old teenagers, and they couldn't bear the burden of a dead person.

Qiao Wenqing's death, apart from being discussed at Eton Middle School for two days, did not cause any waves. An ordinary girl, even if she studies well, can she let the four heavenly children be criticized because of her?

For these people, what can be solved with money was not a problem. After the Qiao family's parents received a large amount of compensation, the matter was settled and forgotten. Two years later, when Qiao Anran was cleaning her room, she found a diary.

"...It's just human life, are you still worried about it? Those who achieve big things will not stick to these little things, and later you will find that the most worthless thing in this world is human life! You are the heir of the enemy's family, if you can’t even pass this point, then I have to consider choosing a new heir!"

In the study, Qiu Rin's father shouted at him sternly.

Two years later, Qiu Rin still has not come out of the shadow of Qiao Wenqing's suicide, and it has been difficult for him to let go. Not because his father said he couldn't bear to sacrifice a life, but because he really liked Qiao Wenqing at that time.

In that game, it was him who lost his mind first, but he didn't realize it. When Qiao Wenqing was heartbroken when the truth was revealed, he realized that she had come into his heart before he knew it.

But he personally drove her to a dead end.

Qiu Rin closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, it was clear and firm, he said calmly, "Father, I will adjust my mind soon."

Father Qiu's expression softened and he patted his shoulder, "It’s good that you understand."

Qiu Rin came back from the study, closed his eyes for a while and pondered for a while, then turned on the phone again, just at this moment, a message suddenly popped up on the screen——

"Do you want to live? Do you want to know the meaning of life?"

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