Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 130: The Protagonist Has A Black Bag Group [3]

"How is that possible?" Xi Yue almost dropped the phone in a complacent manner and looked at An He in disbelief. Qiu Rin and Bai Yan were also very surprised. It was possible for An He to surpass Xi Yue, but it would be impossible to be better than the two of them. It was somewhat abnormal.

An He scratched his hair to hide his shame, "Grandpa transferred me a sum of money and bought some things from me. He said that since there are no rules, high-priced trading should be possible, but I didn't expect it to really count... "

How many people still don't understand, this was Grandpa An helping him cheat. Seeing that he was about to lose, he transferred a large amount of money to him. Unexpectedly, the god of death will accept this kind of operation.

Unscrupulous, shameless... The God of Death said from the beginning that they could do whatever they could, but they didn't expect this.

Xi Yue smiled bitterly, "Grandpa always said that Grandpa An is the smartest person, this time I believe it. My Grandfather also read this rule but didn't expect this kind of operation. If you are all right, I will be miserable. I hope that our family will be strong and find the person behind this."

The other three were not lucky to win. Instead, he felt like a fox mourning over the death of the hare. This time it was Xi Yue, who will it be next? After all, only one will survive in the end. Therefore, they can only pray that the person who was behind all this can be found.

However, they were disappointed, and this time there was still nothing to gain. They even pulled out the WeChat account registrant's information, but no such person was found. According to the network location of the message sent by the other party, no useful clues can be found. Just when the four major families were attaching great importance to it, the message of the god of death came again.

"Second round: Acquire the shares of Xi Group within a one-year period, the one with the most shares wins."

As soon as this news came out, all four major families were shocked. The purpose of this move was obvious. It was to divide the Xi Group among the other three families!

The four major families have always been in the same spirit, because of the common interests tied together, advancing and retreating together, this was one of the reasons why the four families can become powerful families. Over the years, this alliance has been in constant friction but has never been shaken. Will it collapse this time because of nonsense?

The attitude of the other three families has not been revealed yet, but the Xi family was in a hurry. This sentence has pushed their family to the forefront, becoming the target of public criticism, and their interests were moving. Under this huge temptation, it was difficult to guarantee that the other three families would not have any thoughts.

Xi Yue was originally fortunate that he didn't receive any punishment when he lost, but he didn't expect that the real killer move would be here. This kind of punishment was even more unbearable than making him have nightmares for three days. If the century-old foundation of the Xi family was destroyed because of him, he will not be able to forgive himself, not to mention others.

The leaders of the Xi family visited the heads of the other three families overnight.

"This man's ambitions were obvious. He intends to disintegrate our four alliances and reap the benefits of the fisherman. Now let the three of you divide up our Xi group, causing us to be infighting and killing each other. If both sides are injured, he will be able to sit back and enjoy the success without wasting his efforts. If you really did what he said, you would have fallen for his tricks. Besides, he said from the beginning that only one person can survive. Today is my Xi family, and no one knows if it will be your family in the future. I only wish you could think it through and don't fall for this person's tricks to sow discord!"

The four major families have long been separated from each other, and each has some thought in their hearts. They were thinking about annexing the other families all the time. However, the four clans restrained each other and were affected by one line. If they wanted to swallow the fat that did not belong to them, their vitality would be greatly damaged. Now God has given them a good opportunity, someone has given them a breakthrough. The Chou, Bai, and An’s Families say that they were not interested, but that was false.

But just like the old man of the Xi family said, this was obviously because someone deliberately instigated them to fight. The enemy was in the dark, they were in the light, and their every move was under the eyes of the enemy, but they can't even see the shadow of the enemy. This kind of unstable factor was like a time bomb that will explode at any time, which makes several families fearful, so they dare not act rashly. Therefore, in the face of the temptation of huge interests, can barely maintain reason.

Qiu Rin 's father, Qiu He, had a kind smile on his face, "Uncle Xi has been worrying too much. The four of us have always been advancing and retreating together. How could we tear our faces for a provocation and destroy the peace? You are always worried. It is also what we are concerned about, and we understand the truth. But in my opinion, maybe our enemy is not so terrible. "

"How so"

"Firstly, if they are really capable and confront us directly, why would they hide in secret and not dare to show up? Secondly, he provoked us to fight within ourselves and defeat them one by one, doesn't it just mean that they can't eat the four of us in one bite? They can only nibble on it bit by bit."

After Qiu He finished speaking, the three of them agreed, "It makes sense, and it is certain this person either has hatred against the four of us or is jealous of the properties of the four of our families. Apart from these two reasons, I really can't think of any reason. Who would want to deal with us so deliberately."

"There are a lot of people who are jealous of us. Which of the following families is not as jealous as ours? Revenge is a way of thinking. Follow this clue to find out if you have made enemy with the four of us at the same time in the past 20 years."

Mr. Xi pondered for a while, "In this way, I am reminded of one thing. Seven years ago, several of our families jointly attacked the He family and took time out of their funds. The He family's family was destroyed, and the couple committed suicide. Their son is missing. Do you think he is back?"

This matter was not so glorious, and a few people were a bit shy about it. The Bai family was in power and said, "The market is like a battlefield. If you are not as skilled, you can only be eliminated. If you can't bear failure and commit suicide, what does it have to do with us? Even if he comes back, then we will just greet him, his father is not our opponent, how can a hairy boy turn the sky?"

This remark made several other people agree, "It would be good if it was him, but all of this is our guess, we still have to make two preparations, one is to investigate the whereabouts of the youngest son of the He family, and the other is to investigate our nemesis. Family, we always have to find some clues. The second is that the little ones will probably suffer a little bit more, bear with it first, and don’t act rashly. The four of us have the same hatred, and we must not start internal strife and take advantage of the thoughts of the bad guys.”




After the four people in power met, they finalized a solution to this matter, and initially decided to unanimously go public, and the Xi family was temporarily safe.

It's just that Mr. Xi understands that this temporary security can't make people relieved at all. The current situation was very unfavorable to him. The other three families were only afraid of the mysterious person behind the scenes, so they did not act rashly. Once it was determined that the people behind the scenes were no threat to them, then driven by huge interests, who can guarantee that they will not attack?

The problem seems to be solved, but they forget that the game of the god of death was mandatory, and they have no right to say no.

Half a month passed, everything was calm, no accidents happened, and even Qiu Rin and a few people didn't have nightmares. Just when everyone thought that the god of death might have retreated and there was nothing they could do, on the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, Qiu Rin and several others received a message from the god of death again.

"Forgot to remind you, if you don't do what I said, there will be surprises every full moon night. Enjoy tonight."

This was an ordinary sentence, but it makes the people who see it get goosebumps for no reason. Surprise? No one will take it seriously, it was more like a shock.

Qiu Rin, An He, and Bai Yan remembered the fear of having nightmares one after another last time, and they still had lingering fears. Could it be that they have to experience it again tonight?

The three families gathered again to discuss countermeasures based on this information. Qiu He looked a little gloomy, he touched Qiu Rin's phone and said, "If it's just a nightmare, don't sleep tonight, just bear with it."

Although he also hopes to take the Xi family into his pocket, the premise was he does it voluntarily, rather than being forced to do it by this method. Accustomed to being in control of others, this feeling of being played with made him feel very aggrieved, and he hated the people behind the scenes even more.

"It's a method," The old man of the An family nodded. "We will deal with it tonight and find the person behind the scenes as soon as possible. We can't be controlled by them all the time."

Everyone hates this person behind the scenes, and no one likes to be controlled by others, playing like a cat and a mouse. Especially for people from their background, this kind of behavior is even more humiliating to them. Therefore, Qiu He's proposal was unanimously approved by everyone.

As night fell, Qiu Rin and the three stayed together in the same room, waiting for the full moon to rise. Accompanying them were the three important Chou, An, and Bai families. They were not here to stay up late with the juniors but to tell the person behind them that they were not afraid of their tricks.

A declaration of war, perhaps.

The moment when the moon rose, Qiu Lin and the three suddenly turned pale, sweating profusely, and all fell to the ground with their hearts covered in pain.


The pain, the pain that pierce the bone marrow, was like countless knives lingering on the body, gouging out the flesh one by one. It was as if countless ants were gnawing at their blood and bones, and it was painful and itchy. This itch seems to come from the heart, no matter how you scratch it, it can't be relieved, making people want to scratch the flesh and scratch it. It seems to be leaking from the bones, making them want to smash and knock their bones. The three of them writhed painfully on the ground, and they scratched their bodies in an instant.

Others rushed to hold them down after being shocked to stop their self-abuse behavior.

"Dad, it hurts! Help me!"

"Grandpa, it hurts! It hurts to death!"

"Quick! Quickly call the doctor!" Without asking any more questions, someone had already called the doctor over. After the family doctor arrived in a hurry, he was shocked when he saw the tragic state of the place. He hurriedly checked them, and took blood tests, CT, color ultrasound, and various examinations, but found nothing abnormal.

"How could it be? Didn't you see them hurt like this?!"

"Sorry, there are always some strange diseases in the medical world, and the cause can't be found out. They hurt like this, but there is no physical problem. I suspect that they have a problem with the pain nerves..."

Before he could finish speaking, Qiu He, who was talking to him, suddenly paled and sweated, clutching his chest and falling to the ground, his whole body twitched and he rolled on the ground in pain. The An family members and the Bai family members followed. The people present fell one by one, wailing and screaming as if they were infected.

Seeing this, the doctor was so frightened that he quickly fled the scene, fearing that he would also be infected with this unknown virus.

But he worried too much. Only these three families have this symptom, and others will be fine even if they come into contact with them.

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