Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 131: The Protagonist Has A Black Bag Group [4]

The crowd wailed and howled all night until dawn, the pain that pierce the bone marrow disappeared like a tide.

Everyone fell to the ground like a pool of mud, their eyes were red, their voices were hoarse, their expressions were sluggish, and they looked extremely embarrassed.

Qiu He whispered in a hoarse voice, "Wrong, wrong, we all thought wrong, they were not human, they were devil..."

After the double baptism of spirit and body last night, no one thinks that the god of death was an ordinary person who came to seek revenge for them! This was obviously a devil! Or a devil who eats people without blinking!

"What to do?"

"What else can we do?"

"Do as he said, annex the Xi group... We have done our best."

Before, they had their own thoughts, saying that they would advance together and retreat together, but in their hearts, they were eyeing the Xi Family. But after this encounter, they were really asked to carve up the Xi Group, but no one could be happy. With a sharp sword hanging over their head that could fall at any time, who knows if it will be their turn next?

But if you don't do what they said, you will have to suffer this kind of pain on the next full moon night, which is something that few people don't want to bear at all. As a result, the property of the Xi Family was attacked by the three families of An, Qiu and Bai. With one against three, and their understanding of the foundation, the Xi Group was soon outmatched, and the huge Xi Group was about to collapse.

Mr. Xi lobbied to find allies and all kinds of inducements to no avail. The three families were determined to work together to deal with the Xi Family.

How would they know that if he didn't deal with them, he would suffer the heart and the bones pain on the night of the full moon, which was related to his own safety. Who would agree to form an alliance with him?

Mr. Xi was so angry that he vomited blood and fell into a coma. He was sent to the hospital. The Xi Group lost its leader and became even more precarious, but after all, it was an old family, and there was always some unknown backing, so it was not a problem to support them for three to five months. Moreover, the three families of Bai, Qiu, and An had their own thoughts, and they all wanted to acquire more shares, but they could not be completely united, and they fell into a stalemate for a while.

Just when the two sides were in a tug-of-war, Qiu Rin and others, who were thinking behind closed doors of their respective homes, including Xi Yue, suddenly received a message, not the god of death, but an unfamiliar number.

"Will you be awakened by a nightmare when you return from a dream in the middle of the night?"

A word without an opening, but because of the foreshadowing of the god of death, several people did not dare to be careless, and hurriedly sent people to investigate.

Before the results came back, several more pieces of information followed.

"Have you ever felt guilty for the life you killed?"

"It's so cold in the water, I really want you to come down and accompany me."

"I can't wait for you, I have to come back."

"I'm here to find you, and I want to get back everything you owe me."

"I'm waiting for you in hell..."

These few pieces of information made people shiver and get goosebumps for no reason, but that's about it. The nightmares of the god of death were repeated, and their heart was devoured. This trivial point was not enough.

Because they paid attention to it from the beginning, and the people behind the scenes were not very shrewd, so the people they sent out quickly found her.

"Qiao Anran, Qiao Wenqing's sister..."

This sentence alone made Qiu Rin and the four understand the purpose of what she did. If it was normal, they might still blame themselves and feel guilty, but right now they couldn't protect themselves, they were anxious about the predicament they were facing, and they didn't have a good impression of this woman who suddenly appeared and pretended to be a ghost.

Qiu Rin waved his hand in annoyance, "Warn her, let her be obedient, and dare to make trouble after taking her sister's huge compensation. Did she have any brains?"

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a girl in a white dress rushing in, with a pair of brilliant eyes that could talk, with tears in them, but bit her lip stubbornly to keep it from falling, "You think it's amazing to have a few stinky money! You took a human life and just ended it with money? Do you still have heart?" She said while throwing a bank card at Qiu Rin, "Take back your stinky money! Don't use it to insult us! My sister's life cannot be bought with money!"

After the initial consternation, Qiu Lin retracted his exposed emotions, and sat on the sofa, rubbing the bank card slowly, his voice was very cold, "Money can't buy your sister's life, but it can buy your mother's life. Your mother is in hospital and urgently needs surgery, but she can't find the life-saving money."

Having investigated Qiao Anran's personal information, he naturally knows her family well.

Wen Yan Qiao Anran's eyes widened. Obviously, she didn't know about it yet. That's right, she came to this city alone with a bank card. In order to play tricks, she also turned off her mobile phone and sent those text messages to the four of them with a little trumpet account. How could she know the situation at home?

"Besides," He suddenly stood up, his face was close to Qiao Anran, and the handsome face was enlarged in front of her, making Qiao Anran's heart stop for a while, and her face turned red unconsciously. Although this person has a bad personality, he was really good-looking.

"...This dress on your body costs 5,000 Yuan. Without your sister's hard-earned money, your family's income can't afford such a dress. So, don't spend your sister's compensation money while saying that you don't look want the stinky money"

Qiao Anran's face turned pale all of a sudden, her eyes flashed with shame, Qiu Rin raised the bank card in his hand and looked at her with a half-smile, "Are you sure this is all the money we give you? Not even a penny less?"

Qiao Anran's face flushed instantly again, and she shouted angrily, "I will pay you back! I will pay back the remaining amount! In short, our family will never want your stinky money! You also remember that my sister was killed by you! It was a game of yours that killed her! Don't think about having a peace of mind for the rest of your life!"

Qiu Rin's face slowly disappeared, the hand holding the bank card slowly tightened, the veins on the back of his hand burst out, and the knuckles turned white due to the force. Seeing his posture, Qiao Anran thought he was going to beat her, so she took a step back in fright, "What are you going to do?"

Qiu Rin ignored her because he suddenly linked the god of death with Qiao Wenqing. They forced her to death because of a "game", and now it's their turn to be played by the "game". Is it a retribution of his bad karma? Or... Is this related to Qiao Wenqing?

No, no, Qiao Wenqing was dead. He watched her body being carried away with his own eyes. Although it was swollen by the lake, he was still sure that it was Qiao Wenqing herself.

Qiu Rin persuaded himself like this, but the thought that flashed just now was still lingering in his heart.

Qiu Rin didn't embarrass Qiao Anran very much, but just took back the bank card she disdained, and he waited to see how this woman who looked down on his stinky money and admired vanity would struggle after returning to poverty.

Even if he was in prison, the inferiority was still deeply rooted in his bones, and it will be revealed inadvertently. Perhaps, just a little vent under the oppression of death?

After Qiao Anran was kicked out, she was embarrassed and angry. These people were really not good people. They killed her sister, and now they are humiliating her like this. It's no exaggeration for her to call them demons.

She also found her sister's diary by accident, and only then did she know the truth of her death. In the beginning, the school only said it was suicide, but I didn't state the reason why. The deceased has passed away, and the living has to live. Therefore, after her parents received the compensation, they chose to remain silent.

It was undeniable that the family's life has changed dramatically in the past two years because of this money, at least she really couldn't afford such an expensive dress before. But when she thought that her skirt was exchanged for her sister's hard-working money, she felt uncomfortable. Although Big Sister has been studying in boarding school in junior high and high school, she seldom goes home on weekends to send money, and they don't have much time to see each other, but they had a good relationship when they were young. Big Sister loved her very much, and let her do everything...

Therefore, when she knew that her sister was killed, she really wanted to kill all those people. But she knew that she couldn't do it. Just by looking at the temperament of the people in the photo, she knew that they were all rich or expensive, how could she, an ordinary girl, get revenge?

But if she didn't do anything, she felt sorry for her sister who had loved her since childhood, so she came to this city alone, even if she couldn't get revenge, she would make them sleepless.

But things didn't develop as she expected. She was found out at the beginning, and it was her sister's boyfriend who found her.

The other party was more handsome and noble than what she saw in the photo, but also more nasty and annoying than she imagined. She couldn’t hide her thoughts, which made her feel very embarrassed, and she just wanted to escape as soon as possible.

Then she thought of what the person said that her mother was in the hospital for surgery. No matter if it was true or not, she would have to go back and have a look. When she came out, she was afraid that her parents would stop her from doing what she was going to do, so she only left a note, took the bank card, and left in a hurry... I don't know how anxious they are going to be.

Qiao Anran just returned when she received a scolding, " Where did you go, you bastard? You ran away without saying anything. Your mother was hit by a car on the road trying to find you, and she's still in a coma in the hospital now! The hospital is waiting for us to pay the surgery fee, but you have taken all the money from the family! If something happens to your mother, it's all your fault!"

Father Qiao came back to get something, and just happened to bump into her. After scolding her, he asked her, "Where's the card? Hurry up and take it out, the hospital is still waiting for the payment!"

Stunned by the scolding, and after hearing his question about the card again, she regained her senses, "I give it back to him..."

Father Qiao was anxious when he heard it, "Who is it that you returned it to?"

"The one who paid us the compensation..."

As soon as the words left her mouth, she was slapped heavily on the face, "You damn girl! Your mother is still lying in the hospital waiting for help! What are you doing by returning the money back?!"

Qiao Anran, who had never been beaten since she was a child, covered her face in disbelief and looked at her distraught father, "Dad, you beat me..."

Father Qiao 's blood pressure rose in an instant, and he was dizzy, "Is this the time to say this? Do you want to watch your mother die! Hurry up and take it back!"

"No, that's my sister's life-saving money. We can't ask for it! We can't make people look down on us and say that we will exchange my sister's life for money!"

Father Qiao successfully fainted, and Qiao Anran panicked and sent him to the hospital. But as soon as she got to the hospital, her mother needed money, and his father also needed money. A little of the family's savings had been spent on her mother, and Qiao Anran had nowhere to go and ran back to the city where Qiu Rin and the other four were.

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