Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 132: The Protagonist Has A Black Bag Group [5]

"Please, lend me some money. You can let me do anything."

Qiu Rin looked at the woman in front of him who was making a request but had a proud and stubborn face, and a righteous and stubborn expression and sneered from the bottom of his heart. I'm afraid this woman has a hole in her head, right?

He looked at her casually, his tone frivolous, "Huh? Can you do anything?"

This seemed to mean something, which made Qiao Anran blushed, bit her lip, struggled in her heart for a moment, and then nodded seriously, "Well, you can do anything."

Qiu Rin 's face deepened, he leaned forward, approached Qiao Anran, and said word by word, "Then scram as far as you can!"

Qiao Anran was stunned, "You let me scram?"

Qiu Rin ignored her and let the security guard come in and drag her out. It was really boring. He thought she would be able to hold on for a while, but she didn't expect her so-called backbone was to come back to him after only two or three days.

After being thrown out, Qiao Anran still looked sluggish and did not react at all. When she came back to her senses, the door of the enemy family was closed. Qiao Anran was a little embarrassed. Although she had something to ask for, this person's attitude was too bad, right? She was kicked out without asking anything. Her mother was still lying in the hospital. Why can't he help her when he lives in such a big villa?

The enemy's door was closed, and Qiao Anran had no choice but to leave first. Unexpectedly, I ran into Bai Yan on the way back. Of course, she had seen Bai Yan's photo in her sister's diary, so she went to him for help, using the same rhetoric that she used to Qiu Rin.

Of course, Bai Yan still remembers Qiao Wenqing's affairs. After all, her death has something to do with him. It's not a big deal for him to help the other's sister if she asks for help. Moreover, the joint operation of the three companies to snipe the shares of the Xi Family was progressing to a critical moment. Bai Yan didn't want to cause trouble at this time, so he asked his secretary to transfer a sum of money to her.

When Qiao Anran saw him help her without saying a word without asking for repayment, she felt grateful and nostalgic. She felt this man was gentle, thoughtful, and kind.

Qiao Anran took the money and left, and the Xi Group was gradually unable to support themself. Under the concentrated firepower of the other three families, they were already defeated.

In less than a year, the Xi Family completely collapsed, and the family property was completely divided up by the Qiu, Bai, and An families. The rich and powerful family that has been inherited for a hundred years has been destroyed, and not even a wave has been raised.

Mr. Xi didn't hold out in the hospital and left. Xiyue knew that he had entirely caused this disaster. He had an inescapable responsibility for the bankruptcy of the Xi family, and his grandfather's death was like the last straw that overwhelmed his spirit. Needless to say, emotions such as self-blame, guilt, and shame have drowned him.

The enormous pressure made him unable to breathe, and his spirit almost collapsed. Sometimes melancholy, sometimes anxious, several of his suicide attempts were rescued by others. Everyone else was fine, but his left hand was irreversibly injured, and there was no way to recover, so he could only be a one-armed man in the future.

After Qiao Anran got the money, she didn't stay long and rushed back without stopping. She told Dad Qiao that this was the money she borrowed, and she needed to help her benefactor to repay it.

Dad Qiao seemed to only know his daughter for the first time. She was so heartless and didn't care about the mother lying in the hospital bed and had not yet woken up. Since others were kind enough to lend her money, why would they be so anxious for her to repay in a while?

Dad Qiao persuaded her for a long time and finally agreed to wait for her mother to wake up before leaving.

When Qiao Anran set foot in the city again, it was the time when the Xi Group was destroyed. Qiao Anran didn't pay attention to these but went straight to Bai Yan's house.

"...I can't accept your help for nothing. I can't repay the money right now, but I can work for you to pay for it. No matter what you need, I can help you."

Bai Yan couldn't help frowning. He had run out of patience with this chattering woman who had neither rules nor eyesight and just wanted her to leave quickly.

"No, it's just for your sister's sake. I don't need you to do anything for me."

Hearing this, Qiao Anran's expression froze on her face, and then she looked like she had been greatly insulted, "I was wrong about you! It turns out that you also like him, thinking that a little stinky money would be able to make you superior! Can money be used to measure people’s lives in your eyes? People like you will never understand what emotion is!" After speaking, she ran away very aggrieved.

Bai Yan: "?"

What the hell? Are you crazy!

It has to be said that looking at the same thing in different moods will have different feelings. In the original novel, Bai Yan was not threatened by the god of death. When they met Qiao Anran, their mentality was relaxed and casual, and their feelings for Qiao Anran changed from guilt at the beginning to love. Hearing her remarks under the circumstances, you will feel that she is kind, upright, and a little silly and cute.

But now, because of the experience of death, they are disgusted by the instinctive behavior of this set of ghosts, and they can't even like Qiao Anran. Therefore, when I heard her words at this time, there were only four words in their heart – you f*cking retarded woman!

After Qiao Anran left, Bai Yan received news from the god of death again.

"Congratulations, the task is completed. The shares held by each person are Bai Yan, Qiu Rin , and An He in descending order. Therefore, An He will be eliminated."

"The third round: Acquire the An Group and win the sincerity of Qiao Anran."

The results this time were not surprising, and they were already prepared.

And this mission to acquire An's Group is not surprising. After all, the god of death said from the beginning that only one person could survive, and that person who survives will inevitably annex other people's industries. What's surprising is that the latter mission is to win the sincerity of Qiao Anran. What does this mean?

At the beginning, Qiao Wenqing committed suicide because of their love game and couldn't bear it, and now she uses the same method for them to pursue her sister. It was difficult for people to doubt the relationship between the two.

But this task made them confused again. If this person wanted to avenge Qiao Wenqing, why did they pull Qiao Wenqing's sister into the water? But if not, how could it be so coincidental for them to play a love game?

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