Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 134: The Protagonist Has A Black Bag Group [7]

"You both failed the task and are eliminated."

Hearing this news, Qiu Rin and Bai Yan were dumbfounded. Wasn't it supposed to be only one person surviving in the end? Wasn't it assumed that someone would survive? What did it mean to be eliminated?

They were originally thinking that no matter what, one of them would survive, so they fought to a draw. This way, perhaps they could both escape, or at least have a tiebreak match to delay for a bit of time. However, they never expected that the Grim Reaper would not follow the script at all!

Despite this, they still felt lucky, as the Grim Reaper had never appeared throughout the whole process. From the elimination of the Xi’s at the start, to the bankruptcy of the An family, the Grim Reaper had only used some very methods to force them to fight each other, and had never actually appeared to do anything, making them feel that the Grim Reaper only had those methods.

Now that both Qiu and Bai are out, who else could take their place to face these two major families?

However, reality gave them another slap in the face, Wen Qing had not even appeared, and someone else had done this for her.

He Chuang, who was ambushed by the four big families ten years ago, causing his company to go bankrupt and his parents to commit suicide, has now returned as a king, avenging them and reclaiming everything that belongs to him.

With the help of Wen Qing, he quickly seized the properties of the Qiu and Bai families with great force, and the two large groups changed masters at once. The four great families that once shone brightly were now obliterated and became history.

Qiu Rin and Bai Yan, one of whom had a mental breakdown and the other was expelled from the family, disappeared forever. Qiao Anran, who witnessed all this, sadly returned to her own city after she had lost her reliance. The money Bai Yan once gave her, which was used for her mother's medical expenses, was almost gone, and their family returned to the "proletariat" living standard.

After getting used to spending money lavishly and buying whatever she liked, Qiao Anran found it hard to adjust to this impoverished lifestyle. If she hadn't experienced a life of luxury, and seen the lavishness of both Qiu and Bai's families, how could she have calmly lived an ordinary life?

She was beautiful, and despite her peculiar way of thinking, she still had admirers. She picked one of the wealthiest second-generation rich men to date. He was good to her and spent a lot of money on her, but their relationship didn't last long because his family went bankrupt.

She moved on to a rich son of an official. By the second week of their relationship, his father was arrested for corruption. Qiao Anran had earned the nickname "The Terminator" for bringing ill luck to whoever she was with, whether it was bankruptcy or arrest. After her reputation spread, everyone avoided her and she no longer had the chance to date someone wealthy.

Wen Qing said that she had broken her heart in order to make her younger sister self-reliant.

Sitting opposite each other in front of a large floor-to-ceiling window, Wen Qing stirred her coffee while looking down on the small buildings below. Without raising her head, she said, "What does it feel like to have the world at your feet?"

The person sitting opposite her was He Chuang, the new owner of the building. The young man had a handsome face and a deep, sorrowful gaze. Despite his young age, his eyes revealed the depth of his experience.

He fixed his gaze on Wen Qing and heard her question, then thought for a moment before saying, "Yes."

It was better to trample others than to be trampled. He would never forget those days of desperation, nor the day she came, softly smiling and asking him, "Want to take revenge?"

From that moment on, his life was on a different path. Now, he stood at the highest point in the city and overlooked the crowd, as if he could reach out and pluck the stars. But most importantly, she was beside him.

Wen Qing put down her coffee cup, smiled lightly, and said, "Then that's good. Your wish is fulfilled and my business is done. Let's say goodbye."

He Chuang was taken aback, "Where are you going?"

Wen Qing smiled slightly, "Going back to where I belong."

Upon returning to the endless space, Wen Qing felt like she had gone on a leisurely vacation, without any effort put in. She had only threatened and intimidated in the shadows and still managed to achieve her goals. Even the fact that the female protagonist had no golden finger didn't affect her good mood.

Putting the black bag group back into the endless void, and refining the power of this merit, Wen Qing waited quietly for the arrival of the next client.

"...My life has been very reckless. I was young and ignorant and fell in love early, drank alcohol, skipped classes, and dropped out of school early to live in society. Later, I took advantage of my youth and beauty and wandered around different men, not learning any skills, and wasting time. When my youth was exhausted and beauty was gone, it was too late to turn back..."

"However, Heaven has not been unkind to me. Even though I am in a quagmire, I still have the most precious treasure in the world! The pride of my life is my son! He is very good, smarter and more sensible than other children since he was a child. When I am busy, he can stay quietly for a whole day without crying or making trouble."

"He always got first place in school and got a scholarship every year. The first time he got a scholarship, he bought me a pair of gloves and said, "Mom, look, I can make money now, and you won't have to work so hard anymore." Such a small child being so sensible was heartbreaking!"

"I didn't give him a complete family or even a comfortable life, and he had to worry about making a living at such a young age. I'm not a competent mother, but he is the best child in the world. I wanted to give him all the love and the best things in the world, but I ended up hurting him, I hurt him…"

The client said this and was almost unable to speak, and was close to fainting, unable to control her emotions. Wen Qing let her take a nap to ease her mind, and she used this time to look into the client's life.

The client was named Han Wenqing, born in a relatively chaotic slum. Her father was a bad gambler and a drunk who owed a lot of debt and beat his wife when he was drunk. Her mother was timid and never resisted her father. Han Wenqing's childhood was spent dodging creditors and her father's beatings.

Later, her mother was pushed down by her drunk father and died after hitting her head on the corner of the wall. At that time, Han Wenqing was just ten years old and witnessed the tragedy with her own eyes. Rebellion began from this moment.

During middle school, she fought, had a premature relationship, and drank a lot. She did everything that the school didn't allow her to do, so she was eventually expelled from the school and wandered in society.

At the age of seventeen, her father owed a lot of debt and was about to sell her to pay it off, but she heard the news beforehand and escaped. Without money to pay off the debt, her father was beaten to death.

She was all alone, living day by day, drinking and partying, and doing whatever it took to make ends meet. Because she was young and beautiful, she was able to make a lot of money. But beauty fades, and after her youth was gone, she was left with nothing.

At this point, she finally realized her mistake and regretted her past foolishness. She decided to turn her life around and start anew. At the same time, she found out she was pregnant, but the father of the child was unknown. She thought she would have to live her life alone, but didn’t expect to have a child. It made her extremely happy. She felt that it was a gift from heaven.

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