Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 89: The Return of the Online Game Goddess [2]

Yu Gui took the quest item to find the NPC, Zhao Si. Zhao Si was relatively easy to find. You just need to wander around the village entrance. If players encountered him and tried to get a quest from him, he would curse you, "You want to die, huh! Disturbing Lao Tzu's rest!" No matter what you asked, there was only this one answer. Therefore, players treated him as a normal NPC.

Yu Gui walked up to him with a handful of crow feathers and asked respectfully, "Sir, I have some crow feathers here. Do you want them?"

Zhao Si's eyes lit up. "Show me."

Yu Gui handed the things over to him. Zhao Si said in surprise, "They really are the crow feathers that I need," he said. Then, he rolled his eyes. "I still need some goldfish. I wonder if Yu Gui can help me catch them?"

The early prepared Yu Gui took out ten goldfish. "Are these enough?" There were people coming and going in the newbie village. She used the crow feathers to trigger a special quest and the others would definitely follow suit. If she went fishing after she accepted the goldfish quest, when she came back, the ship would have been sailing already*. So, she prepared all these things in advance and only needed to hand in the task directly.

*T/N: It will be too late.

"Enough, enough. Yu Gui, you are really a kind and enthusiastic person. In return, I'll give you a treasure map. With just ten gold, you can take it."

Yu Gui's face was very calm, but inwardly, she couldn't help but be excited. It was finally in her hands. She gave Zhao Si ten gold, and Zhao Si handed her a parchment scroll. There were already quite a few players around who cast their gazes at them, so as soon as Yu Gui got the parchment scroll, she quickly put it in her backpack and left.

She ran all the way to a place with no one around. Only then did Yu Gui take out the parchment scroll and threw an appraisal spell. On the scroll, some words appeared, saying that it was a broken parchment.

There was a small line at the bottom: "No value."

Yu Gui was stunned for a moment. It's not right. Isn't it supposed to reveal the divine forger's heritage? Yu Gui flipped back to the system's message records again. If she received the task, the system would have a message asking whether she would accept the task or not, and it would be displayed in the task list after she received it.

However, when she turned to the message, it showed, "You have received the evil trick of villager Zhao Si from Daohua Village. Reputation in Daohua Village -10."

Evil trick…… Trick……

Yu Gui didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Crying because she did not receive the task, which meant the task had been taken away. Or laughing because of her own stupidity. She still couldn't see through the game's routine after ten years of playing!

Forget it. She shouldn't force something that wasn't hers. She should upgrade quickly and get out of the newbie village. In her previous life, even if she did not understand anything, she was able to play and be prosperous. Now that she started all over again, would she not be better than her previous life?

Unexpectedly, when she took the task, she happened to run into Unparalleled in The World, which immediately tainted her good mood since her rebirth with a layer of gloom. Unparalleled in The World, heh. Should she hate his betrayal, or thank him for allowing herself to be reborn? Had she not treated him well enough? She had dug her heart and lung for him* but had not expected him to treat her as a fool.

*T/N: To treat sb. with utmost sincerity

"If it wasn't for her great reputation, who would have a relationship with her, huh? The guild also needs such a master in position! Just say a few sweet words to coax her, and she will work hard without complaint to lead people to the dungeon. If there are good things, she will hand it all to the guild. I got your Rainbow Colored Taoist Robe from her. Don't fuss about that ID. You just need to know that the person I love most is you…"

Once she thought about those words she'd heard in her previous life, Yu Gui couldn't help but be filled with hatred. It took her a lot of effort to stop herself from going up and slashing him with her claws. Hold back! She had neither strength nor power now, but the other party was carrying the previous gang. She was not his opponent!

"Wu Shuang, I'm late. You guys must have been waiting for a long time, right?"

*T/N: Unparalleled in The World in Chinese is 天下无双 (read: Tian Xia Wu Shuang).

A clear voice transmitted through, making Yu Gui subconsciously look up. A sweet and lovely female priest ran over and wrapped her hands on Wu Shuang's arm with a very intimate gesture.

It turned out that Unparalleled in The World and A Smile Can Overturn a City had been together so early? It was ridiculous that she had always been kept in the dark in her previous life, played by them like a clown…

Yu Gui was stimulated, and she became very ruthless when killing the wolf demons, seemingly treating those wolf demons as Unparalleled in The World and A Smile Can Overturn a City.

The people on the side blew a whistle. "Girl, your operations are not bad, huh." Sharp strikes and excellent positioning. They were rare among female players.

Yu Gui originally did not want to pay attention to him, but when she saw his ID, she changed her mind.

Lone City, the great god who had always occupied the top three on the ranking list in her previous life.

On the other hand, Wen Qing was fooling her newly-accepted group of little brothers*. "Gods and Devils** is a 100% realistic game. The weaknesses the wolf has in the game are the same as in reality. If you want to kill with one blow, you must find its weakness. For brats like you who have never even killed a chicken in real life, if you want to reach my level, practice for another 100 years ba!" As she spoke, she bared her teeth and said eerily, "However, I've gone through the foul wind and rain of blood."

*T/N: Not blood-related.

**T/N: From here onward I will change the game name from “Gods and Demons” into “Gods and Devils” so as to not confuse it with the demonic beast (like the wolf demons).

In the end, the few people who'd watched her second-kill the boss couldn't hold back and asked her what tricks she used. Wen Qing had no choice but to make a bunch of nonsense that were both true and false. It was true that the weakness of the wolf demon corresponded to reality, and of course that foul wind and rain of blood were not fake, but it definitely had nothing to do with her second-killing the boss! It was a pure high attack.

But those players were obviously fooled by her.

Jedi is Born: "I know this. If your body in real life is good, it will be reflected in the game."

Pure White: "I have also heard inside information that the basic points of scanning body data also vary from person to person. Those with a poor physique don't have basic point as high as those with a strong physique."


Therefore, they subconsciously regarded Wen Qing as a peerless master in real life, which made her so strong in the game. Of course, there was also the reason that the wolf demon boss was only a tenth-level small boss. It was indeed possible to be killed in seconds by relying on skills and ultimate skill. Therefore, no one suspected Wen Qing's attack power.

Wen Qing saw that none of them doubted her and secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Ai! I thought I could be domineering inside the game with the cheat. Who knows that I'd have to be secretive just for second-killing a boss. She felt that before level 50, no one could know about her attack power. Else she would be in danger of being banned by the game company.

After saying goodbye to Pure White and the others, Wen Qing returned to the village. Because of the experiences gained from the first kill, she went straight to level 11 at once. At level 10, you could leave the village and go to the main city. However, she was not in a hurry to leave. She first cleared the contents of her backpack and put them all in the system store to sell anonymously.

Thanks again for her lucky value, all kinds of quest rewards she got were better than others. Those she couldn't use were considered good things for others. Moreover, what she got for first-kill the boss was a full set of green wolf skin outfits, including a green weapon. The attributes were even better than the sets she was wearing.

But she did not want to add more lives or attack power. She even wanted to find a set that lowered the attributes. So, she put the wolf skin outfit in the store to sell.

Once the news was out, all the players who looked at it were shocked! This person is a game noob ba? After fighting to get these little high-grade items, rather than using them herself, she took it out to sell? Is she stupid ba?

Although they felt that the other party was stupid, they couldn't wait for more of such fools. These green outfits could be used until level 25 at the very least. Although the price was a little expensive, it was totally worth it. All the forces were busy collecting money while inquiring about who this person was. However, they made a futile journey.

Wen Qing did not leave her name anywhere at all. Anyone with a bit of brain knew that the person who sold the wolf skin suit was the same person who killed the wolf demon boss first. They also couldn't find her ID because she was completely anonymous, even on the ranking list.

Wen Qing went offline after she put her things on sale. Right now, the holographic game was still in the early stages of exploration, and the game cabin with nutrient solution had not been developed yet. Therefore, they still had to log out to eat.

Wen Qing made four dishes and one soup, then called the little Phoenix to eat. When the little Phoenix climbed out of the game pod, his expression was very bad. Wen Qing asked him, "What's wrong?"

"That 001 is so annoying, I asked him why there is no Phoenix race, and he said that Phoenix is not a human being, so how can it become a race? Isn't this racial discrimination? Those bird men can become Wing Kin. In any case, my Phoenix clan is the divine beast of heaven and earth, but they are unexpectedly not as good as those birdmen! It angered me to death! No! I have to talk to him later when I go in!"

Wen Qing was speechless. "So you haven't entered the game yet? You've been talking to 001 about this all this time?"

The little Phoenix widened his eyes. "This is a matter of principle. How can I not convince him?"

Wen Qing gave him a chicken leg. "Are you stupid? He is an NPC, and the program is set. What can you reason with him about? Can you just choose the God race? The divine beasts are considered the God race, right?"

"Ei? There's God race? How could I only see 4 races?"

"Wasn't it because you offended 001? How could he give you the hidden race?" Wen Qing rolled her eyes. The low IQ was indeed a flaw!

“Besides ah, even though it's in the game, don't reveal your identity casually, let alone mention it to anyone! You, mythical beasts, are estimated to be more physically fit. So when you enter the game, first put your ID, attack power, damage value… all hidden. Don't leave your name for anything you do, or you will be banned by the game company."

"I know!!"

Wen Qing saw his careless appearance and didn't know if he heard it or not. She was worried about letting him play alone, so she added, "My ID is Great Master Ximen. Add me after you get into the game. I'll take you to play. Otherwise, with how stupid you are, you will not even know when you were sold."

The little Phoenix gobbled up his food and did not say anything. I don't want to play with her. How free it is to play alone! After eating a chicken leg, he realized that it was a chicken leg and wailed. "How can you give me a chicken leg? We are the same species ah! God, I've eaten my own kind!"

Wen Qing was speechless. "Isn't the Phoenix tribe always disgusted by chicken? Even Qingluan* dislikes those whose bloodline is not pure. Also, it's more convincing to put down the chicken leg first before you cry."

*T/N: a type of Phoenix

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