Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 90: The Return of the Online Game Goddess [3]

When Wen Qing returned to the game, she found that the items she'd put on sale in the morning had all been sold out. After removing the system commission, she profited a total of 537 gold. The game was still in the early stage, so the exchange function with real currency had not yet opened. Therefore, more than 500 gold was already a great fortune, immediately sending her to the number one position in the wealth list.

Wen Qing was a little surprised. She did not expect that it would be very easy to make money in the game!

Wen Qing was wandering in the Novice Village while waiting for Little Phoenix to come over. They had agreed before entering the game. In the newbie village, he must come to the Apricot Blossom Village, and she would take him to play. Little Phoenix was so obedient, Wen Qing believed he would definitely come.

Sure enough, it didn't take long to see Little Phoenix coming over from the birth point. But his expression was a little dejected.

How couldn't he? He was threatened by Wen Qing to come. In fact, he did not want to come at all. He was suppressed by her in the space, controlled by her at home, and bound by her when he came to the game. Was there no Phoenix's right anymore? He wanted to choose another newbie village, but Wen Qing said that if he dared to not come, she would beat him when he returned.

"Why so slow? Arguing with 001 again?" Wen Qing clicked on the "people nearby" feature and added him as a friend. When he was applying for an ID card, he followed Wen Qing's surname and was called Wen Feng, and now his ID was Feng Huang (Phoenix).

"No, he wouldn't give me the hidden race. I debated with him for a while. Finally, he was persuaded and let me choose the God race."

001:“……” Obviously, he had to give it to him because he was annoyed to death!

Wen Qing took him to the village chief to accept the task, and after telling him some precautions, she let him do the task alone. She was not his mother. Although she said she would take him, she did not mean to do the tasks with him. Besides, when the village chief saw her just now, he was hesitating about something. Her intuition told her that there was a big task waiting for her.

When everyone was gone, Wen Qing leaned forward with a smile and asked, "Village Chief, do you have anything you want me to help with?"

The village chief sighed, "Originally, I shouldn't have bothered you with such a dangerous thing. But, since you could guess it, I can only tell you about it."

"Since ancient times, after the war between Gods and Devils, the Gods and Devils in this world have all disappeared. Leaving only the four tribes of human, demon, cultivator, and wing kin. My hidden Devil clan has always been devoted to finding the secret behind the disappearance of the Devil clan in an attempt to make the Devil clan come back to the world. After generations of hard work, we finally found a clue…"

Wen Qing raised her eyebrows. The quest to find the Devil that did not appear until level 70 in the original book had appeared now? But the quest seemed a little different. To find the Devil King?

There were two main quests in "Gods and Devils." The first one was to find the Devil, and the second was to encounter the gods. From level 70, players must choose a camp between Gods and Devils. After choosing a camp, you would receive a quest to find the devils or to encounter the gods. But the success rate was only one in ten thousand. Those who drew the hidden race at the beginning also were not 100% successful. But they had a higher chance of success than other players.

The village chief blabbered about a lot of background introduction and finally came to the main topic. "I have observed that you have a peculiar skeleton, and you are the lineage of the devil race. It must be a fate that brought you to Apricot Blossom Village. The task of reviving the Devil race will be entrusted to you."

"Hidden task: Receive the assignment from the village chief to find the Demon King. Do you want to accept it or not?"


Wen Qing now had two hidden quests in his hands. The next task for the divine forger was in the Vermilion Bird City, but the task for finding the Devil was in the Azure Dragon City. This was honestly a little troublesome. But these could be done slowly. They definitely couldn't be completed too early.

*T/N: I guess this has something to do with the four guardians as each represents one direction. Azure Dragon of the East, White Tiger of the West, Vermilion Bird of the South, and Black Tortoise of the North. It could be seen that Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird are in the opposite direction.

After accepting the task, Wen Qing went out to wait for Little Phoenix. Then the aunty tailor in the village came over and told her, "I'll tell you a secret. The Tailor Master Wuyi is recruiting apprentices. I'll give you a letter. You help me relay it to him, and he will definitely accept you as a disciple…"

Wen Qing:“……” She was genuinely only here to wait for someone ah! Why was there still a task falling from the sky??

But the task was sent to the door for free. Moreover, the other part was also the tailor master.

So, after Wen Qing accompanied Little Phoenix to accept the tasks in the village, she received Chef Li's family recipe, Physician He's ancestral secret prescription… Even Little Phoenix couldn't stand it anymore. "And you still say there is no racism in this game? We were together, but why are every good thing falling to you, and they love to ignore me when seeing me?"

"You still have the guts to say this. You are the God race, your basic reputation is supposed to be 50% higher than other races, but yours have surprisingly been deducted until it's all gone. The NPC's favorability is all in the negatives. Just how did you offend 001?"

Little Phoenix looked confused. "I didn't offend him. He was very happy when I left ya."

Could he be unhappy when he finally sent the god of plague away?

Wen Qing also knew that he had a one-track mind, and asking was useless. "Let's go. Kill the three wolf demons so you'll be able to level up to level ten. Then you can leave the village."

This time, Wen Qing specially brought Little Phoenix to a place surrounded by mountains on three sides and was not easily discovered. She had seen Little Phoenix's attributes and his strength column was more terrifying than hers. In order to not scare others, she could only hide when doing the task.

Little Phoenix was ​​playing a knight of the God race. The beast race had always valued strength, so a knight was perfect for him. However, after witnessing the Phoenix stomping his feet and beating a large area of wolf demons to death, Wen Qing was still quite frightened.

I'm done for. Later, I better not let him out of my sight!

Wen Qing was downhearted. It won't work. It's too worrying. We can't take a risk playing anymore. One should be unreserved when playing, offending the sky and the earth. How could you play if your hands and feet were restrained?

Wen Qing simply went offline and dragged Little Phoenix along.

"Jie, what are you doing?"

"Phoenix ah, Jie had to tell you. In order to keep us from being banned, we cannot play the game for the time being. Let's wait until others in the game level up more. Otherwise, the gap will be too big, and it will be too eye-catching."

Little Phoenix was not happy at first, but then Wen Qing promised to take him to eat delicious food, so he had no objection. After all, he had only played for a day and hadn't yet found the fun in it.

So, Wen Qing took Little Phoenix to eat and drink every day after class. Then, after returning home in the evening, she would busy herself with her own affairs. After all, she had spent a lifetime in the future before, and the holographic technology in the future world was already very mature. Although she had never played holographic online games, the mecha also involved holographic technology, so she had also dabbled in this area before.

However, because of the limited understanding of technology in this era, there were some things that were difficult to achieve here. For example, the issue of biological materials. Therefore, Wen Qing had to do some research and devise a suitable plan for this era.

She was not a professional and encountered many difficulties in doing it. Later, she simply bought a laboratory to do research. All the money for scientific research was earned by her from speculation in stocks, it could be said to be her old profession.

Wen Qing spent almost a year, and the experiment finally made a breakthrough. However, she did not disclose it to the public, but let them continue the research to optimize it. She herself took Little Phoenix back to the game.

In a year, the game had undergone earth-shaking changes. The most conspicuous experience was that it was full of players. The novice village was crowded like a vegetable market. Because holographic online games had finally ushered in the era of national participation.

Wen Qing also bought a game cabin for father Xi and mother Xi last week, so they could experience it in their free time.

Wen Qing and Phoenix were being pushed away several times before finally reaching the teleportation array. One person paid ten coppers and they were sent to Vermilion Bird City.

The situation in Vermilion Bird City was much better. At least it was not overcrowded. Wen Qing separated from Phoenix and went to their respective occupation NPCs to learn skills.

The skill set in "Gods and Devils" was relatively simple. There was one basic skill, and every ten levels allowed you to learn one additional skill. Every one level allowed you to add one attribute point. How to add the point must be carefully chosen according to your respected occupation.

Wen Qing's eleven attribute points were not used yet. Because even if she didn't add one, her attributes would still be higher than level 100 players.

The mage's basic skill was a fireball. Wen Qing had now learned a lightning thorn, so there were a total of two skills. And now the highest level in the game was level 49. Not counting the skill book, there were at least five skills. She needed to cheer up.

Wen Qing looked through the ranking list again. The first in the list was called A Sword from the West, just a little short before level 50. The second in the list was called Lone City, also level 49, with only a little difference from A Sword from the West. The third on the list was Yu Gui, who just got into level 49, and further down was level 48.

In addition to the first ten levels of "God and Devils," which were relatively fast to level up, the higher the level was, the harder it was to level up. After all, the cost of making a holographic online game was extremely high. If they upgraded too fast, when they reached the full level, their interest would diminish. How could they still make money?

On the wealth list, it had also been occupied by big tycoons with hundreds of millions at every turn. Wen Qing's once little bit of money had long been pushed out of sight. But she also did not care.

On the other beautiful female list, Yu Gui was number one. The first in the beauty list and the third in the ranking list. Yu Gui became the well-deserved number one goddess of "Gods and Devils."

And this number one goddess would from time to time explode some big news to grab people's attention. On the front page of the forum, there was a popular annual drama from last month, "8th August, The Unparalleled In The World and A Smile Can Overturn a City, a Pair of Weirdos!"

The post described with emotion how the scumbag, Unparalleled in The World, kept his eye on the pot while eating from a bowl. He already had a girlfriend but went to seduce the Goddess Yu Gui, and A Smile Can Overturn a City did not stop him. She acted with him just to make Yu Gui work herself to the bone for them…

All kinds of stone hammers had completely confirmed the crimes of Unparalleled in The World and A Smile Can Overturn a City. Therefore, the two had a notorious reputation in "Gods and Devils." Even the guild built by Unparalleled in The World was being dissed. In the end, they really couldn't get along anymore and A Smile Can Overturn a City finally quit the game.

Unparalleled in The World was thick-skinned. He was a top-notch gamer himself and had several brothers, so he still mingled in the game.

Wen Qing read with relish and felt that Yu Gui's methods were quite harsh. She completely did not give the scum man and girl a chance at all. At the same time, she quietly paid attention to which great God had been involved with Yu Gui to stay further away from them in the future. It was because anyone who had a relationship with Yu Gui, whether male or female, would have their IQ turned offline and become Yu Gui's brain-dead fan. It could be said that they had become irrational.

In the original novel, Xi Wenqing was ruined by these people.

Speaking of which, Xi Wenqing had not done anything inappropriate. She'd entered the game two years later. There were so many things happening in the game every day, and this annual drama had long since become dusty history. Therefore, after the green hand Xi Wenqing entered the game, she found a great God to take her to play, and then there were some sparks between them. She was pretty, and the great God just happened to be interested in her. Therefore, both of them had had a love affair in the game.

This great God was Unparalleled in The World, and Xi Wenqing did not know about that annual drama. Unparalleled in The World took her to level up and sent her gifts. Naturally, the first impressions were the strongest, and she stood on Unparalleled in The World's side. Later, when he met Yu Gui, the Goddess who had once been his sweetheart, Xi Wenqing sneered, added sour remarks, and made all kinds of trouble.

Yu Gui had long since not been the old Yu Gui anymore. Therefore, she needed not say a word, and her brainless fans would blacken Xi Wenqing spontaneously. To force her to quit the game, they even reached out to her in real-life…

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