Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingers

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Chapter 91: The Return of the Online Game Goddess [4]

The reason why Wen Qing took the task of being the Divine Forger was that she needed to create a weapon with super high damage to cover up the fact that she had a high attack power.

The hidden task was not easy to do. Even with the additional luck, she still needed to spend a month to complete it.

The reward for completing the task was to get the title of Divine Forger, but she had to make a Divine-level weapon first. What Wen Qing made was a dagger. She had high agility and to attack someone in secret with a dagger would definitely take them by surprise.

"Congratulations to player Anonymous for creating the Divine-level weapon,『Phantom』."

"Congratulations to player Anonymous for obtaining the title of『Divine Forger』."

The system announcement broadcasts the news three times in a row, causing an uproar.

[World] So White: F*ck! Which great God is so awesome! Divine-level weapon!

[World] Lone City: Brother, let's be friends!

[World] Pure White: F*ck! Even great God Lone City has exploded! Snap a pic!

[World] Very Big: Begging the great God! I don't ask for the Divine Weapon, just asking for an orange-level weapon.

*T/N: Orange-level weapon is just one level before the Divine Weapon.

[World] A Sword from the West: I'll provide the materials. I'm begging Anonymous to make me a sword.

[World] Exclamation Mark: Snap a pic! Big news! The great God who has been diving for ten thousand years is now sending bubbles!

*T/N: Saying sb. has been diving for ten thousand years means that person never shows up in group chat to say anything. Sending bubbles (冒泡) means ‘to show up in discussions’ because the still water (where they dive) suddenly spits out bubbles.

[World] A Sword from the West: I'll provide the materials. I'm begging Anonymous to make me a sword.

[World]: A Glass of Water: Look! The Divine Weapon Ranking has been refreshed! Phantom has pushed down A Smile Can Overturn a City's Starlit Staff and is ranked first! The attributes are unbelievable!


A group of people quickly went to watch the Divine Weapon Ranking. When they saw the row of attribute values ​​behind Phantom, they were all shocked and left speechless. Let’s not talk about it, just looking at the six-digit damage value was enough to make everyone's brain stop. The highest output of the first-rank great God from the ranking list was only about 9 million. Hmm, it was equal to a fraction of Phantom.

Like a drop of water in the frying pan, everyone in the game boiled instantly. While the group of people who ate melons from all walks of life were in awe and adored her, some powerful people were inquiring about who this Divine Forger was.

However, after Wen Qing released the poison, she took Little Phoenix to go grind in the dungeon. She was only level 29 now. You could gain experience faster from the dungeon, and no one could see them, so it was perfect.

Wen Qing chose a two-player dungeon. They delayed the time, so they wouldn't break the previous record of the other players. Both of them leveled up in such a low-key manner without attracting anyone's attention at all. The rewards for dungeons had always been generous, especially for Wen Qing. Therefore, she got a lot of good things, all of which were sold anonymously by her in the system store.

After grinding in the dungeon for one month, both of them finally caught up with the majority of people. They were both level 47, which was not eye-catching but not bad. During this period, Wen Qing took the time to send the letters, then worship Master Wuyi as her master and learned to sew from him. Occasionally, she would make herself a piece of an outfit. She kept learning and became a Tailor Master.

This didn't set off a wave, because the player's attention was still on the creator of the Divine Forger. They were all Masters, but the difference between the former and latter was quite big.

Wen Qing came out of the dungeon with a backpack full of harvest. She was going to go to the city to sell things off, but her backpack couldn't hold any more items. However, the system store really pitted people. They would take 50% of the sale. She decided to open her own store in the capital city, which only required her to pay 5% of the profits as a tax. If the City Lords had a high favorability value, it was even possible to only pay 2%. She had a max lucky value, so she would be able to get lots of discounts ba

Wen Qing thought about this as she walked, when she suddenly was bumped by a huge monster. Wen Qing stood firm and took a look. It was actually the Wild Barbarian Bull boss. During this period, there was a rumor among the players that the Barbarian Bull boss had a chance to drop the task to build a clan. Therefore, the major guilds were organizing their people to come and grind, and the area of wilderness had long been cleared by the big guilds.

Wen Qing just happened to grind in the nearby Skull Cave, so she bypassed here. This Barbarian Bull boss was also unlucky. It had been beaten with only a little blood and skin left, so when it hit Wen Qing just now, it crashed to death.

Wen Qing didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Crashed to death. This was probably the most humiliating way for a boss to die. Because Wen Qing hit the last blow and did not form a team with those guilds, a heap of experience fell on her. This made Wen Qing feel a little apologetic. Other people tired themselves out, but she picked it up as a big bargain.

Wen Qing, who just picked up a bargain, was about to open the treasure chest to give the other people the 'Build a Clan' task. Others undoubtedly might not be able to get the 'Build a Clan' task even after a hundred times, but she could definitely get it every time she opened one! I took their experience points and gave them the 'Build a Clan' task with a 5% drop rate. It could be said that they get an advantage.

However, before she could open the box, two lightning struck towards her in quick succession. Wen Qing had a quick reflex and hurriedly dodge it, but then a group of players came around!

"Slut! How dare you rob our, Smash the World, boss!" a red-clothed female archer with a fiery appearance cursed.

Wen Qing was in a bad mood in an instant. Were these people blind? Didn't they see that the boss rushed up and hit her? If she was an ordinary player, she would definitely die at that moment. She did not die because she had a high defense. It was obvious that they harmed innocent people, but they could not distinguish right from wrong and carelessly went for a fight. They must be sick ba!

Wen Qing was enraged too. "Are you blind?! The boss bumped on his own. It's none of my business!" At first, she wanted to give them the 'Build a Clan' task, but now, don't even think about it!

Moonlight Flower had a mocking face. "It's none of your business? If you're not doing it on purpose, how did you just happen to appear when the boss only had a drop of blood left? If you want to get a bargain, you still have to consider who your opponent is! Idiot!"


Wen Qing was enraged too. "You are the f*cking idiot! Is this game owned by your family? Is the name of your guild written on this road? Do I have to report to you where I'm going? Do you have the qualifications?"

Smash the World? Hmph, she would remember it!

The red-clothed archer, Moonlight Flower, raised her bow and shot an arrow at Wen Qing, but Wen Qing swiftly dodged it. Moonlight Flower wanted to take another arrow, but was stopped by another female mage in white next to her. The female mage took a step forward and couldn't help but crease her brow. "This... lady, just take it as a coincidence ba. We could just forget about the experience points, but please return the boss reward to us. In any case, we are the ones who beat the boss."

The stunner in white had a beauty that could cause the downfall of a kingdom. Her smile made people unable to move their eyes, and her frown made people feel distressed. It made them want to ease the sorrow between her eyebrows, as if making her frown was an unacceptable thing.

As a result, as soon as she finished speaking, a group of brain-dead fans jumped out.

"How could you be like this? It's good enough that you got the advantage with no effort, but you're still greedy for the treasure chest. How could there be such a shameless person!"

"Don't bully our Yu Gui because of her good temper! Quick, return the treasure chest and scram! Else, I'll kill you every time I see you!"

"You idiots with no eyesight! You have no patience and rob our boss, but didn't you first inquire about who we are before you stole? We are Smash the World! Do you dare provoke us?"

Wen Qing found it laughable. Originally, she'd just wanted to play a game pleasantly and earn some money to be filial to the original owner's parents. The client did not ask for it, so she never intended to make trouble with the female lead. She even avoided them. Because she knew that their IQ was not online, bullying them would not give her any sense of accomplishment! But she did not expect these blind people would just have to provoke her.

Wen Qing looked at Yu Gui, then hooked her lips into a sneer. "Can they represent you? Do you mean to say these words? It doesn't matter if what you said is the truth. Since you raised these dogs, you should manage them well. Don't let them bite people!"

After Wen Qing finished speaking, without waiting for them to react, she raised Phantom and quickly swept behind Moonlight Flower. She raised the dagger in her hands, and Moonlight Flower died without even a chance to shout.

Wen Qing ran to the next person without hesitation. Her movement was so fast, it only left an afterimage. Everyone was unable to move a single step. They looked at her with widened eyes as if she was a Grim Reaper taking their lives. The reason was, long before Wen Qing killed Moonlight Flower, she released a crowd control (CC) skill that could lock everyone in place with an effective time of ten seconds.

Ten seconds. It was enough to take care of everyone.

The last one was Yu Gui. Wen Qing wanted to let her eyes wide open as everyone was killed, but she was left powerless. Everything had been smooth sailing since her rebirth. A group of brain-dead fans was flattering her, probably making her forget that this was inside a game, not somewhere where she was the law.

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